Written by johnmicheal


I arrived in chch late afternoon and went straight to my motel. Id decided to text paul and let him know id arrived and how excited i was that we would soon be meeting for real. Im in my mid 40s and married Paul is in his 60s we meet online about a year b4 in a xdressing chat room #brenda was is my girly name. Over the months we had webcam chats and swapped many fantasys. My fav was to dress in my wifes sexy lingerie and pretend i was her and paul was my lover he injoyed this also. So i was disapointed when paul text back that it was his sisters birthday and probly couldnt make it. Another let down. i decieded to dress up anyway id brought some of my wife brenda,s lingerie. a pink and white crutchless panty matching bra, black fishnett stockings and a silk pink babydoll nightie feeling horny and very naughty id started texting paul telling him what i was wearing and how brenda needed a man, i text him my motel name and room number told him the door would be unlocked. Hours passed with no word from him id wanked of a few times decieded id go to bed and sleep. I left the door unlocked and had removed my nightie, but decieded to sleep in my bra and panty. I dont no what time it was when i heard the door open then close i lay there frozzen in the dark as the shadow of a man makes his way across the room to my bed.not a word spoken he unbuckles unbuttons unzipps his pants my eyes addjust to see them drop hes wearing a panty to with stockings he pulls out his cock its alrrady hard and starts wanking himself i slowly situp his cock is inches from my face i take him in my mouth he is not huge6.5 i guess but hes hard and starts fucking my mouth as i bob and suck on him wanting him to cum in my mouth hes talking dirty telling me wat a slut brenda is and how sexy my bra and panty is, next his hand is between my legs rubbing me though my panty im soft my panty soaked he tells me how wet i am and just makes me feel more fem he pulls his cock from my mouth and wanks cums over my face and my neck its hot warm wet as it runs down my cheek his hand is still rubbing touching me i love the touch of his manhands his other hand finds back of my head pulling me closer his cocks still hard i take him in my mouth sucking licking his knob i moan wimpper as i cum at his touch