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Young Lust

"Young, dumb, and full of cum."
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We were both kids; she was straight from home and into a University hostel. I noticed her on the first day. There was a group of guys cluttering up the hall and as I pushed past and there she was, sitting on the floor in the open doorway of her room. Her legs were long, slim, and tanned. She wore denim shorts with ragged edges, and she had on a white cotton t-shirt that was loose, but still showed her perfect cup-cake breasts and pointy puffy nipples beneath the clean fabric. Her long chestnut hair cascaded over her shoulders, her hazel eyes sparkled, and her health red lips revealed her teeth in a big smile. She was liked something straight out of American Graffiti, a bomb-shell teenage dream. I was 18yrs old, and I was dumb-struck. I had a hard-on for her like a night-stick. I did everything I could to be near her, and she clearly wanted me around so it wasn’t too difficult. On drunken nights we would make-out. And we often slept together, but she wasn’t going to have sex. She was saving that sweet pleasure. After a month or two of kissing, playing with those perfect tits, and rubbing her crotch through her clothes until her jeans were saturated with her juices, I started putting my hand down her pants to stroke her arse and to finger her sweet pussy. She had the perfect arse, and looked great in jeans, so I really didn’t mind playing with her while partially dressed. The licking started after I finally got those jeans off. At first I would push my nose into her panties, using my nose to rub her pussy until my face was as covered in juice as her panties. Then we would make out some more, she seemed to love the smell and taste of herself on my face. After a week or two of this the panties came off and I would eat her pussy greedily, drenching my face in her pussy juices. She still didn’t want to go all the way though. That’s when I started turning her over and using her arse cheeks to bring myself off. Her soft round arse with its covering of fine translucent golden down, the smell of her on my face and neck, and the way she clenched as I thrust, drove me mad. I would cum all over her, and then we would collapse and lie in our mess. Two horny teenagers sticky and moist with sweat, cum, and hormones. Sometimes in the afternoon we would find a spot, a library bathroom stall usually, and she would pull her jeans down over her sweet peach so I could rub my cock between her cheeks, making it all slippery with my pre-cum, sometimes slipping my cock under and through her thigh-gap, not penetrating but rubbing her labia with my knob. And of course I would blow my load over all over her arse and in her sweaty crack. I worshipped that girl’s arse. I still fantasise about using women’s arses like that, about feeling them clench their arse-cheeks while I cum.

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