Written by Anonymous

First Time

Was I nervous in the beginning? Of course I was. Equally excited also, I’d expressed lustful intentions toward a lady a few years my senior via message through the KS site 3 days preceding that msg Id received an open invitation to meet at her house.

Rubbing my eyes in disbelief! This woman had a size 8 figure, long flowing hair carefully and seductively groomed, remembering well, it was extremely exciting and also met with trepidation that we had only shared single messages too each other, it felt a little too good to be true in part.

I’d messaged her my mobile number to which I received a txt msg that very same day, my curiosity grew into an unbridled sense of lust, viewing her pics over and over like a Lion in the wild savouring the meal that was assuredly to follow

A time was set, I drove to her house mid afternoon it was sunny and warm, only adding to the excitement, I wore something casual and loose, something I felt accentuated my athletic build?

She greeted me at the front door to which my blood felt almost at boiling point. We shared casual and playful conversation in the hall way as she led me too the lounge. We shared a glass of vino as we laughed and looked into each others eyes with lustful intent.

The conversation went silent for a moment but not that long as if to fee awkward. She stood, took my hand and led me too her bedroom, take my clothes off she said.

I positioned myself behind her caressing her body up and down, cupping her breasts in my hand slowly massaging them as I moved my hands down inside her top too feel she had no bra on and her boobs felt amazing as she moaned when I ran my fingers up and down her now erect nipples, her clothes came off and she returned the favour, pushing my onto the bed my cock pointing due north she great fully swallowed me and went deep down onto to balls with her lips and tongue lapping down on my freshly shaven and manscaped balls, she gave bloody good head! I said flip around and go 69!? She did so and I dined out on a beautifully groomed soft warm pink pussy it was delicious! We fucked in several different positions each of us waling like song birds until our last gasping breathe and countless orgasms later...

Pillow talk preceded we laughed and joked I enjoyed one last taste of her pretty pink pussy as a courteous good bye gesture, left later that day the sun was setting on my great big beaming smile..:

We saw each other a couple more times before never seeing each other again X