Written by Kiwibanga


One late summers night in Auckland City . A bunch of us ex Warriors players headed to Sky City for a get together.

The drinks were on the house and we made the most of the free beverages , We got into a deep conversation about the recent success of the 2018 Warriors and then as always when drinking a debate begin on who's era at the Warriors was the best team. It was silly players talk and we all came to an agreement that this years team has still got to prove themselves to the fans after last 2 or 3 seasons.

We talked about the shit we got up to when over the ditch away from our family & friends.

Any one who knows about professional sports people , knows we like to party after our job is done on the field and we had all taken an oath to not say anything about the shit we had done. So you can just imagine what kind of trouble we got up.

Back then we were very lucky that there was no technology like they have now days , cause if there was some of us would properly lost our jobs or worse.

For example : We had won our first away game of the season after 2 loses away and 4 wins at home. The boys were fired up as some of them had been taking codeine , tramadol & some other stuff before the game to block out the pain.

So any way on that night we had gone to a bar , a very classy up market kind of bar. It was long before one of the biggest blokes in our team at the time , decided he wanted to dirty dance with this hot girl in a short tight mini dress. He just goes off to her starts dancing beside her well she was dancing with her husband. Her husband wasn't to happy with what our bro was doing and started to try to move his wife away from the big prop forward , but she didn't want to and told the husband to stop being jealous. Our man introduced himself to them both & asked the husband what would it take for him to fuck his wife. The husbands mouth dropped and we thought oh shit here we go again , not another bar brawl we have to get the big fella out of... Bar brawls became common when we were on the road.

But no the husband pulled his wife to the side and next minute he is turning to the brother telling him , that he can fuck his wife for the night at a cost of $2500. Our prop quickly came flying over to us and tells us what is going on. We all chip in to help him out , with the $2500 in his hand he walks straight up to the husband and asks him what is the agreement terms.

The has only three things to agree to , they are to make sure she is not harmed in anyway & if she says no then that means no , the last one was to make sure that is dropped off at home by 8am in the morning. The big man asks the wife if she is happy with this and she agrees. The money is handed over and husband then leaves the bar.

She dances with our team mate for awhile before coming over to meet us. We introduce ourselves and start to get to know her better. Apparently her and her husband had gone into debt after she had lost her job , so they needed the money.

We left the bar and headed back to the hotel , we were all drunk ,and she started to flirt with most of the boys on the way back to the hotel. She began to kiss each of the guys in turns as we walked along the road.

As we arrived at the hotel the big prop picked her up and took her straight to his room , leaving the rest of us to wonder if he was going to share her like the others we use to do this thing with. The next thing we know is the prop is poking his out the door saying right boys , in 30 minutes one of you knock twice on the door and we will swap over. We usually did this with the lights off and without them knowing what was going on.

But this was different as the wife asked the prop if we were going to join them or watch , he told her the truth of what the plans were and she agreed to what he had told her. We all had a turn fucking her that night and the ones who agreed to a gangbang afterwards as she had asked us to do for her did so until it was time to drop her off home. When she walked out of the room , she was walking a bit different than when she had been earlier. But the smile on her face was priceless and showed us that she was worth every penny of the $2500.

As we dropped her off in the taxi , i whispered in her ear Tank you for an awesome night and i hope you don't tell anyone about this. . She turns to me and says , don't worry i'm not going to tell anyone as no one would believe me anyway. and this is my secret . The husband comes to met her and asks how did it go , to which the replies it was a lovely night hunny and i was treated like a queen. They looked after me and made sure i wasn't hurt or harmed in anyway .

This is one of the kind of things we got up too when we played out of town. There have been worse stuff happen , but that is not for the general public to know about.