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Introduction to bi fun

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I live in a city in the South Island of New Zealand. When I was twenty four in the days before the internet I wanted to spice things up and experience a threesome. Back then there was a national newspaper that ran a lot of adult adverts, where people would look for others. The process was ancient and involved handwriting a letter, placing it in an envelope and where the stamp would normally go in the top right hand corner, you would write a code that belonged to the advertiser. That envelope would then go into another envelope and be sent off to the people who ran the service. When they got it, they sent it unopened to the recipient.

I sent a letter away to a couple that wanted a single male to join them, not holding much hope of a reply. Three weeks later, I got a letter from a husband and wife couple. They were after a male that would join them. She described herself as slim, attractive with red hair and thirty two. Her husband was a bit older of a stocky but fit build. She said that she wanted to fuck a guy with her strap on. I was intrigued .I called their mobile number she provided and we arranged a Saturday night two weeks later for me to visit them.

I arrived and was greeted by a stunning female with red hair, her breasts were pert slightly more than a handful and her ass and legs were accentuated by a short black skirt and heels.  Her husband was about 5.11, slightly shorter than me and a solid build. They introduced themselves, I’ll call them Marie and Peter and invited me in.We didn’t rush into anything, in fact she had prepared a light dinner and we had wine with that.

About an hour later she suggested we go to the lounge, which had been set up with a heater and rugs. I was very nervous, but Marie came close and slowly undressed me. At the same time Peter undressed. I have seen males naked before in communal showers after rugby, but this was the first time I had been close to a cock where it was semi erect. His cock was cut and looked to be around 7 inches with a thick shaft and decent sized head.

Marie told us both to sit back and she started to stroke Peter’s cock, I could feel the heat of his body as his leg lightly pressed against my own. I watched his cock grow until it was fully erect, now around 8.5 inches. I noticed how proudly the veins on his cock stood out, even more so as Marie ran her tongue up and down the shaft, following the lines of each pulsing vein.

My own cock had become instantly    hard and Marie leaned over and slowly eased it into her mouth, her tongue flicking around the head. She continued to stroke Peter as he watched her suck me.  The warmth of her mouth enveloped my shaft as she easily went to the base of my cock, her tongue flicking gently under my shaft and across my balls. I looked over at Peter and saw him slowing pumping his cock in and out of his fist.

After a few minutes Marie stood up, walked across to a chair and picked up a large pink dildo with a harness attached to it, she told me it was 7.5 inches long and it was thick, just like Peter’s. Calling me over she told me to get on my hands and knees. I took up my position, my arms and legs trembling with anticipation. I felt the coldness of the lube running down my crack, then the warmth as her fingers stopped it’s flow and she ran her lubed fingers up and down my ass, rubbing  it around my hole before I felt her finger gently slide inside me. My cock was throbbing and I could feel it leaking with pre cum. She pushed her finger further inside me, telling me what a good slut I was. She told me to prepare myself for the next finger and I moaned as it and then the third entered me. She worked them in and out, twisting them and hooking them so she could pull me back onto her.

Her fingers were gently removed and I looked back over my shoulder to see Marie coating the dildo with more lube. She moved closer and with one hand held onto my shoulder using the other to guide the dildo, pressing it against my hole, then with a gentle forward movement she started to push it into me. I felt initial pain and started to say something, but she told me to be quiet and trust her. Slowly inch by inch she pushed the dildo into me until I felt it push past that resistance with a pop and then she was all the way in.

She began with slow deep strokes, fucking me calling me a slut and asking what it felt like to have a big cock in me. I told her it felt great and she said to look at Peter who was on the couch. I looked over and could see him stroking his cock which seemed even bigger and harder than it was before. At the same time she increased the pace and I could feel her bald pussy slapping against my arse. My ass was warming up to the rhythm of her strokes and the sensation of her cock in me was sending me over the edge.

She told Peter to get off the couch and he came over and stood in front of me, moving forward so his hard cock was just inches from my face. This wasn’t something that we had discussed at all and I turned my head away from him. Marie stopped, pulled the dildo out of me, leaving me feeling empty with an intense feeling of wanting it back in me. She asked me if I was enjoying her fucking me and I told her I was. She said the only way that she would continue to fuck me was if I sucked Peter’s cock. I told her that I had never done that before and she said there has to be a first time for everything and she pushed my head forward.

I turned my head back to Peter and  immediately I felt his cock pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed the head of his cock in. Knowing what it felt like to have my own cock sucked I just started to do what seemed natural.  I was blown away by how hard his cock was yet how smooth and soft it felt in my mouth. I could feel his cock throbbing and now it was my turn to run my tongue across the veins, to feel and taste his pre cum on my tongue. I was in heaven.

Peter started moaning and he looked across my back to Marie, telling her what a hot mouth I had and with that he pushed his cock all the way in. Satisfied I was doing as I was told, Marie started to fuck me again. Even though this was my first time sucking a cock, something came over me and I started sucking him deeper into my mouth, pulling back to the tip, rolling my tongue around the head, before diving back down until I was at the base.  They got in rhythm Marie fucking my arse and Peter fucking my face, both of them telling me that I was just a cock sucker who loved a cock at both ends, which elicited a muffled moan from me.

I could feel Peter getting harder and his cock started to pulse until without warning he grabbed my head and started to shoot his hot cum into my mouth. With Marie fucking me from behind this sent me over the edge and without touching myself my cock exploded with my own orgasm, shooting cum onto the rug below me. Five or six big spurts of Peter’s cum filled my mouth forcing me to swallow or choke. Peter held his cock in my mouth until it stopped pulsing and then slowly pulled it out, wiping it on my face before telling me to suck it clean. I didn’t need to be told twice and as he slid it back into my mouth, I knew that I was addicted to cock.

Marie slowly pulled the dildo out of me telling me what a good job I had done but that there was still one left to do. She sat on the couch spreading her legs wide and told me to get in between them. I moved towards her and she pulled my head into her wet pussy. This was something I was use to and it wasn’t long before she was cumming hard herself.

It took five minutes for us all to compose ourselves, agreeing it was a great experience. We decided to call it a night, with promises  made to catch up again to take it even further.

Unfortunately I moved out of the city for work and I lost contact with them. Meeting them and being introduced to sucking a cock while being fucked with a dildo set me on the course to find more cock to suck, which eventually led to me admitting I was a guy that loved cock.

I’m not sure where they are now, maybe they still live here, maybe they are on KS and this jogs their memory and we can meet again for that second meeting.

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