Written by Funray


You take me for a bush walk that goes along a deserted track into the bush, leading up the side of a stream. Half way to our destination you tell me we are going to a water fall.

On reaching the waterfall, the place is deserted and with only one way in and out it is unlikely (but not improbable) that anyone else will wander this track today. The water is cascading over the top of the cliff and falling the 5 or 6 metres to the pool below. There is a light spray coming off the water at the bottom, and after the walk in I am slightly sweaty not being used to the heat here, I quickly strip off my shirt and shorts and dive in for a refreshing dip. Removing your skirt and leaving your singlet and underwear on you join me in the water.

Swimming over, you join me near the base of the water fall but out of the stream of water. With the depth requiring you to stand on tippie toes to keep your face out of the water you cling on to your new lover wrapping your arms around my back enjoying my embrase for the first time. Against your leg you feel something swelling in my boxer briefs as we both make your way into the stream of water.

Once in the stream of water with a heavy spray going all over both of our bodies, you find it intensely erotic. The cool water turned your white singlet see through and your nipples erect. You run your hands all over my smooth shaven legs (I am a cyclist) and up around my back and arms. Simultaneously I run my hands all over your body, clutching at your firm shapely butt, running up the side of your body and gently cupping your breast. As our lips gently caress each others lips, my hands ran up under your breast and up your back before moving my kisses along your jaw line and settling on the base of your neck.

Your hands now wander too, this time down my back and across to my groin and take a firm hold on the bulge in my boxers. Gently you took hold of my cock and stroked it making it firmer. My hands now started to explore your body more with one hand settling on your sexy arse and the other stroking your inside thigh, all the while the neck kissing continues.

You are now well and truly wet in more than one meaning of the term. The stroking of your thigh was now playing with your pussy through your knickers before I move them to the side to stroke you flesh on flesh. Moving my way behind you I now have you between my legs, stroking your pussy and gently circling your clit with one hand, caressing your breasts with the other and gently kissing your neck and jaw line. The water is still cascading over our bodies as I take your singlet off. You reposition yourself to enable you to grind up and down on my groin, with my hands I spread your legs wider and gently holds the tip of my finger over the entrance to your vagina. You find this immensely satisfying but also frustrating and grind a bit more intensely.

You can't take it much longer and climb off me, enabling you to remove my boxers and see what is hidden beneath for the first time, you straddle me and feel my cock rubbing between your pussy lips. Although this is not quiet how I wants things to go yet. I lift you up and lie you down on a smooth rock by the edge of the water fall, removing your knickers and I start kissing you all over your body, before slowly kissing up your thighs, through your tuft of hair, and then down the other thigh. As I move up your thigh again you arch your back with anticipation, but I proceed to kiss through your tuft and back down your other thigh, driving you crazy with anticipation, I reach up and gently stroke your breast as this time I make my way to kiss around your clit, before heading down past your labia. Twirling my tongue between your labia I lick all the way up and circle your clit before heading back down again. I proceed to continue this for a few minutes before settling onto your clit to randomly lick all over it with varying amounts of pressure.

Reaching up I alternate which hand I stroke your breasts with, with the spare hand I gently circle your clit whilst protruding my tongue rapidly in and out of your pussy lips. Shortly my passion drives me wild and I move my way up your body kissing your breasts as I go. As you feel the head to my penis between your pussy lips, you wrap your legs around my waist and draw my cock deep inside you. Wrapping me tightly and holding me deep you don't allow me to thrust, instead you squeeze your pussy muscles, clenching tight around my cock. You slowly loosen your grip allowing me to being thrusting in and out, slowly at first then building up pace until finishing with a crescendo, before lying in a passionate embrace cuddling and kissing each other lying knacked and naked on the rocks whilst catching our breath and enjoying the refreshing nature of the water fall.