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the mystery girl

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I was always slender and could pass as a girl. With no sisters I had a secret spot where I hid my clothes and I could dress up and think about cocks. I liked circumcised men best and soon worked out that most older men were cut so I would follow older guys into public toilets and stand next to them so I can check out their cock (and big guys - I like big guys too). They never seemed to notice me as I stared at their cocks. Some of the men had big cocks which used to get me very excited. One day I followed a guy into the toilets at our local mall and I hit the jackpot. His cock was cut and had a great big head and I got hard as soon as I looked at it as he finished pissing. He shook the last drops of pee from his cock and stroked it it started to grow thicker and stiffer. I was mesmerised watching his cock get harder with every stroke and then I realized he was watching me. I freaked out and tried to get my cock in my pants but it was rock hard. The old guy came up behind me as I was drying my hands and put his hand on my cock and pushed his still hard cock against my ass and said meet me in the park. Walking through the park took longer so I never bothered but I wanted to find out what the old guy wanted and I couldn't stop thinking about his cock but when I got there there was no sign of him. I walked to the public toilets and realised there was a guy following me. A big guy. I stopped and he walked past and looked at me. I tried to look away but I was so horny my cock was rock hard and I realised he was looking at my cock and then I saw his hand in his pants moving and as I watched he pulled his thick hard cock out of his pants and moved closer to me as he jerked himself off. He grabbed my head with his free hand and pushed me towards his cock and pushed his cock against my lips until I opened my mouth and he shot a big load of cum mostly in my mouth. It tasted really good better than mine and I sucked the end of his cock to get the last drops. Then I saw another guy had moved up behind me and was jerking himself off too I turned and opened my mouth for him to shoot in my mouth too. His cum was thicker and their was a lot more of it and he got it everywhere but my mouth. Someone lifted me up and pulled down my shorts and started pulling my cock while he was pushing his hard cock against my asshole. It felt so good as I relaxed and felt his big cock head pop into my ass. You done this a lot boy. Um with cucumbers sir. I didn't mean to fuck you now but I'm going to. And he started to pump his big cock into my tight ass deeper and harder and finally jamming it in hard and shooting his load deep in me. He leaned close and said come back tomorrow night at 10pm and wear something slutty. I could hardly breathe until 10pm and I was wearing pantyhose and a tiny girls school uniform which was very tight and rode up my ass as I walked to the park. This guy drove past and stopped and offered me a lift but I was at the park gate and turned into the dark path. I hadnt gone far when someone came up behind me and reached in my skirt. He said I fucking hate pantyhose get some stockings. He ripped a hole in my pantyhouse and pushd his cock against my asshole and I relaxed and his cock popped right in and I buried my ass back on his cock and squeezed his cock as tight as I could as I fucked back against him. Argh he cried your a tight little slut and I felt him pump a load of cum in me. He pulled his cock out of my ass and I felt another cock being rammed in and out of me and then filling me with cum. I never saw this guy. My ass was aching and felt raw but so good. As I walked home the car pulled up from before and the driver called me over. I'll give you twenty bucks for a blowjob. Ok. I jumped in his car and we parked in a quiet spot and he pulled down his pants. I leaned over and started sucking him off. He was about thirty and had a really nice cock. His hand went up my skirt and he wrapped his hand around my cock and jerked me as he pumped his cock in my mouth and shot a massive load. I was so close to coming but he kicked me out of his car and drove off. I got home and my older brother had a bunch of mates over. They were all really pissed and one of them saw me as I tried to sneak in. They started to mock me in the school uniform jostling me around. Then I started feeljng hand everywhere my cock was rock hard as these hands in the dark groped and grabbed. I was bustled into our littlest room with the lights out and the door shut. It seemed ages and the door opened and someone came in. He said do what we want and we won't tell anyone you're a homo ok. I said ok and a hand pushed .y head on to a nice hard cock which I sucked as hard as I could until he shot his load in my mouth. He left and ankther guy came in and I sucked him off too. Two more guys came in my mouth but one guy couldnt cum. I sat on his cock and he pumped hard and shot a load up my ass. I went to suck the next guy but he wanted my ass and fucked me hard and shooting deep. He pulled out and another cock was buried in me and rammed me hard before spraying cum on my ass. I was filthy lying there with all these guys cum all over me and my cock was hard. I stroked myself as the door opened and my brothers biggest mate came in and knelt between my legs and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me off swallowing every drop and jerking himself off shooting on my softening cock. He kissed me and said come to my place after school tomorrow I want your cock in my ass.
mistress scarlet

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