You are alone in the house. You are in the shower. The hot, hot water has been cascading over your skin for 20 minutes now and you feel relaxed, almost dream like. Your wet hair snakes down your back. Your skin, warmed by the water, feels content and sensitive to the touch. Oblivious and distracted, a foreign hand reaches in and cups your mouth. You freeze instantly. Terror races through your body so fast that you can't move or scream. Your body, so relaxed just seconds ago, is now tense and rigid. Your catatonic state allows your attacker to manoeuvre you out of the shower. Your eyes are covered. Your wrists are bound to the shower door. Trembling and with gasps of breath you wonder what is going to happen next. You can't see your attacker. You wonder what he looks like. You can feel his hot breath now on your neck. You can hear his breathing, calm and measured. He places his hands on your back and you again freeze in fright. He whispers very gently in your ear that he is not going to hurt you. He asks you if you understand and you nod, unable to conjure up sound, a lump still deep in your throat. You can feel his hot breath on you again as he examines the small of your back. He takes his time, stopping to marvel at your wet skin. You jump as he plants a butterfly kiss on the small of you back. You have barely recovered before he places another nearby. His hands are on you now, firm yet sensual and you feel odd. A strange thought crosses your mind. You can't see. You can't move. You could scream now, but the fear, though not subsided is beginning to change to something else. Before you have time to examine that thought, you jolt with the sensation of a tongue at the cleft of your arse. It's hot and wet. It darts around at the top of your arse cheeks but no further. Your grip on the shower door has tightened. You feel the restraint of the ties around your wrist securing you to the door. You can't move despite the impulse to remove your hands. Suddenly it dawns on you what that new feeling was. It's arousal.

This is insane. A stranger has come in to your house. Invaded you. You should be fixed with fear, yet your body is pinging with sensation. His hands are fixed on your arse cheeks now. As his tongue moves down your crack, his hands firmly but gently part your cheeks. You feel very exposed, vulnerable.......and wet. Wet because despite the fear your brain is telling you should be experiencing, your body is now telling you otherwise. You suddenly realise that your nipples are rock hard. They could almost cut the glass you are leaning upon. His tongue reaches further into your arse. A wave of pleasure washes over you as he explores your most intimate place. His hands move around your cheeks, around your legs and toward your pussy. The wetness you thought was water has transformed into something else. As he massages your cunt from the outside, you feel your arse cave toward him. His tongue is now deep in your hole and you feel your arse and your body move toward his tongue. The pleasure is intense as you yearn for more. Your arse cheeks are wide apart by now. His tongue has migrated and is moving forward toward your pussy. It dances on your skin and the anticipation of it touching your cunt is now immense. Your wetness betrays you and you squirm and wiggle. The restraint is the same. You can't grab, touch, feel your invader in any other way other than what he is prepared to give you. The only point of contact is his tongue and his hands.

Your pussy is completely his now. It opens like a flower and is beckoning his tongue deeper inside you. His hands forcefully grip your arse cheeks and twirl your body so that your wet cunt is now laid out before him. He has measured your want precisely. Your legs wobble and buckle as he supports your weight with his hands. Your labia part with abandon and he is inside you. His tongue is lathering your pussy lips, up and down, whipping over your folds and nibbling at the base of your clit. Strong, forceful strokes of his tongue engorges your clit. She is so swollen now, pulsing with desire and lust. His tongue flicks over your bud. Your pussy explodes with pleasure. You would grab his head but you can't. You and your pussy are at his mercy. Your pussy soaks his face as wave after wave of girl cum envelops him and he imbibes you. He has drunk your juices, breathed in your scent and been rewarded with an orgasm so powerful, you are in delirium. You are vaguely aware that the grip on your wrists has relented. The tie has subsided. You slip down the shower door in a dishevelled heap. He has owned you. In your post-orgasm high, you have failed to realise that your attacker has now departed in the same speed that he arrived. You are spent.