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True stories from the Cruise Clubs: Something for the gay, bisexuals and bi-curious Installment TWO

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True stories with no embellishments and I'll add more when I get the time and if people enjoy them. About time for more installments, not about the super cock that got away or the two pretty Asian guys that I ran away from. The mind boggles thinking about “if only I was as horny then as I am now.” Get to play with two guys, daisy chain suck, daisy chain fuck, sit on a cock and suck the other, fuck one while sucking the other, or........... as I would love to try now and that is get two cocks in me. I have looked on line, lots of gay DP movies, the most common is the same way that the fairer sex get DP'd, guy at the bottom with someone sitting on top with cock inside then the other comes behind and pushes his way in on top of the other cock. I think the way I would like it is for both guys to be lying on their backs, legs spread beside the other so that their cocks are together, then sit down on both, taking both heads in then feeling the stretch as I sit down on them. Anyway, that is just fantasy, perhaps one day. A few years ago, pre-earthquake, there used to be a number of Cruise Clubs in Christchurch, Lichfield and Colombo Streets. They are all gone now and I haven't been to the new one. My first visit to one in Christchurch was a real eye opener especially in the upstairs play and maze area. Guys walking around with a towel wrapped around them, groping in the dark or being groped, turn a corner and one guy was sitting on a barrel I think it was getting a blow job. I am a voyeur so I did enjoy the show and the guy getting his cocked sucked royally liked to have his nipples tweaked. Stay there long enough and your cock gets hard and quick as a flash, someone notices and grabs hold. Nothing rushed or rough, almost coy like. I was having a good old time but wanted to see more. Saw light coming out of holes in a wall and took a look through and I was looking at two guys fucking the daylights out of each other, doggy style and the guy was fucking hard and the guy getting a reaming was grunting away and really pushing back hard. Man I wanted some of that. Guy on the bottom was wanking himself trying to hold himself up on one arm, bloody hard work. Other guy shot his load and pulled out. Condom was full of cum. Bloody diseases, love to fell cum in my bum again and have it dripping down the inside of my thighs. Girls are so lucky sometimes. Time to move on and found a spot to watch a porno that also had a mirror so you could also see what was happening in the next cubicle, two wankers and one of them was me. He was quite nice too, he was down on his knees by one of the glory holes and was smacking his lips. Fuck me but what does that mean? Hole in the wall, cocks about and someone making smacking and sucking sounds with his lips. Took me 2 seconds I think before I managed to poke my cock through the hole. Why do they have to make these walls out of corrugated iron for fuck sake?? What a hot mouth he had and someone else poked their head in to see what was happening, oh well, more the merrier. We managed to separate ourselves, first my cock from his mouth then carefully from the hole in the corrugated iron wall. I sort of hoped that he wanted to go somewhere private and carry on the suck but no, he like the look of my arse and asked if he could fuck me. Fuck yes. Of quickly to get the lube packet I was given when I arrived and back to a room with a double plastic matteess, tissues and condoms. Not much else. No mucking around, condom on his cock and I was rather pleased with the look of it, lube in his fingers while I lay on my back at the edge of the bed with my knees up by my shoulders and I am pleased to say that the lube was not cold when he pushed one finger in to lube me up, then two, all the way up to his knuckles then curled his fingers and, bang, got me in the “rather nice spot that makes me incrdebly happy to be a guy. The rest of the lube went onto his cock. He pushed the head of his cock at my hole and I tried pushing towards him, in the end one of my legs went around behind him and pulled him closer. Yes I'm impatient, but I wanted that cock in me. He took the hint and in he went. Bit of pain initially especially as his head went in through the sphincters but after that it was plain sailing. All the way in and then both of my legs went up onto his shoulder. I wanted a good deep fuck and that is what he gave me at the a same time taking control of my cock and giving me a good wank. My turn to grunt with each stroke, nothing gentle as he fucked me. All the way out and all the way back in again, at least that was the way it felt. Change the angle a bit to make sure my prostate was getting attention, wriggle my arse on his cock as he pushes in. You know the slapping sound you hear when people are fucking, that was us. Me grunting away with each thrust and then crying out with the big cum he gave me, I sprayed my cum all over my chest and almost got my head. Man that was a good fuck, he kept going for a while then he really sped up, fuck me dead he was good. Big cum too and he was very happy. He thought I had a nice tight arse and he liked my cock too. What more could a bloke ask for? Sort of hoping there might have been people looking through the little spy holes in the wall but never mind. I'm pretty sure we were pretty impressive. Well typical guy thing, we had both cum, and then quickly went on our own way. I really did like that Cruise Club. Other Clubs and stories. Let me think, clues, old guy with big cock, little tents, sling, orgy room, more glory holes. All stories are true, which will hopefully make them hotter for you and for me having to retell them. Comments are more than welcome.

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