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a night out

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The story of a night out I want to tell you a story but be warned. It will contain sex. Thinking about it, the story should be rated R18. I know now I have your attention. The story I am telling is true or is it a work of fiction? If you ask the persons who act in the story ,they might tell you the truth or maybe not. They could say yes, it is true, and it was better than you can imagine. Others will say, they wish that they were part of it. But anyway, let me begin telling you this amazing story. After you read it you can give me feedback. We are just ordinary people, living an ordinary life. Yes, we have our secrets, things we do and not telling anybody about it. It was now a while that we two went out, so we decided this evening is our time. We want to go out and enjoy ourselves. I decide to wear my new blue jeans, a white shirt and my black suit jacket. Dressed up my girl told me I look very good and sexy. As you can imagine that boosted myself esteem a lot. All dressed up I waited for my woman to get ready. And as you know, women need a lot of time for that. Settling in the lounge, reading the newspaper to let her know, I am patient and please take your time. And showing patience was more than worth it. After a while she came to the lounge, full dressed up asking me what I think. Looking at her I forgot to close my mouth, not even able to say a word immediately. She looked so stunning and sexy in her outfit. I knew I will not be able to turn my eyes off her the whole night for more than 2 seconds. You have to believe me when I am saying that I am the luckiest man on earth, going out with this gorgeous woman. Let me tell you what she was wearing, and your fantasy will draw the picture like she is standing in real in front of you. she was wearing black high heels, the ones that are close in the front. So, I could not see her toes. But assuming the toe nails were painted in the same colour as her finger nails. It was a red that has written sex all over it. Exactly what turns me on, something I knew she knows very well. Her sexy legs were in black stockings, the ones with a fine pattern and a seam in the back that runs straight up her well-formed legs. Above that came a leopard print skirt, one that is not to long and not very short. But it is a material that follows her curves tight. Did I mention she has the curves in all in the right places with the right proportions? Above that she was wearing a short leather jacket, telling me the jacket is only in case it is a bit chilly where we are going. As I can imagine you are asking yourself why he is not talking about her underwear when this story is about sex. Very simple. I didn't know by now, because she never told me nor even showed me. That was something for my imagination and as you can guess I was hoping for something really sexy. But I promise that by the end of the story you will know about it in detail. All was perfect inclusive her flawless make up and shoulder length red hair. She was asking me if I like it and all I could say yes and that I am so lucky I go out with you. I also told her that she now gave me some naughty ideas. Her response was ......later darling. First, we go and enjoy the evening. By now I felt thrilled, going out with the promise of sex later this evening. But you can't imagine how it really ended, yes with sex but not in a way i thought about. So we took the car and drove to a pup about 15 min from our house. We visited this pub before, a place with a crowd from younger to older, just a nice mix. They play music and serve some food. So we went in, greeted by the bouncer who told her how good she looks. That brought a smile on her face. After finding a table we settled in and I got us some drinks and little bites to eat. While waiting for the drinks and food we had a look around. And as I said before I couldn't take off my eyes of her fore more than two seconds. That's when it happened. Telling me it is quite warm in here she removed her jacket. And OMG! What a view. This skirt has a nice cut at the neck to show cleavage. Not only a little bit.... just a bit more. And she has nice big boobs. So, the view was stunning, it felt like if she showed a bit more you would be able to see her nipples. And I was not the only one staring at her. A lot of guys did the same. And she was loving the attention. But by now it was very difficult for me to see anything else in the pub. But anyway, we chatted along, ate and had our drink. After a while she asked me if I want another drink I said yes and wanted to go to the bar to get them. But she said no, please sit and I will get them. Unusual because normally that is something I do. Any way I let her have her wish. I could think about only one reason why she wanted to show off her body and get attention from the guys here, something that is fine with me. Because I know we belong together and trust each other 100%. So she went to the bar, getting some space between two young guys. This two were more than happy to make space for her. After placing our order with the barman, I could see her chatting with the two of them. And you must know, she can chat to anybody, no matter what. While she was chatting, I could see both were not able to take their eyes of her cleavage. Something all of us enjoyed. When she came back with our drinks and after having a first sip she said she wanted to ask me something. I said yes, please go ahead. I am all yours. "Is it still on that I have three wishes with no question asked?" My answer was: " Yes. I am a man of my word." Now I have to go back a bit in time for you to understand how it came that I gave here the three wishes with no question asked. A few month ago, I was working from home away. And in that time, I couldn't look after her needs in the way we are used to. Both of us were suffering and to make it a bit easier I gave her the three wishes. I felt that tonight was the night to get her first one. Not knowing nor imagine what she will ask me i looked at her waiting for her to tell me what she wants. " I want to have my first wish tonight. Part of it is that I don't explain it to you now. All i asked it that you don't ask any question the whole night. Just let me do everything." "Yes, darling it shall be as you asked." So that is how it started and as you can imagine I was wondering what it is. But I had no chance to find out before it happened. So she said I will be right back, stood up and went straight to the bar to the two young guys she was chatting with before. After a few minutes she came back with the two following her. And now one other thing you must know about her. She loves young men, not in a bad way. They have to be in a legal age . It is the company and there is a lot of a cougar in her. Maybe I should better say she is a cougar, wearing tonight the right outfit. So, the three came back to our table taking seats, she placed both of them to her right and left side opposite from me. All I thought was that she wants to flirt a bit before we go home having sex. But how wrong I was. WE started chatting and it felt so easy and comfortable. This were really two nice young guys,18 and 19 years old. And I could see how much she enjoyed the attention they gave her amazing cleavage. The three were sitting so close, touching each other and all i could see were that her nipples were hard looking like they want to pop 0ut of the dress. Even the two saw it with big eyes. She looked at me and her eyes said thank you for my wish. Just trust me and you will get the best sex ever tonight. How did my heart jump and there was something growing in my pants. I only could imagine the two boys had the same going on. Something my woman confirmed after a while. Not by saying. It was that both here arms went under the table and i could see on her face that one hand went left and one right to check the cocks of the boys out. All her face showed was a smile what tells me that she loves what she feels in the pants. And the boys were shocked by this direct approach. Not that they said a word, but you could read it on their faces. While the time went by with chatting i saw she was very often checking out the bulges in the pants. And what was also obvious was the boys enjoyed it more and more. A while later my woman said she want to dance but the music is not her liking. Why not to go to our place, dance and drink. She asked the two boys to come along because she enjoys their company. First, they were a bit hesitant but she persuaded both of them So we gave them our address and went to the car. The two took their car and we could see them following us. While we were alone in the car driving, all she said was thank you. We arrived home, went in and settled down in the lounge. As before the two boys were sitting opposite me. But this time my woman came to me, sitting on my lap and stating kissing me. Getting comfortable on my lap I could see her skirting moving up a lot, revealing more of her sexy stockings. What a nice show for the boys. She was kissing me with her tongue deep down my throat and her left hand playing with my nipples. A few minutes later we stopped, and she said she will get us some drinks. Standing up she pulled her skirt down and looked on my pants, seeing the bulge and how my cock was straining against the fabric. Bending down towards me again she whispered in my ear: " Later darling. Keep him hard and ready." She turned around and went towards the kitchen, asking one of the boys to give her a hand. He obliged and followed her. You must know that from where I was sitting I could see the whole kitchen and what was going on. My woman knew that and i knew that was to the point what she wanted. Because we get turned on by knowing the other one sees it all. So the two went to the fridge. After opening it she turned around and moved very close to him. So close their bodies were touching each other. Her left hand went down to grab the bulge in his pants and with her right one she grabbed his head pulling him down and sticking her tongue down his throat. Now he too showed some initiative, putting his hands on her back slowly moving down to squeeze her bum. How did she loved that i could see by the movement of her body. Then she took one of his hands and placed it one her boobs in my imagination i could her moan in pleasure. while he was caressing her boobs, she was slowly withdrawing from him, saying: "I can't neglect your friend. Let's go back." I could see a little disappointment on his face, but he had no choice. When they came back into the lounge my woman was smiling at me, letting me know how horny and happy she is. They handed us our drinks and she went to put on some music. While announcing that she wanna dance now the first song started. It was a slow one. She grabbed the hand of the second boy and pulled him up to dance with her. He went and she pushed her body against his for a slow dance. And was she moving, making sure he could feel all her curves. First he was a bit hesitant but after a while he responded with pushing his body more and more into her. They did two songs this way when she announced how hot she feels and that she is removing her bra now. With that she left and went to the bedroom. Both boys were looking at each other the question on their faces how somebody can so open and direct. But they had no chance to think about longer because after a few seconds she came back. And what a view it was. Freed of the confinement of the bra her big boobs were straining against the soft fabric of the skirt. It really looked like they wanna jump out and you could clearly see her big hard nipples through the material. What a sexy view. And I am 100% sure the two boys were thinking the same. By now I was so bloody horny. All I wanted was to pull out my hard cock and fuck her. But as I promised her earlier i would let her do everything and wait for things to come. She went back, sitting between the two boys and as before they could hardly take their eyes away from her amazing boobs. And now with the hard nipples straining against the fabric it was even sexier. She immediately started with her hands on their tights, rubbing and squeezing them while slowly moving up to the huge bulges in their pants. That's when she turned to each one, whispering something into the ears. I don't know what, but my question was answered slowly first by one and then the other one. They stood up and started to remove their clothes down to the underwear. Now she could clearly see what was inside their pants. And it doesn't look to bad through the fabric. Very decent sizes. I knew she would be happy about that because size does matter to her and to have so many good-sized cocks around was her dream. Sensing that the boys felt a bit awkward with my presence she told me to also strip down to my undies. I obliged immediately and could see everybody checking out my bulge. And all I wanted now was to grab her, turn her around and bent her down, lifting up her skirt and fuck her doggie style hard until I shoot a huge load of hot cum into her wet pussie in front of these two. But i couldn't do that because it was her play by her rules. And that's when it started. She went on her knees in front of the two, pulling down the first undie. That cock pooped straight into her face and she opened her mouth and started sucking him. The other boy could not hold on more. He pulled his cock out and started stroking himself. AS soon as my woman saw that she turned and started sucking him. By now she was so turned on, taking turns on both cocks and getting them deeper and deeper her throat. Knowing her she would not suck them now until they shoot hot cum over her face or down her throat I saw her stopping and settling back on the settee. By now her skirt was moved up a lot on her tights, nearly showing of her lingerie. And these two boys were standing in front of her with hard big cocks when she said that her body wants some attention two. Now there was no real stopping for them They both sat down right and left of her and all for hands were immediately all over her body. While one was pulling out her boobs and sucking her big hard nipples I could see the other one moving his hand up her leg. And he went all the way to this juicy waxed pussie. How I knew that? The moment his fingers reached heaven she let out a load moan of pleasure. She leaned back and let the two boys play with her body. There were times when she had two hands playing with her pussie or both licking her boobs. She was in heaven and announced she wants to play on our big bed, stood up and removed all her clothes. All three of us followed her first the two boys with their hard cocks pointing straight ahead and then me, my one still straining against my undies. She went onto the bed getting on all four, so we could see her wet pussie. All she said was. "Fuck me now!" One of the boys got into position behind her while the other went to get his cock suck again. The one behind her pushed his cock slowly into her pussie, deeper and deeper until all of his cock was inside. Then her started pumping her slowly. But by now you couldn't hear her moan because her mouth was full of the other cock. After a few minutes the boys changed positions and the second one started fucking her. When he saw how wet she was he just pushed his cock slowly in fucking her faster and faster. He started breathing harder and harder and when she realized that he was about to cum all she said was. "Shoot your load into my hot wet pussy" He did with a few deep pushes and when he pulled his cock out we all could see the cum dripping out. She turned around and started riding the other guy, demanding to suck the cum covered cock clean. But before she took the cock into her mouth she said to me. " Darling I need your cock now. Please join." And there was no stopping anymore. Seeing all this hot action I pulled my undies down positioning me behind her riding one cock and having the other in her mouth. Now was the time for a third one. I grabbed some lube, rubbed it on my cock and started slowly pushing it up her arse. First there was a lot of resistance and I could hear her moan with a bit of pain in it. But as I know she loves a bit of pain I carried on pushing. And after I got my cock head full in it went easier. So, I pushed deeper and deeper until my whole cock was inside. She was riding and get fucked at the same time. You could feel the pleasure she had and after a while the both of us started breathing harder and harder. With little cries we both shoot our loads of hot cum into her. After we pulled our cocks out we could see all the cum dripping out of her. What a horny view. And I knew what she wants right now. Knowing that it turns her on when i lick cum out of her pussy I went behind her and started rimming her. She moaned and after a while she asked me to eat her out completely. cu instructing the So I licked up the last bit of my cum and then went to give her clit my tongue. And was she wet. Not only of cum but also of her own pussie juice. It didn't take long until she came with a long orgasm, crying out all her pleasure. It took her a few minutes to get her breath back but once she had it she said she wants some more. With saying that she moved her hands around to feel each cock. And to her surprise each one was semi hard again. Smiling she said that she wants also to taste some cum. With that she made all three of us to stand and went on her knees in front of us. Taking turns, she sucked each one hard again and then she demanded for each of us to jerk of and shoot hot cum into her mouth. WE obliged with a smile on our faces and one after another shoot a hot load into her mouth. And did we come a lot again. But she didn't swallow it immediately. No, she stood up and kissed each of us giving each one a nice taste of cum to swallow. With this juicy end the told the two boys to get dressed and go home. They dressed up and left us with huge smiles on their faces. Before they went out she told them to leave their phone numbers behind so in case she wants more than one cock she can call them for more fun. They did and left. We went to bed and that's when she said. "Thank you so much for giving me this. And I am happy to have to more wishes. Please make me cum again with your magic tongue." And who am I to say no to this beautiful and sexy woman. I went down to here still wet pussie and started to make her cum. But I won't tell you about it now. Just use your imagination. And remember there are three wishes.............

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