In town friday night at a bar and couple of drinks, a male friend came over and asked if I wanted to come to a friends stag party saturday night, as he said all guys, but knowing I do like fun wanted me to come along.

We meet up late Saturday had a couple of drinks then away to the party, all the music going and my friend asked if I would do a strip for the boys, Ok so I put on a show and stripped naked, then the fun started 8 guys and they all stripped and wanted more, I loved it 3 guys all going hard on me and what I think I liked the most the guys watching and wanking I got on my knees and with the guys all round got covered in cum and cum covered cock to suck clean so much fun, after that I went and showed to find the guys had taken all my clothes so the rest of the night I was naked, sat on a lot of the guys knees and got fingered a lot, just fun at the end of the night of my clothes back, my panties were wet with cum the boys had been playing so put on my mini skirt, boots soaked panties and we went up town to a bar to finish the night, the guys were great, had a great night, and it was fun.