Written by Anonymous


The bay of islands has a plethora of places to explore. One day I anchored my boat in the bay of one such island and swam ashore. There were a few backpackers on the beach and a notice board which clearly illustrated a few trails you could walk to enjoy the flora and fauna on the island. As I had swum ashore I was dressed in only board shorts a t shirt and had my trainers hung around my neck whilst I swam. Well I decided on a trail that would take me basically around the edge of the island in a circular fashion. As I was about one third of the way round there seemed to be a lookout point a bit bit off the track and further up into the trees. The path to this point was slightly overgrown indicating lack of use but I made my way up it never the less. A tui caught my attention with its song... I always think they sound like a jungle bird like something out of an old Tarzan movie so I stopped to listen. Well that was when I heard them. There was the distinct sound of sexual moaning coming from the lookout point. I edged forwards not wanting to be utterly creepy but as a red blooded fella curious what there was to see and not spoil the couples fun. As the lookout came into viewed I was met by the sight of a slim brunette with shoulder length hair giving a blowjob to a much older gentlemen. I could see she was in her twenties whereas he was in his sixties at least however it soon became obvious to me what her interest was as his cock was a magnificent piece of meat at least ten inches and very thick. .By now I was hard too and my own nearly 8 inches and thick seemed tiny compared to his even at twenty metres away. I released him from my shorts and started to jack off to the sight before me.She hadn't seen me at all as she was facing slightly away from me side on and was to be frank clearly focused on the monster dick in her hands and mouth. He looked over to me and smiled whilst quietly sssh ing me with his finger on his lips. The brunette stopped briefly and took her top off revealing a sports bra which also was removed . this left two very beautiful boobs for me to ogle. she went back to administering her BJ to the man. He the beckoned me closer at which point she sensed my presence and turned towards me. Without saying a single word she grabbed my cock and pulled me to her waiting lips. sucking my cock and pumping my shaft and taking turns on both of us . I remarked on how big her man was. He's not my man she replied I just found him sunbathing naked here and wanking this cock and I just had to help. He quickly said who was he to refuse such a beautiful young girl in doing her good deed for the day for the elderly. Ive now got two lovely cocks to play with she said .... who wants my pussy first? I said since the older gent had got there first he should be the one . Well he laid down and before you could say anything the sexy minx had mounted him and proceeded to bounce up and down on his length consuming all of him with no effort whatsoever. She looked to where I was stood still wanking my cock and said fuck me in the bum please. Again who was I to refuse such a well mannered girl I mean she did say please. So I took up position and eased my cock to her bumhole. I lubed up with spit and pushed gently into her wanton body. I felt my self ease past her relaxing sphincter and was soon fully inserted . His cock felt so good through the thin anal wall between us as we both fucked her in time with each other. By now this girl was really moaning and suddenly came like an express train gripping both of us inside her . The old fella announced he was about to cum .She said I want it in my face boys We both the stood over her and almost simultaneously ejaculated hot cum over this sexy minx. My cum also hit his cock too as we were very close to each other and dripped onto her tits his cum was coating her forehead and also on me. She then slurped up every bit of it and licked our dicks clean.She promptly got up dressed turned to us and said thank you boys that was nice and without a single word more was gone back down the path. I turned to the old guy he just looked at me and said in all my days as a ranger Ive always fantasized about something like this and now as I'm about to retire it's finally happened ...better late than never I said , it sure is he said.