I went out on friday in a bar at Riccarton Rd. I went by myself, I was feeling horny sexy that night Friday. So I was wantjng to get laid.

I was approached by a nice gentleman, he invited me over their table with his buddy. We 3 chatted and I got cozy with Nick the guy that approached me. Too cozy, he already fingered my pussy. Well I kinds pulled his hand in as he was caressing my legs.

His buddy tried to pick up a girl but a the end failed to.

It was getting late at night so Nick asked me if he can bring me in a motel. Obviously I agreed. Nicks buddy Sam since he failed to pick up a chick was about to go home empty handed. He's cute so I asked Nick I am actually cool with both of you.

We then checked in a motel at Lincoln Rd. We were very tipsy then, we immediately took our clothes. I started kissung both of them. We had a good long foreplay of them kissing me my body and Me kissing theirs.

I slowly kissed Nick neck, chest, stomach and down to his cock. While I was sucking Nic, Sam went down on my. This was Nick on the edge of the bed and I am kneeling on the floor and Sam was licking my pussy and ass.

Sam repositioned for a doggy style. Took his condom out but I told him "it's alright, you don't need it" he's more than happy to fuck me bare. He started penetrating my pussy. The two did a high five.

I started licking Nick's balls, so he laid back, I told him him to lift up his legs and I rimmed jobed him while I gave him a handjob.

We repositioned on he bed. Now Sam is on his back on the bed while I was sucking him and Nick was behind me doggy style.

Nick inserted his thumb in my arse which made me moan more. Then he slowly penetrated my arse. While Sam said "I'm cumming" I cocenteated sucking him while Nick fucked my arse.

Sam said "I'm cumming" 2nd time so I hastened my phase. I didnlet him cum in my mouth. I was impressed how much cum came out, I swallowed it all.

Nick was still fucking my arse and Sam was still hard so I carried on sucking him slowly.

Nick a few minutes lated said "my turn, I'm cumming" then he came in my arse.

Nick collapsed on th side and I turned my attention to Sam mounting his cock. Aroun 10 to 15 minutes in Nick recovered and entered my arse again. I was sandwiched in between. Nick in my arse and Sam in my vag.

I love being double penetrated so I was moanin like crazy and I orgasmed while beejng DP.

I then told Nick. "Nick fuck my pussy". I felt so full in my pussy having 2 penis in. Sam said hes about to cum. I whispered "cum in my pussy"

Nick pulled out and went in my arse again and then Sam came in my vag.

Not long Nick was ready to cum, he pulled out and moved up to my face to cum on me face.

Both collapsed on the bed and I was still horny. I remembered the old man in the front desk reception. While both was resting on the bed I wore Sam's shirt and nothing else, no bra nor panties. I went the reception to ask for an extra blanket. Sam's shirt was barely covering my bum and pussy area and sperm oozing down my legs.

I got the reception and asked for the extra blanket. And the guy told me you got something on your face. I replied "Oh thats cum" I then wiped it off with my fingers and put it in my mouth. That got his attention.

He then asked if we can have a quicky. I said okay. We went in a little office and we fucked on the floor missionary style. It did not bother him there was still sperm in my pussy oozing out. Took him not long, around 3 mins he moaned and his body twitched as he came in me.

We stood back up and I felt his sperm just poured out flowing through my legs to my feet, then he thanked me for the fuck.

He was in his late 50's I'd say. Definitely the oldest man I fucked. I went back to out room. Nick and Sam asked where I've been, I told them I fucked the man at the reception.

It was around 3am then. We slept there and in the morning we fucked again.

I asked Sam to take a photo of me sucking their cock with my phone so I can show my husband.

It was quite a fun night.