Sara feels, rather than hears, a persistent tapping on the edge of her wakefulness. She struggles, shakes herself back over the edge of consciousness. What is the sound? Where is she? She forces herself barely awake, a sense of loss and regret announcing the events of the past day as they start to roll back in. She’s alone in bed, that wasn’t how it was meant to be. A glorious reuniting, a lustful recoupling with her lover, her beloved Dave, had kept her going through uncomfortable flights and surly airport staff. But, how dare he speak to her like that! Who the hell did he think he was? Anyway, he wouldn’t fuck with her again. A twinge of longing at that thought, as she remembered the passion and love of the messages they had exchanged at New Year, how much she longed for him to fuck her. The email she had eagerly anticipated on New Year’s Day, bringing them together in the height of ecstasy across the miles. But she had put him in his place, she even told him the truth about his dick, how she often thought of being filled by a big hard cock as he flopped around inside her. Maybe she’d gone too far, she thought, as she remembered the hurt on his face, how he visibly wilted in front of her. But he started it, he deserved what he got.

She hears the tapping again. She’s disoriented by jet lag, and the first night back in her own home. It looks dark outside, but she can’t hear much traffic on the motorway. No idea what time it is, she rolls over to look at the clock radio, but doesn’t see its light. Did she unplug it before she went away? Unlikely. The tapping is louder now, insistent, and she rolls herself out of bed. Naked, but warm for the first time in weeks, she pulls on her gown and pads to the lounge. There is now banging on the kitchen door. It will be Dave, she thinks, come to apologise. She softens, relieved, but then anger surfaces. She won’t just back down, let him get away with it. Boy, he’d better be nice to her. And if he is she might, just might, let him into her bed. She’s still feeling aroused from the anticipation of seeing him, can feel the heat and moisture between her legs. She turns on the kitchen light; nothing. Damn, must be a power cut, although she can see the glow from the motorway lights. Hmm, strange. Still, she can see the familiar shadow of Dave through the frosted glass of the kitchen door, a shape a little too wide, not quite as tall as she’d like. She turns the lock and yanks the door open to let him know she is still angry, but just to be clear she says “what the hell do you want?” And there, standing in front of her, is….nothing. Puzzled, she pokes her head out of the doorway, surely she wasn’t imagining it, was she? She still feels a bit groggy. Suddenly something smashes into her mouth; she tries to let out a yelp, even a scream possibly, but her lips won’t move, she can’t open her mouth. Her scream escapes as a mere moan, a whimper, so she summons all the air in her body, pushes it through her throat with the force of her lungs and diaphragm. The thing covering her mouth flexes, yields slightly, she can tell it is tape. But it stops the force of her cry, making her cheeks puff out instead. She doesn’t know whether to be scared, surely it’s just a sick joke, or even a dream. She feels indignant as a shape looms towards her in the dark, and her head is enveloped, everything goes completely dark, she feels tightness around her throat. In her confusion, she fails to resist as she is spun around, feels strong hands grasping her forearms, wrenching them behind her back. She feels cold metal envelope one wrist, then a ratcheting sound as her wrist is squeezed hard and tight. Before she realises what this is, her other wrist is clasped by the metal handcuff. She pulls and twists her hands but can get no purchase, no momentum, no freedom. She is held tight. She flails around, and winces as her hand crashes into the door jamb, so stands still thinking desperately what to do, what is happening. Did she see something on TV to prepare her for this? Maybe she did, but didn’t pay any attention, it was just too fantastic at the time. But now it’s real, she feels herself gripped by the upper arms and pushed forward. She resists, not knowing where she’s going, but she is pushed hard in the back and reluctantly edges forward. Firm hands steer her forward, then right, then further right and she senses herself guided through the doorway to the hall. Intuitively now she eases herself left, and left again, stepping into her bedroom. A big shove in the back propels her forward, crashing into her own bed, her ungainly momentum toppling her forward. She lays there, panting with fear and emotion, enjoying the familiar feel of her bedding amidst the strangeness. A moment passes, she strains to hear any sound but there is nothing. Is it over? Is Dave going to reveal himself, and release me, and I’ll beat him and scream at him and then we’ll fuck, madly, passionately? She hears a light switch, senses rather than sees electric light filling the room. So, was there a power cut or was this more elaborate, she wonders. Suddenly the collar of her robe is yanked down, pulled off her shoulders. She is conscious of her heavy breasts being revealed as the robe is pulled further down, down her arms until it is halted by the handcuffs. So that’s what this is about, she thinks, sex. I’m going to be raped. What to do? Resist, play dead or even try to enjoy it? She is shocked at the last thought, pushes it from her mind. She is comforted that at least her robe covers her behind, making sure that offers no invitation. And because she has not seen her attacker (and she’s still not sure it’s not Dave) there is no reason to harm her. Better keep it that way, better co-operate. Then she hears a familiar sound, steel on steel; her heart races, her rectum pulses in her fear. It is almost a relief as she realises the scissors are being used to cut off her robe, feels it being peeled away from her in two pieces as the scissors are methodically worked. Then she is naked, feels vulnerable. Wishes she hadn’t put on weight over Christmas, why couldn’t this happen after my diet, she thought, then laughed inwardly at her ridiculous vanity.

She feels arms wrap around her legs, lift them up, push her forward on the bed. She wriggles, kicking out with her feet in reflex protest. The arms release her, she stops her struggle, then writhes violently as a sharp, stinging pain flashes across her thighs, the sound answering her question. The whip and crash of cane. She tries to yell out, but can only hear her own muffled cries inside her hood. Co-operate, she reminds herself.

She feels herself again pushed up the bed, then is rolled over on her back, her arms trapped uncomfortably below her own weight. She knows he can see her now, see her large breasts heaving. The breasts Dave says are so lovely. God, I wish he was here now, I wish this would all go away and I would wake up in his arms. I would never be cross at him again, ever, I promise. She feels eyes on her belly and sucks it in, then feels them move to her hairy pussy. So glad Dave likes me to be hairy, she thinks, convincing herself some of her dignity is intact, but nevertheless pushing her thighs tightly together. Then she hears a sound that makes her cringe, the sound of a belt being unbuckled, unthreaded through belt loops quickly for effect. She steels herself for what is about to come, hears the belt whistling through the air, hears the crack as it lands with great force. The tip hits a split second later, almost an echo, but amazingly she feels nothing. She shakes, crying with relief at the charade, resolves again to co-operate. More silence, she imagines him unbuttoning his shirt, allows herself a thought about his looks, his build, his colour even. God, I’m about to be raped and I don’t even know what colour he is! She hears pants hitting the floor, then his weight slides onto the bed. She feels the warmth of his body a split second before his skin touches hers. She pulls away almost involuntarily. His weight shifts, she’s not sure what he’s doing. Then in an instant her legs are in the air, held firmly while the leather of his belt smashes into the cheeks of her ass, short strokes, hard and fast. It hurts, it really hurts, but Dave has done worse. Well, maybe not, but good training. She goes limp to signal she understands, she’s ready to obey. He lets her legs drop back down, her ass hot and stinging as it meets the bed. This time, when his skin touches hers, she stays still. She feels him moving over her and suddenly feels him wetly kissing her breasts, hears his fast breathing. Her nipples are already erect, as usual. She wonders if he takes it as a sign of arousal. He starts to lick her nipples, flicking them with his tongue. There is nothing she can do, she is immobile with restraints and fear. His licking turns to sucking and on to nibbling, it starts to feel familiar, this is just like Dave does. The nibbles become harder, growing in intensity, despite herself a moan of pleasure builds but now she is grateful for the hood and tape to mask her reaction. Ever stronger, the nibbles reach the border of pain and pleasure, then rush forward as his teeth really bite into her. Her body winces, wanting to tell him of her pain but not so much that he will inflict more with the belt. He seems to get the message, reversing the process, the nibbles becoming more gentle, passing into sucking, then licking and finally kissing her breasts with what seems like gentle relish.

She feels him lift away, and then his hands are at her ankles, pushing them apart. Pride makes her resist until she senses him reaching for the belt, then she snaps her thighs wide apart, feeling the air cooling her now damp pussy. He resumes kissing and sucking her right nipple while his hand slides down her stomach, pausing to tease her navel. He puts his whole hand between her legs, reaching down to her ass before pulling his hand back, trailing his fingers through her moist lips. That’s just what Dave does, she thinks, a glimmer of hope crossing her mind. Surely no rapist thinks he is going to tease his victim, keep her waiting for her pleasure. How absurd. The tips of the fingers reach the top of her lips and probe for the hardness of her clit. There it is, the fingers seem to say, before sliding back down to draw some of her moisture up from the well, lubricating as he rubs her clit. This time her body moves in a different way, she can’t help herself, she thrusts her hips up to meet his touch. She senses his body shaking, with laughter and satisfaction. Again he drops his fingers to her well, but this time inserts one, then two, deeply into her pussy. She can feel him exploring her insides as he pushes in his fingers to the hilt, rubbing her sensitive inner areas, then pressing his thumb onto her clit, grinding it, sending spasms through her. She is starting to relax now, she is sure this is Dave, the moves are all the same, it must be him. Well, I’ll play along for now, but he sure as hell is going to be in big trouble later. I’ll know for sure if he starts to lick me next, she thinks, and sure enough he does. She feels him moving to the bottom of the bed, places his hands inside her knees and flexes her legs outwards until it’s almost uncomfortable. She has never felt so exposed since childbirth, she thinks distractedly. But then her attention returns as she feels his tongue licking her pussy, probing into her wetness. His hands prise apart her ass cheeks as he drops down, teases her puckered anus, pushes his tongue against her tightness. Hmm, I like that, she thinks. Then he sweeps his tongue back up, pushing the full width of his tongue into the wetness of her pussy, gathering her juices and depositing them on her clit. Licking and flicking and sucking, he seems to devour her clit. She is really getting warmed up now, sure at last this is her beloved Dave. The final proof will be when he fucks her, whether she recognises the not quite hard cock pushing fruitlessly inside her.

As he licks, she feels his fingers back inside her, just like she taught him the first time they fucked on her lounge floor. Got to rub the g-spot, boy! She is now aware of, focussed on, her growing excitement, really starting to feel the pleasure, the familiar routine enhanced by the role-playing. That was quite clever of him, she thinks, he’s done this very well. And as much as her situation allows, she tries to give herself to him in the time honoured fashion, signalling her growing excitement, now hoping he will fuck her, but not before she has come. So she’s a bit disappointed, then, when he stops and rolls away. But pleased when she feels herself being rolled over, and her hips pulled into the air until she is on her knees. This is more comfortable, she lays her left cheek on the bed to balance herself as, with arms still fixed behind her back, she thrusts her ass wantonly in the air, waiting for Dave’s cock. She loves this position, she knows he knows that, she just really wishes his cock was bigger and harder at these times. Never mind, she’ll try and get the most out of it, she can always play with herself later.

A series of sharp slaps on the ass remind her of her predicament, but she doesn’t really mind, she knows how much Dave likes to do that. All she wants now is his cock, and she feels him start to move in behind her. Then she feels the head nudging into her, pushing gently at her lips. She knows she is very wet, knows she can swallow Dave’s cock no trouble. The pressure from behind increases, but instead of Dave’s cock sliding easily inside her, she feels her lips start to stretch wider. This is good, she thinks, he’s obviously turned on, he’s a bit bigger than usual. The pushing continues, and the stretching continues. Sara tenses her neck to stop herself being driven forward, pushed off balance. She manages a little frown, a moment of doubt, then a lightbulb moment. He’s using Sire, the big purple dildo. Well, I’d rather some real cock now, but I guess he’s in charge, let him have his fun. She can now feel the head of the dildo inside her, it’s a squeeze but far from unpleasant. The dildo pushes in further, she knows she can’t take it all, but it is filling her very nicely. In fact it feels even thicker than usual, but it has been a while, she realises. She feels a hand on her left hip as Dave steadies her, pushing the thick dildo in further. Then she feels a hand on her right hip, and still the dido pushes slowly into her, stretching her, making her moan in delight, thrusting her ass out to meet it. Somehow he must be using his body to push it in, she thinks, trying to fool me. And still the dildo goes on, filling her, stretching her. Then her ass feels something warm approaching, and as she thinks she can take no more of the silicone beast, she feels something tickling her inner thighs. Then she feels a body pressed up behind her, and somehow it feels like it’s attached to the dildo. How the hell is he doing that, she asks herself. Then he pulls the dildo out, drawing it slowly, almost feeling like a plunger sucking out her insides. God, she can’t remember it feeling this good, this authentic, before. He pulls it all the way out, just resting the head between her puffy, soaking lips, before thrusting it back in, with force. She feels the hands on her hips, steadying her, and through the pleasure she starts to feel confused. This is like being fucked, she thinks, fucked by a really big cock. And this thing, whatever it is now, she doesn’t know or care, she just wants it, she wants to be fucked hard, pounded, rammed. She feels the body slam into her ass as she is filled, stretched fit to burst. And she feels something slap into her mound, like a pair of big meaty balls. The thing pulls out again, suctioning her hot wet cunt. She always prided herself on keeping herself tight, but now she wants to have a massive tunnel, filled up completely with thick hard muscle. Oh my fucking Christ, this is amazing. She tries to scream her pleasure but can’t. The blackness in the hood seems only to accentuate the pleasure between her legs. Now she is being pounded, no dog ever had it this good, she thinks. Wave after wave of pleasure washes through her, spreading out from her cunt, consuming her body. Forget wham bam thank you ma’am! Fucking give it to me sir! Fuck me, fuck me with your enormous piece of meat. Please sir, don’t stop, I’m all yours, do whatever you want.

And as if he had heard her, he wraps his arms around her waist, pulls her into him and rolls onto his back. She is still impaled on his thickness, lying on her back on top of him. And just as she protested earlier when he first touched her, she now protests as he pulls his huge cock out of her pussy. He puts one arm under the crook of her legs, lifting them back. She thinks with a mixture of fear and excitement what’s going to happen next. Sure enough, he guides his big throbbing knobhead with his other hand until it presses into her asshole. He is covered in her juices, but progress is still slow and painful. But finally her ass is filled as her pussy had been, filled and stretched more than ever before. And she loves it, she screams silently, she presses down onto him. This is the best sex she’s ever had, and she no longer needs to understand the mysteries.

To ensure maximum penetration, he pulls her legs back, a hand under each thigh. And without warning, her pussy is filled again. How the fuck did he do that? Then she realises he didn’t. She has another cock in her cunt, pumping away furiously. Not as big as the first, but with that now in her ass the sensation is incredible, indescribable. The most intense pleasure, the dirtiest fucked-up best sex ever. She is fucked madly, the cocks working in perfect unison, filling her ass and cunt alternately. And finally she comes, but this is no ordinary come. Not a clitoral orgasm, or a g-spot orgasm. This is a middle body orgasm. The most powerful pleasure rips from her holes, sending her into a writhing frenzy. She feels her nipples being sucked and nibbled, exaggerating her pleasure. And the rhythm of the two cocks pounding and filling her ass and cunt build and intensify until she knows they are coming as well. The giant cock in her ass swells and she can feel huge gobs of hot spunk filling her insides, she thinks she can almost taste it in her mouth.

Her orgasm seems to last for minutes as both cocks empty their spunk inside her. Eventually she feels them subside, although the cock in her ass still feels huge. One cock withdraws from her pussy, and she is pushed over on to her tummy, the cock exiting her ass like a cork from a champagne bottle. Just like Veuve, she thinks to herself, wryly. She lays there in her dark world, now too weak to move. She hears the sounds of hurried dressing, then feels a finger probing her gaping asshole, feels something small but rough being inserted. The key to the handcuffs; how considerate.

She hears the light being turned off, then the kitchen door opening and closing. She is alone. But satisfied.