Ava moves her hand onto his leg and up to his cock and Hayden hand suddenly pulls on the wheel with a little surprise, the cars cut left for only a second but he soon has it in going in the right direction again.

“Hey cowboy, you better keep this car under control if we’re going to make it home in one piece,” says Ava, “just concentrate on the driving and let me concern myself with your cock down here, just keep driving and don’t get pulled over by the police, ok.”

With that she leans over on the seat so she’s not visible though the window and starts to unzip his pants. It takes all Hayden’s concentration to keep driving the car though the empty morning streets, while stealing quick views on what Ava is up to below the steering wheel.

Ava soon has his swollen cock free from Hayden’s pants and she starts to run her fingers slowly up and down the length of his shaft, massaging it to get it fully erect.

“My second cock for tonight,” says Ava, “and I wonder what you taste like?”

Ava’s lips hovered millimetres above Hayden’s cock, she could see a drip of his precum leaking from his tip and she badly wanted to taste it, lick it off with her tongue.

Poor boy, she thought, he’d had a hell of a morning, first having to watch her go down on the first cock and then going down on her pussy without relief. Oh well, he’d always wanted to play with the big boys.

Hayden finally had his driving now under control and was alternating between watching the road and Ava. She’d quickly removed his aching cock from his pants and had started stroking it with her fingers. Her movements were controlled and deliberate, starting at the base of his cock she massaged upwards, almost drawing the blood from his balls to his knob. He was relieved that the ache had gone but he’d been so close to cumming when Ava had unzipped his fly but now she seemed to be holding him back.

Ava had been holding him back, she was practicing an ancient massage on his penis which done correctly can keep the receiver in a higher sense of enlightenment but also she didn’t want Hayden to cum just yet. She didn’t want him to crash the car. Her massage continued all the way home and finally to his relief turned into his driveway and turned off the car.

Ava now changed the direction of her massage, cupping her hands and ran then over his cock to simulate the feeling of entering her.

Hayden was gripping the steering wheel, his fingers turning white, so close to an orgasm but at the last second Ava would stop and blow warm air in his cock. Over and over she repeated massaging and blowing, keeping him on the edge.

Hayden had started to relax with the continued attention to his cock. Ava never let up and he soon realised that there was nothing for him to do but enjoy. The minutes tick by but they seemed like hours, it was like running a marathon. He’d grown used to the rhythm of her hand pressing and warm blowing but knew it would come to an end soon, Ava’s breathing had changed, she too was turned on.

Ava was all crunched over towards the drivers side and all her concentration on his cock but her whole body was screaming at her. She loved having a guy at her mercy and she had him here, but her hands were cramping up, there was more comfortable places to do this. So instead of blowing on him again, she opened her mouth and let it slide down his shaft.

“Fuck!” cried Hayden, and he instantly orgasmed into her as she reached the bottom of his cock and started sucking hard on her way up.

Ava pulls off Hayden’s cock, cum and spit mix and dribble down his shaft onto his balls and pants. She licking up as much as she can, trying not to let any escape. When she finally finishes and comes up for air his cum is all over her face, neck and hair.

“Kiss me!” She tells Hayden, “I want you to taste your spunk, lick it off my face and clean me up,”

So he starts kissing her, Ava’s tongue in his mouth he could taste her and him mixing like a cocktail, he licked her face, neck and sucking his cum from her hair. He’s never tasted cum, and has always wondered what it tasted like but this wasn’t what he thought, actually it was better. He’d been told oysters but he thought maybe more like olives and martini, slightly salty and bitter sweet.

“Hayden, I need you to take me inside now and fuck me,” she said, “I need you to fuck me hard!”

They rushed into the cold quiet house heading straight for Hayden’s bedroom. Clothes were peeled away in a lusty hurry, falling to the floor and looking like small clothes Islands on the carpet. Now bare skinned their hand, lips and tongues were everywhere, almost moving like a blur in a old black and white movie,

“Have you got a vibrator I can use?” asked Ava, I want you to fuck my pussy form behind and I want to massage my clit at the same time.”

“Yes sure, my girlfriend had left her small one here,” replied Hayden, and rolled over and reached down beside the bed. He rolled back holding a small pink vibe.

“Oh my that is small!” laughed Ava, “we’re going shopping and buy your girlfriend a proper vibe, maybe 10 inches? But first you need to fuck me from behind while I massage my clit with this.”

Ava swept her hands over the bed fling duvet, bed clothes and top sheet in all directions. All that was left was the fitted bottom sheet, a perfect blank canvas to create upon. Then she lay face down, head in a pillow and spread her legs, revealing her arse and pussy to Hayden .

He stood for ages just watched her, firstly position the small pink vibrator on her clit and then how she made small adjustments with her hips, pushing her sex into the vibe and mattress. As she edged closer to an orgasm he knelt down behind her at the edge of the bed and started licking her toes. He didn’t touch her with his hands, just licked, kissed and sucked each of her toes. Soon Ava stretched her feet into his face like a ballet dancer and he could feel the pulsing of her first orgasm but he didn’t stop.

Ava began riding the pink vibe and wasn’t to far from a second intense orgasm. Hayden still toe sucking started licking and kissing up her ticklish foot arch and ankles causing Ava to rock and roll even harder on her pink vibrator. His kisses continued up the back of her legs and only when he’d reached the top of her arse did she start arching her back to get her pussy to his face.

His tongue was inside her, it seemed different than the last time, harder and more intense perhaps.

“Can you fuck me now,” whispered Ava, “ I want to feel your cock inside me now!”

Hayden licked his way up her arse crack and then her spine and only when he’d reached her neck did allow his cock tip touch her pussy.

Ava gave a small groan and pushed back towards him and his penis slid into her. Hayden could feel a faint vibration from the pink vibe but didn’t move fearing he’d instantly cum.

Hayden stayed there enjoying her pussy squeezing his cock for as long as he could stand not moving. He thought the pleasure for a guy was addictive and if he could bottle the feeling or turn it into a pill he’d be a overnight millionaire.

Ava’s orgasm meter was now in the red, the small pink vibrator was amazingly doing its job and more and now Hayden’s cock was finally inside her she was at her pleasure max, if only he’d start moving. She thought he must have good upper body strength to stay over her for so long without moving a muscle. Ava knew he wanted to prolong cumming but she was beyond caring and was close herself so she push against him with her hips, sucking him in even further. That seems to break the spell as he pulled back a tiny amount and then they were both away falling into a rhythm together that grew in speed and intensity until the both had hot shuddering climax’s together.