I could barely see in front of me as i stumbled in the darkness, dew soaked fern fronds brushed past my face and leaves crunched beneath my shoes.

I could hear her giggling in the darkness as her hand reached from the darkness and grabbed mine, leading me deeper into the dense trees,

"just a bit further" she whispered as she lead me up the path, her hand grasping mine in the cool night air.

Craggy roots paving the path as we stumbled for what seemed like forever, before coming to a clearing. Starlight speckled the sky and moonlight danced over everything, as the meadow of grass ebbed and flowed in the cool night air.

We collapsed in a heap in the damp grass, still both panting from our trek

"i hope you feel special" she giggled

"uh, why?" i curiously asked her

"You're the first"

I giggled and played along, as if i knew what she was talking about. I still had no clue, the first what? It didn't matter any more, i was just enjoying being under the sky.

she turned and looked at me "can i ask you something?"

"sure, shoot" i fired back at her

" have you ever thought of seeing what its like to be naked outside?"

"uh, hmmmmmmm let me think? hell no, this totally not a body that should be let out of its coverings" i shyly joked

"why not? there's only us here how bout we try?"

I cackled uncomfortably "ah, how bout no. you'll go blind"

"c'mon live a little" she begged

" ah why the hell not?" i giggled nervously

She sat upright grabbing the hem of her shirt, "c'mon we'll do it together"

I sat up, and gripped my shirt hem" 1 , 2, 3!!!"

i removed my shirt the cool air nipped at my skin, i felt exposed and weird yet a little turned on.

"next how bout our pants?" she giggled excitedly

Already undoing her jeans and tugging them past her hips, i wriggled around slowly pulling my pants past my hip and down my legs, the cool grass brushed against my thighs, sending goosebumps rippling over my skin.

"come on" she hissed "final shove"

I unclipped my bra finally laying my perky nipples to the mercy of the breeze, it felt good. No it felt great!!! There we sat both naked as the day we were born, we fell back into the cool grass and awkwardly stared up at the sky. I felt her move closer towards me bit by bit, her hand brushed mine and she quickly uttered a 'sorry'

I closed my eyes, taking in the elements against my body and against my skin. i heard movement once again and then felt the heat of her mouth on my breast, as she softly suckled. Shocked my eyes flickered open as i saw her feeding from me, but it also felt good. I wanted to push her away but this was nice, it stirred my curiosity and my sense of adventure but mostly it stirred a feeling deep with in my now tingling wet pussy.

A sigh escaped my lips, her eyes sparkled with interest. Her hand rested on my stomach and inched its way down little by little, my legs started to fall to the side as she began to flick her tongue over my nipple i gasped and sighed and her hand slid between my thighs. She softly and slowly began to circle my clit, I don't know what she was doing but my god i loved it. This felt so good, i sighed again my hips started rolling as she worked her magic, my tingling wanting pussy glistening in the moonlight.

In she slid two fingers and pumped them in and out, still working my clit as my body started to grind against her saturated hand, I softly started to moan as she kept her rhythym my body shaking as my muffled moans became louder and louder. I was almost there, where ever there was. I was in heaven, she stopped. I groaned with disbelief and she moved away, i pulled my legs together frustrated and pissed off.

I felt her hands again, prying my legs apart. They dropped the to the side again, needing little prompting as i felt her tongue start to trace down my mound to my naked pussy lips, this was new, it was different but it felt delicious.

She spread me open, her tongue hungrily lapping up my juices as it dance over my hard clit, fuck it felt good she inched in her fingers as she still teased my clit.

My moans escaping into the night sky without the slightest thought of who could hear, I didn't care. All i knew was the more noise I made the more she made sure to keep doing what i liked, she was doing well she kept tonguing and working on me, driving her fingers deep within my engorged pussy as my moans echoed through the clearing, bouncing from tree to tree in a symphony of pleasure.

I could feel it building every inch started to shake uncontrollably, my back arching as i thrust my heaving chest skyward, gripping her head tight grinding hard and deep on her tongue my screams of pleasure filling the night air as i peaked with ecstasy.

"wow!" she exclaimed "that was fun, can i go again?"

Still panting and shuddering, she assumed the position........