Written by Elpablo


We had been planning a session for a while and the day had finally arrived...I had spent the morning getting ready and was finally travelling in my car, my driving in autopilot as my mind wandered to all the delicious things about to unfold - I was enjoying the provactive scenes roll through me like a movie and became aware of a tightness in my pants as my body agreed with my mind..

Finally, I hit the street signs that let me know I was close and a small smile etched itself across my face. I had a lot of ideas and if we got through even half of them it would be an amazing experience.

As I walked into your front room I was taken aback by the sight of you. Your hair was up just how I liked it, your eyes were sparkling with mischievousness, and you had nothing on apart from some sexy thigh high black stockings.

It was so exciting to see you and we immediately started kissing, my hands roving around your back as we embraced and then reaching cheekily down your front to feel your exposed pussy which I was delighted to find nice and slick as my fingers brushed your clit. We stood there making out like teenagers when I became aware of someone else entering the back door. It turned out you were the one with the surprises today...there were two other guys standing behind me - I wasn't sure how long they had been there but I could tell by the way they were looking at us, and some bulges down below, that they were here for one thing only.

We all moved into your bedroom you leading us like an Egyptian queen demanding our total attention. I looked at the other guys and almost in a race we all start stripping down to nothing - the floor of your bedroom covered in a sea of clothes. You look at our bodies and feel a rush of power knowing you have our total attention. I lean over you and kiss you passionately as you reach down and feel how hard I am..another pair of hands start stroking your inner thighs followed by small licks and bites, at the same time you feel your nipples being flicked by a tongue...your other hand reaches out and you revel in having a cock in each to play with. A tongue moves to your pussy and the feeling of tongues on your mouth, nipples, and pussy all at once sends waves of excitement through your body. I certainly want to get in on the action and move down your body navigating the tangle of bodies and after lubing up my fingers move one slowly into your ass. You are enjoying the attention and in minute start to feel an orgasm build inside you...as a team we respond to you with your pussy and ass and nipples being played with while six hands glide over your body giving your breasts extra attention...it is too much and your pussy contracts hard as you cum with uncontrollably.

Next we position you on all fours - I want to feel your hot wet mouth on me and I sit in front of you. You hungrily take me inside your mouth as you feel someone sliding inside you from behind. The cadence of his cock moving your body towards me. Not wanting to be left out your third stud reaches under you and rubs your breasts firmly. Slowly the fucking gets harder resulting in a slapping noise as you are getting fucked. You let out a muffled moan as my cock is keeping your mouth very busy.

It was time to step things up a little and in unison the guys look at each other and know instinctively what to do. I lie on the bed facing upwards my member standing to attention for you. You climb on top of me and lower yourself dripping on to me, but you can't start moving your hips just yet as you feel another cock pushing at your ass so you hold still as it slowly pushes in. At first it feels a little painful but slowly pleasure takes over as you have two cocks in you at once, you start rocking your hips and enjoy the sensation, it is delicious and you are way past caring about anything other than the imminent orgasm building. Standing in front of you is another erect cock which you try to lick and suck but have to break off to experience another orgasm crash through your body. It is too much for the guy behind you as he pulls out and sprays cum all over your back, the cock is front of you is being wanked hard at the sight and simultaneously releases all over your face and tits, underneath you I start pulsing hard cumming in three or four big spurts inside you. It is a flurry of raw sex as we are all lost in ourselves for a few moments.

The four of us collapse in orgasm exhaustion...your body is feeling used but your mind is exhilarated. We laugh when we realize how much cum there is all over you...but that is just another opportunity and soon you find three tongues licking you clean getting you ready for round two....