Written by JW27


Sitting at my desk, yet another day at the office and air conditioning failing to work as per usual. Knowing how intermittent the air con is, always dress accordingly at work, my short, tight, black skirt, with an open shirt not fully buttoned up due to the size of my large juicy breasts. This may be done a little on purpose though, leaving it open more than required.

My long, slim, tanned legs stretched out under my desk leading down to my stiletto heels. My blonde hair is up and always in my glasses due to watching a monitor all day.

Starting to get hotter, I decided to have a break from work for a while and I started with my hands on the inside of my things, ever so delicately touching my thighs, it feels amazing. I start teasing myself by sliding my fingers toward my throbbing pussy. I never wear panties, ever. So this was easy access. My skirt was so short, it didn't take much to move it up to reveal my clean shaved pussy. I swung the chair around so I was able to stretch one leg and place the other on the seat I was sitting on with my knee up opening myself up to insert all of my fingers inside me.

I was arching my back in absolutely esctasy and did not notice that three of the men at work had started to move into the room I was in. As I started to collect myself, slightly embarrassed, but being the exhibitionist that I am, I wasn't overly concerned, all three of them started unzipping their trousers to reveal three most incredible cocks. Each one of them was stroking themselves and a gentle smile came across my face. God what I wanted to do with those cocks.

Before I had a chance to think, all three approached me. The first, knelt on the floor between my legs and immediately starting nibbling, sucking, fingering and licking my hot, wet, clit. Impulsively I spread my legs further and slid down slightly on my chair. As I did so, the second guy, who had been wanking himself while he watched me getting licked out, put his amazing, thick, hard shaft deep down my throat. He moaned in pleasure and his balls were touching my chin. All three were completely shaven, highlighting the size of their incredible cocks. Rock hard, thick and raring to go.

The third guy came around the other side of my chair and he also pushed his cock into my mouth. Hmmm two cocks, the thought of them "accidentally" touching each other started turning me on, wondering if it was something they were quietly enjoying themselves. I was gently cupping their balls and fingering them in male g spot. So easy when you know how! ;)

With all of completely oblivious to anything else that was going on, we didn't notice another male walk into the room. It was the boss. I had always had a craving to do some wild things to him, but thought he was all work and no play. Until now.

As he moved towards me, the guy between my legs had moved away and was standing there watching, rubbing himself, getting harder and harder, if that was even possible.

My boss undid his pants to reveal the most amazing thick, hard massive cock I had ever seen. God I wanted that in me, and I wanted it NOW. I told him to get between my legs and fuck me. I wasn't ready for playing, I wanted to be fucked. I'd been waiting for this for a long time and now the moment was here.

With two cocks still in my mouth, pushing deeper and deeper and my bosses cock ramming me almost causing them to deep throat me even more, I glanced over and saw guy #3 wanking himself to almost oblivion. He closed his eyes and started to arch his back. It was turning me on watching him and I was getting so wet, my hot clit swollen and pulsating, throbbing wanting more and more. I needed to be fucked, my glasses had been removed and my hair completely undone, my long blonde hair cascading down my massive tits, beads of sweat were starting to form on my chest and gather into a drop which then slid its way down my body. #3 was coming, he moved towards me and blew his load all over my chest, I had two incredible cocks in my mouth who were also starting to writhe in exctasy. On occasion, when their cocks touched, they would touch each others, this turned me on and I just wanted to play, I didn't care who was touching who.

They started to wank themselves harder and harder, intermittently sliding their cock back into my mouth, then one at a time they came and fuck did they cum. All over me, all over each other, it was bliss.

Now for the main act, my boss, who was now fucking me so hard and deep that I was starting to lose control. He was gently squeezing, rubbing and pinching my clit which was making me beyond wet. Pumping and pumping, reaching up and squeezing my pert nipples on my DD size breasts. I started arching my back, I wasn't in a position to play games and make this last longer, I had waited too long for his cock to be inside me.

The other three guys who were there, started tickling me gently, squeezing my nipples, rubbing my clit and watching that big dick slide into my wanting pussy. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I started to get tighter around his cock which made him swell more and more, I could feel him getting close, he pumped me harder, ramming me, there were hands all over me, he pulled out and wanked himself until he came all over my tits, moving his juicy cock up to my face so I could suck him dry .... then, all redressed, and left. My office was empty again - oh well, hair up, clothes on and back to work and here's to another day like that very - very - soon. xxx

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