It is a mid-afternoon Saturday and it is cold and wet outside. The rest of your flatmates are out. It has been raining all day. You are curled up on the couch by the fire in your house, wearing jeans, a top and a sweatshirt. You’re reading a romance novel and have just got to the beginning of the arousing love scene that you were looking forward, when your doorbell rings…

You reluctantly move off the couch and go to answer the door. You find me standing there in the doorway, dripping wet from the rain. I am invited inside and you disappear briefly and return with a towel. You tell me to get out of my wet jeans and top and that you’ll dry them in front of the fire and meanwhile I can wear the towel to dry off. You return to the lounge and leave me there to get out of my wet clothes. Once I am wrapped in the towel I walk into the lounge and I put my clothes over the chair you have in front of the fire. I sit down on the couch opposite yours.

You are lying down on your left side on the couch, on your side. You look over at me and say that you don’t meant to be rude but you’d like to finish the chapter of your book and would I mind if you did. I tell you to go ahead, I didn’t mind. I sit back and feel the warmth of the fire drying my damp skin. As I do, I watch you reading your book. I notice that you’re biting your lip slightly and absently-mindedly stroking your right thigh with your hand. You’re squeezing your legs together and a smile forms on your face. Occasionally you glance over at me as you continue to read your book. Watching you rubbing your thigh and biting down on your lip I begin to get a little excited. After a couple of minutes you put the book down on the floor and you stare directly at me.

You ask me that you need my help and you need to me to come over and stand in front of you. I get a little bit more excited at this request and as I move over to you, you sit up on the couch. I have a slight bulge in the front of the towel and you notice this. This brings a grin to your face. You bite your lip again and without warning you tug the towel down and it falls to the floor. I’m left standing there in my boxer shorts and that slight bulge suddenly increases in size. You let out an audible sigh as you see it enlarge.

You look up into my eyes and without breaking that gaze, you grip the elastic top of my boxers and pull them out and down, all the way to my ankles. My erect cock springs out and is released from my boxers. It is about level with your face and you stare at it hungrily for a few seconds, before you break the gaze and regather your thoughts slightly. You look up at my face again and tell me that you can’t wait to feel it in your mouth and taste it but before that can happen, I have to take my turn.

I don’t need it spelled out to me and I drop down to my knees in front of you and begin undoing the buttons of your jeans. You lift your ass up off the couch so I’m able to pull them off down your legs to the floor. At the same time you are pulling off your sweatshirt and top, leaving you sitting on the couch in your bra and g string. You open your legs slightly and I notice a slight damp patch already formed on your g string. I realise then what it was that you were reading. I hold your legs apart at the thighs with my hands and start at your left knee covering your skin in lots of light, quick kisses. My hands stroke your thighs as I kiss the inside of your knee and I glance up at you to see you unclasping your bra at the back and removing it, allowing your breasts to be free. I begin moving my kisses up the inside of your left thigh, slowly but surely. Meanwhile my left hand has slid all the way up your right leg and I press it gently against the fabric of your g-string. I can feel the dampness now and detect a slight tremble in your legs as my fingers make contact with the fabric. You let out a moan. “mmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhh” and out of the corner of my eye I notice that you’ve begun to caress your own breasts and pinch your quickly hardening nipples. This spurs me on more.

I am still moving my way up your left thigh with my kisses as my fingers on my left hand slowly rub up and down against your g-string. It takes all my self-control not to pull them aside, but I know that that time will come soon enough. Moving my hand to the top of them I can feel your trimmed area of pubic hair through your panties, my fingers itching to run themselves over it, and then moving them downward slightly, I feel your erect clit trying to poke through your knickers. I rub my fingers back and forth over it and this causes you to buck your hips and press yourself against my hand. Through clenched teeth you groan “Oohhhhhhhhhhhh, Bennnnnnn, yessssssssss”. I grin as I continue kissing, knowing that I am able to turn you on so much. By now I am nearing the top of your thigh and have already planned what I’m going to do next.

I slip my fingers down slightly, so that they are right in the middle of your panties, and I can feel both of your pussy lips through them. When my mouth is about an inch from your crotch, I quickly hook two of my fingers around the side of your knickers and pull them aside, revealing your glistening pink pussy. My mouth is close enough to it that you can feel my warm breath on it, but not close enough for my mouth to make contact with it. This sends you crazy and you shudder violently as you feel that breath on your highly sensitive pussy. I look up to see your face as you react and you have thrown your head back, eyes closed, licking your lips. Your hands are squeezing your tits and your thumbs are rubbing circles around your nipples. You groan at me, “Uggggggh, I wanna feel your mouth on my pussy, Ben…. Please”. I move quickly to remove your panties, you lift your bum again slightly to help me. Once they are completely removed I return my attention to your awaiting pussy. I lift each of your legs up so your knees drape over my shoulders and I move my face closer and closer toward you. You scream in absolute pleasure as first my mouth, then my tongue makes contact with your pussy lips. I begin kissing, licking, sucking and biting, sending you into a frenzy. You moan over and over again “It’s been so long… It feels soooooo good. Don’t stop!”. My hands caress up and down your thighs as I explore your pussy with my mouth. I move my mouth upward and take your erect clit between my lips and dart my tongue over it. This sends a bolt of electricty through your body and before long you cry out “Ben, I’m, I’m, I’m…. coming!!!!!” and I feel your whole body convulse. As I start to slow down, you tell me not to, as this orgasm has only made you hornier and you want more of it. You grab at one of my hands and place it on one of your tits, obviously wanting my hand to take over from yours. I happily oblige, feeling the softness of your breast, and then the hardness of your nipple. With your now spare hand you grab a fistful of my hair at the back of my head and pull my face closer toward your dripping wet, sweet pussy. My tongue probes inside it and I can feel your juices spilling over my tongue. You begin panting “Lick faster, faster. Pinch my nipple harder.” I respond to your requests. My nose is rubbing against your clit and my eyes are staring directly down at your pubic hair would normally be. My nose rubbing against your clit is very similar to my fingertips rubbing it, and it isn’t long before you experience your second, slightly smaller orgasm. As it hits you, you grip my hair a bit tighter and I can feel your pussy shuddering around my tongue as you groan “Ugggghhhhhahhhhhhhhhmmmmm”.

You pussy is now very sensitive, so with one last soft kiss on your clit, I begin kissing my way up your body. I kiss my way up over your stomach toward your breasts, which I cover in kisses when I reach as well as sucking gently on both of your still hard, but sensitive nipples. I kiss up past your tits to your neck and up along your jaw line, finally reaching your mouth. We kiss passionately for several seconds before you pull away and say “Thank you Ben, that was sooooo good. But now it’s my turn to return the favour…”

You tell me to stand up in front of you, which I willingly do. My cock is still fairly erect, but has softened slightly. Placing your hands at the back of my knees you run them up the back of my thighs towards my bum, as you move your mouth toward my penis. You take me in your mouth and begin sucking my cock with your warm, wet mouth, your tongue swirling over the head of it, caressing against the hole at the end. You’ve moved one of your hands around to cup my balls and caress them gently as your other one is running over the cheeks of my bum. It takes all my concentration to not come then and there in your mouth. You move your mouth all over my cock, sucking it, licking it, caressing it with your tongue. You pull your mouth all the way off it, then slide your mouth all the way back down it again. Meanwhile your hand is still caressing my balls and rubbing my perineum. I begin moaning and groaning in approval and look down to watch you giving me a fantastic blowjob and you return my gaze. As I watch you, I feel your hand on my bum move, so I watch you to see where it is going. You part your legs slightly more and I see your hand snaking down there. You groan onto my cock that almost makes me erupt again and I realise that you must have begun stroking your clit and pussy. I ask you “Are you playing with yourself Anj?” and because your mouth is full of cock, you nod your answer. I begin stroking your hair, telling you how good it is feeling and how good you are at pleasuring me with your mouth. I shift a hand and reach down to your tits, stroking them and pinching your nipple. I start feeling bolts of electricity shooting through my loins and into my groin and I realise my orgasm isn’t far away. I tell you to stop what you’re doing because I don’t want to come yet.

You pull your mouth off me and move to lie down on the couch, making room for me next to you. We begin kissing again, our hands roaming over each other’s body. My fingers find their way to your pussy, which is by now very wet and warm. I stroke it slowly, letting your feel every wave of pleasure, as your hand searches out my cock and balls, playing with them softly, keeping me erect. You whisper in my ear “Ben, I want you inside me…” I groan, in pleasure, loudly at that thought. I ask you how you want me to take you. You say “I don’t care, I just want to feel your cock inside me and get a good hard fucking.”

I roll you onto your stomach and tell you that I want to take you from behind in doggy style. You quickly shift up onto your hands and knees. I shift behind you and part your arse cheeks, revealing your pink pussy for me. I press the head of my cock against the opening of your pussy and I slide in easily. I begin sliding in and out, feeling your pussy surrounding my penis. It feels like heaven and I moan “Ohhhhhh, that feels so good.” You press yourself back against me, trying to get as much of my cock inside you as possible. You begin moaning and groaning in total ecstasy. You move down onto one of your elbows and move your other hand underneath you. You start stroking your clit as I increase the speed of my thrusts in and out of your pussy. I have my hands gripping your hips, allowing me to push you away from me as I slide out and then pull you toward me as I thrust into you. I shift one of my hands and parting your cheeks, press my thumb against your asshole, rubbing it in a circular motion. This sends you wild and you begin shouting “Ohh, Ben, FUCK me, harder, faster, make me come again…I’m so horny!!”. I speed up even more, both of us beginning to get very sweaty and moaning and groaning feeling the waves of emotions rushing through our two bodies joined as one.

Your breathing becomes heavy and your fingers on your clit speed up a wee bit. I can feel the beginnings of my orgasm welling up in my balls as they start to tighten. All to suddenly I can feel my orgasm fast approaching and I grunt through my clenched teeth “Anj, I’m gonna be coming any second now!!”. You just groan in acknowledgment and manage to moan “Me…” before you suddenly scream out very loudly “I’M COMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!” At the same split second, my cock erupts and I explode into orgasm as I bury my cock deep inside your pussy, gasping out “Anj, UGGGGGGHHHHHH, I’m coming. ”

We stay joined like that, with me behind you, for what seems like hours, letting our orgasms to subside before we collapse next to each other embracing tightly, lightly kissing each other on the mouth. We both feel extremely sleepy and before we fall asleep together, hugging, I thank you for drying off my clothes and you thank me for giving you one of the best afternoons you’ve had… xxx.