First Time

When we first met, we were out with friends and we didn't really chat much at all. I was quite a bit older than you and felt that it was just a ‘hormonal’ thing. Your gorgeous accent and quick smile, not to mention your lovely eyes. All together a very impressive and enticing package. I found you attractive and just loved your shy nature and quietly spoken manner.

We had innocently touched, our fingers brushing as we handed drinks around, or our bodies pressed close when moving past each other. I thought you’d notice the flush of heat burning my face when you touched me but you seemed not to be aware. Once or twice I thought you had pressed into me a bit harder than necessary, or your hand had lingered longer than it should have, but I gave it no thought. It is best not to read more into it than there was, especially when music and drinks are involved. The night ended with everyone going their own ways and I thought no more about you, except for when I got into bed that night and pleasured myself imagining your hands and your mouth…

A few months later I saw you in the street and noticed which building you went into; it jogged my memory about where you worked, so I called you and invited you out for lunch. You were very hesitant at first as you had a partner and family but it was only lunch, right? My intentions at that time were very honourable and so we arranged to meet in the park, in public. That afternoon we had a great chat, you were very open and friendly and we both enjoyed the time spent so agreed that having the occasional lunch would be fine, that there was no issue with it… it was just new friends, meeting to share some time and enjoy each other’s company.

Our lunchtime chats lead to flirting, emails and texts. The flirting became quite heavy and very sensual and this was reflected in the words we used and the covert touches we allowed ourselves when we met. There were quiet words spoken, all the while knowing where it could lead. Neither of us shied away from that outcome, it heightened the dates we had, the underlying tension and desire. It seemed that we both wanted to experience something that only the other could give and in the end, we decided to meet where we would be alone and undisturbed.

I showed up at the time and place that you had chosen, it was dark and roomy and it was also very weird. Full of beeping machines and flashing lights and a gentle hum vibrated the air around us. We didn’t want to be discovered, but we both knew why we were there. There were no false pretences and we could walk away from this at any time. That was not an option for either of us. We wanted to play, to touch and tease each other, take into reality what we had discussed in words. We almost didn't do it, our nerves almost getting the better of us. I decided to take the lead and moved further into the room and to lean against the desk.

You stood in front of me with your hands in your pockets, very shy and self-conscious. You moved closer to me and your hand brushed my thigh, asking if it was ok if you touched me. As I lifted my skirt and showed you my lack of panties, I assured you that your touch was welcome and wanted.

You leaned in closer, leaning over me and allowing me to catch a sniff of your scent. I rested my head on your shoulder as your fingers quickly moved to my pussy and started to gently rub and spread my moisture around. Our teasing had been leading up to this and I was more than ready. I had no expectations on what was going to happen and was also apprehensive as I was unsure where this would ultimately lead but I was willing to take the gamble.

Your fingers slid into me easily and found my clit, you asked if I was enjoying it, I thought that my moans may have given me away but you needed the reassurance which I gave by pushing into your hand. You knelt before me, eyes looking up as your tongue flicked out to taste my juices. I watched you as you pressed your face into my pussy and your eyes closed as your mouth opened and you kissed my pussy, sucked gently on my lips and your tongue flicked over and around my clit. You were good, damned good and I felt my legs buckle as you made yourself at home between them.

I sat further back on the desk and opened my legs wider, resting one foot on a chair. You moved slightly and raised your hand to my pussy, easily slipping one finger in and your thumb found a grove on my clit. Gently you pumped me with your hand, one finger being joined by another as they became coated in my juice, making them slippery and you added another one. Three fingers inside me, rubbing my g-spot and your thumb working with your tongue on my clip and pussy lips, working together to ensure that I was satisfied and kept riding your face.

I responded quietly, aware of the surroundings but making sure that you knew I was enjoying myself. I ran my fingers thru your hair and pushed your face harder into my groin, spreading my lips further apart so that you had full access to all the bits that you wanted. My clit was throbbing with an impending orgasm and you did not give up as you continued to stroke and lick me. You kissed my whole pussy, using your lips, your tongue to their best and I have never enjoyed a licking out as much as I was enjoying you. You knew what you were doing and I was in heaven.

My muscles started to clench and you stopped what you were doing, keeping me on the edge of the pleasure, your fingers just sitting in my pussy, not moving as I coaxed you to pump me. You were determined to make me cum and determined to prolong our pleasure for as long as possible. You succeeded as my orgasm subsided and my cunt was left humming and hot, swollen with desire and the want to be filled.

You gently started to lick again, short and quick darts with your tongue, just touching me, knowing that the affect was pushing me back to the edge again. You were rhythmic in your motions, in time with my hands which had moved to my breasts and were massaging my nipples thru my shirt, tweaking my sensitive nipples in time with your tongue strokes on my clit. I warned you that I was close and you kept your tempo, slow and ongoing. Driving me to the precipice of an extra strong orgasm, I rode your face as it took over, driving my pussy onto your mouth. You pushed your face into me, licking and sucking my juices as I came, your fingers never letting up on their stroking, feeling my pussy muscles clench down on your fingers as I came again, hard and hot, my juices coated your hand and your face.

I moaned loudly and you started to giggle, standing up to face me, whispering for me to be quiet, we both giggled and smiled in the semi-light of the room. I had experienced an amazing oral time and I wanted to reciprocate, and I wanted to do that now, so I turned the tables and pushed you back against the desk.

Whispering in your ear as my hands moved to your zip, I lowered it and allowed my hand to move inside to touch your cock. You were shy and told me I didn't have to, but I wanted to, I love cock sucking and it was time I had a nice one to enjoy. I nibbled on your neck and your ears, telling you how fantastic your mouth and tongue was and explaining to you how it felt to have you work your fingers inside me, how hot it made me and wet. I raised your hand to my mouth and sucked my juices off your fingers as I gently stroked your cock. You relaxed as I knelt before you and pushed your jeans further down your thighs, exposing your cock and your balls.

My tongue teased you gently, as I lick the underside of your shaft, and blowing cold air on your balls. My hands rested on your thighs and occasionally I raked my nails along your skin, heightening all your sensations. I breathed deeply and opened my mouth as I took all of you into me, sucking as I pulled away and stroking your balls with my hand, I was going to tease you as you had done to me.

My nails stroked your balls and shaft as I ran gently along them, occasionally flicking my tongue out to taste the pre-cum on the end of your cock and licking all the way down your shaft. I took your length inside my mouth again and ran my tongue around the head as it was nestled in my mouth, teasing you and tasting, I felt you start to tense up and push into me as I pumped your cock with my mouth, using it as I would use my pussy to milk and to ride. One hand stroking your cock, following my mouth as it moved up and down and the other hand cupping your balls. I plunged my head down, taking your full length deep into the back of my throat, I felt you pump it further into me and you started to pump my mouth. I pulled back and used the tip of my tongue to flick gently your cock head, your shaft and your balls, teasing them as I made circles and sucked them into my mouth. I heard your breathing change when I did that the first time, so I decided that was a new sensation for you and did it again. Sucking your balls as I rubbed your cock, I could feel you tense up and your cock start to twitch in my hand.

I knelt up so I could take you into my mouth and covered you with my lips, my tongue moving along your head, encouraging you to empty your load, my mouth wanting to feel you pump it all into me. As your hips started to move into me, I felt your cock fill and I sucked all your jism out of you and swallowed your gift. Licking and sucking, making sure that you drained your entire load into my mouth, teasing the last drop from you.

I lowered my skirt and looked at you as you tidied yourself up as well. We looked at each other and giggled quietly. Perhaps this was going to be more than just a once’r???

Who knew...