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"One day maybe"
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Sex is a hard subject lately between my beautiful wife and I, she has all but given up on it.

It's not that we don't love each other, or that there's a marital issue. It seems as though her libido has just vanished.

I spend quite a bit of time thinking about sex and lately, the lack of so I thought I'd maybe share my desires with you all for both my entertainment and hopefully yours?

My wife is stunning, smart, caring and has the hugest heart and natural compassion for all people.

Our sexual past is very different however, and I often feel that my best sex is behind me.

My wife has expressed her interest in playing with another lady on several occasions , and still maintains that one day this may happen. The problem is however that sex and sexual exploits are very far from her mind.

For me, I fantasize about it.

I sometimes lie in bed and imagine watching the pleasure on her face as she is being teased and explored by a female stranger. Her pleasure is what gets me off, seeing and feeling her arousal makes me smile and makes me rock hard.

I imagine this strange lady allowing my wife to experience things she had never thought existed, I see the looks of happy surprise as the familiar sex explores her body as only a woman can.

I'm content watching, this is for her, I long for her to discover her sexual self and to probe into her true desires and feelings to experience a sense of fulfilment and joy she doesn't know she's missed.

I watch as our strange house guest confidently and softly reassures and comforts my shy wife as she beckons my wife in to taste her.

I watch my wife's eyes as she takes the first taste, surprise and desire fill her green eyes and i learn that she is enjoying herself, is this the beginning?

I love her

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