Written by TRIPLE_X


While our winters here in the North are never particularly harsh or cold for long and admiring woman in their long leather boots and stockings is pleasant enough you can’t beat summer for the lack of clothes. It’s the warmth of the summer sun that brings out the skimpy skirts, light dresses and the like. The weather plays its part in our sex lives too, due in part to the clothing but the warmth lends well to spontaneity. Combine fun in the sun with some sexual chemistry and its easy access to the panties and underlying pussy beneath the loose summer dress. Right time and place and no reason those panties can’t be pulled from their mooring and the fun continued. Even back to basics petting indoors or out with the flimsy feminine clothing has you both feel like teenagers again.

It was just one of those beautiful sunny days in January I am referring to that Penny and I decided to go and explore part of our own unfamiliar neighborhood. With a raft of wineries en-route to a forested beach area we made use of our time stopping at a few for tastings and the odd purchase, our picnic in tow. Somewhat conscious of my drink driving I restrain myself to a few samples and give Penny a free pass to indulge all she likes. Her enthusiasm and passion for fine wine is obvious as she passes up very little on offer. Not long into our excursion, the culmination of wine tasting, warm weather and travel, Penny is giggly and clearly having fun.

My left hand on her thigh as is quite often the case while driving I can’t help but notice how warm she is and even just the touch on her smooth skin is enough to arouse me. I creep my hand further up her thigh venturing towards her panties wondering as to her response. When she adjusts her posture to open her legs I rub the equally warm fanny through her knickers. Not sure whether she’s hot for it or hot because of the weather I slip my hand in and onto her pussy. I figure she is a bit of both as I part her lips and feel her moistness.

Not long in and around her little piece of heaven she reaches for my bulge and unleashes it. As Penny leans over and takes me into her mouth I feel a little of the same light-headedness she may well be feeling. She is gentle and careful, her mouth and breath hot, her hand warm and soft. She has no need to change the rhythm at all as my excitement and the sight of her head bobbing up and down on my cock becomes all too much. As I place one hand gently on her head as if to signal the inevitable and the other grips tighter on the steering wheel she slows as if to savor the moment. I run my fingers through her hair as I cum, careful not to pull her off my dick. Pen sucks me back, swallowing and licking her lips and only rising when content, the smile she went down on me with back again. Still throbbing as I tuck him away and pull into the forest road I am thrilled Penny had taken the initiative and gone all the way.

A short drive on the gravel road and we come upon the public car park, I am somewhat pleased there is but one other car there. Gathering our blanket, picnic and Penny’s pick from the last winery we make our way down one of the many tracks towards the beach. As we approach the sand dunes I realize the wind, although warm and not overly strong, was in fact blowing the sand around which would spoil the picnic. We detour off the track a little and find a nice secluded spot. It is sheltered due to the trees yet the forest canopy is open enough to let the sun stream through. The blanket and picnic laid, the wine opened and nothing but the warm breeze, rolling waves and brilliant sun, this was indeed a tranquil spot to be alone.

When Penny hadn't returned for a few minutes from a toilet break in the nearby bushes I went looking for her. As I approached, her back to me, it was obvious she was intently watching something through the bushes. I recall someone telling me there were a number of deer in the area so perhaps she had seen one. I creep up behind so as not to spoil her gaze whispering as I neared. She acknowledged with a finger to her pursed lips and pointing. What she had come across wasn't a deer but probably the only other couple in the vicinity, undoubtedly the occupants of the other vehicle. They too appeared to have had a similar notion as I spy the picnic next to their blanket. I dare say they thought they were alone too. As we looked on it was apparent they had been there a little longer than us, the wine bottle near empty they were already in a state of undress and enjoying each other.

The attractive brunette with generous breasts even as she lay flat had her legs wrapped around the young mans shoulders, his face buried in her bush. The sun beaming down on them not unlike our spot showed off their golden tans, his body muscular, his butt in our line of sight. I was tickled Pen was enjoying the spectacle as much as I, her smile naughty her fascination fascinating. As the man moved to adopt a sixty nine with the woman we see his impressive cock for the first time, large yet larger still as she starts sucking on it.

I saddle up behind Penny my hand straight to what is a very wet patch between her legs. As I roll the panties down she steps out of them without moving her gaze, the twosome content on eating each other oblivious to their onlookers. Penny spreads her legs as though an invitation so I lick her nectar and watch my fingers part her lips. The couple disengage and the woman mounts his generous cock, her tits equally generous in his hands.

I slip off my jeans and drop my shorts. Penny’s usual moans are but a whimper in an effort to keep our presence a secret as I slide my cock in. Firmly grasping Pen’s hips so as not to knock us over in this upright position I fill her slowly and deeply all the while still able to watch the others fucking. The sun-drenched duo beat us to the punch, the woman dismounting quickly to jerk the guys cum all over her ample tits. He returns the favor lapping at her mound till she explodes.

I want desperately the privilege of being vocal too as I shoot forth filling Penny’s twat with me but I find the strength to gag it. Penny buckling under my hands to finally rest on her knees, also stammering, is sign enough she too is spent and accomplished.

I help Penny up slipping her dress up over her shoulders and off, a quick snap of my fingers and the lacy bra surrenders too. Grabbing our belongings we retreat naked but for the feeling of contentment to our own blanket. We lay in each other’s arms, our warm exposed bodies and glistening jewels still tingling from this chance encounter and voyeur sex.

Reluctantly dressing as the temperature cools somewhat on the forest floor we head for home. The lovemaking as we ready for bed is passionate and warm lending to the fact today’s sexcapade has had an impact.

I look forward to summer, those flimsy dresses and the great outdoors.