Written by Mrjones68


I had noticed her coming to the beach most days over the last week , my spot on the sand in front of the Bach afforded me a great view of the beach which I soaked up to my best advantage.

Today she wore a blue bikini which highlighted her tight butt and allowed her breasts a light bounce as she walked along looking for a spot.

Today she chose one closer to me and just in front giving me a better chance to appreciate her body.

She busily got herself settled with a book facing the water and I enjoyed the way her breathing made her breasts rise and fall in a hipnotic rythem.

After a while I noticed her scanning the basically empty beach and fidgeting not seeming to be comfortable or settled in one spot.

She then grabbed her lotion and proceeded to cover herself giving very special attention to the tops of her breasts, then she slipped her hand inside her bikini top and seemed to tweak her nipple.

I wasn't sure I'd seen her do that or just fantasised she would until she did the same on the other side.

She then moved down her belly to her legs spending a good amount of time on her thighs.

By now I was completely mesmirised by her slow deliberate strokes and was starting to feel the start of An erection.

She again settled down with her right hand seemingly resting on her thigh bone and fingers lightly moving in small circles.

A couple passed by and parked themselves about 50mtrs or so away and she seemed nervous by this and settled into reading again.

I needed to cool off after watching this stunning woman basically play with herself in front of me so I headed off to the water with a reasonable bulge in my shorts.

After swimming a bit and drawing some blood away from my cock and back into my body I headed back up to my spot, due to the direction of my swim it meant I'd have to walk right past her. Oh what a terrible sight to take in !

Walking towards her I noticed she had slipped her thumb into her bikini with her fingers slowly stroking her thigh, as I passed she seemed to let a slight smile move her mouth and again I was mesmerised.

I towelled off and from behind my sunglasses watched her slowly slip one two three then all 4 fingers into her bikini and proceeded to slowly slid her hand down to what I imagined was now a very wet pussy and then back up to run circles around her clit.

I couldn't believe what I was watching and proceeded to refill my cock with a lot of blood quickly to produce a large hard cock.

She continued for a few minutes before she seemed to stop and clenched her thighs together in an orgasm that seemed to produce several after shocks with her hips jerking of the sand.

When she had settled she sat up turned to me and mouthed the words.

"Come fuck me"..........

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