Written by needingamiracle


I can't believe how quickly the whole trip had come together. Just 2 days ago you had been asked by a friend to help drive a car up to Nelson and bring them back. We all decided to make a thing of it so we organized a couple of camping stops along the way to break up the trip. The 4 man tent would definitely be big enough for the 3 of us and so we packed up the cars ready to set off. Before we could all set off a phone call upset the plans. The other car had failed its warrant so would not be able to come up in convoy with us well that just left you and me. The decision was made to carry on with plans and when the other car was fit then they would follow on behind. We set off, heading for our first destination of the hot springs.

We had heard all about the beautiful pools of hot water hidden in amongst the wild bush. We pulled into the deserted car park and gathered all the gear for the camp that night. You being the gentleman carried the heavy loads while I encouraged you along the way, distracting you from your burden. It wasn't hard to distract you as it was hot in the bush and I had to take my t-shirt off to get some cooler air. You suddenly had a little spring in your step and before we knew it had found a nice secluded clearing adjacent to a clear hot spring.

We decided to pitch the tent and set up camp before relaxing and preparing dinner. We unpacked the tent and I tried to lend a hand but of course being the man you knew better about how to erect the structure. You were a little hot and bothered so I suggested I leave you to finish up while I took a dip in the pool of hot water. As my t-shirt was already off I just had to remove my trousers and I was in the water in my undies. The water was hot yet refreshing at the same time. The warm water circling around me felt so good that I needed to feel it around my whole body. I slowly unhooked and removed my bra, threw it to the side and proceeded to remove my panties. They landed on top of my wet bra and made a slapping noise that caught your attention.

You had just banged in the last peg and was feeling very satisfied with yourself. You looked up to where I had thrown my clothes and then you saw me floating on my back relaxing in the warm water. The sun made my skin glisten and my golden hair looks like true strands of golden thread. You felt a pang in your groin as your gaze slowly moved up to my breasts floating like two paradise islands. There was stirring below and you tossed the hammer aside and starting moving towards the pool.

I heard your steps coming closer and knew you weren't too far away. I lay there with my eyes closed until I finally got curious. You had stopped walking and now it was quiet. I slowly opened my eyes to find you perched on low rock just watching me. I could tell you enjoyed what you saw so I gently moved my hands so I floated closer to you. As I neared the bank I rolled over so my wet hair fell down my back leaving my breasts completely exposed for you to take in. My feet found a rock to kneel on and I reached out my hands to take yours. You slid down onto the ground and let your legs gently submerge themselves into the hot water.

I pulled your knees apart so I could move in closer to your hot body. My breasts brushed your knees as I began to run my hands up the inside of your thighs. My wet hands left a cool trail which sent tingles through your body. The sensation was unexpected and you found yourself covering my hands with yours sliding them back down and up again. I knew what to do and carried on gently caressing the insides of your thighs as your hands found themselves teasing my nipples. Your finger tips encircled them making them respond and pop out. They were loving the attention especially when you started to take them in your hand and cup each one.

As you gently massaged my breasts I found my hands had slid up the inside of your shorts. I could tell just by looking that you were happy for me to explore further. My fingers pulled back your briefs and timidly entered beneath. Your balls were the first things they found. They were so hot I could hardly wait to see how your cock would feel. I was not disappointed. Your hard cock was bulging within the confines of your clothing so I felt obliged to release him. I pulled you into the water so you could stand on the rock that I was kneeling on. I grabbed the waistband of your shorts and briefs and slowly pulled them down. Your shaft was so hard he sprung out of his confines and was standing proud to attention in the sun.

I firmly sat you back down again and moved in between your thighs so I could get a closer look. I also wanted to get a taste of that hard cock. My tongue slowly licked the juices coming from your cock, oh he tasted so good. My tongue circled the head of your cock moving down until it hit the rim. Then I closed my lips and slowly let your shaft spread them apart and enter my mouth. Your piece was so amazing, he was so firm and just ready for me to take him in further. I slid my mouth up so I could feel your head pop into my mouth again and again. You started to moan so I knew I was doing ok. Each time I slid down your cock I let him enter me just a little bit more. It didn't take long before your cock was sliding deep into my mouth. My hand was sliding down your shaft at the same time making him feel every move I made, sending you into raptures with each stroke. I could feel every ripple of your cock and the slight shudder as you were totally engulfed in my mouth.

I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled back and took hold of your knees so you had no choice but to immerse yourself in the water. Although the pool was hot I knew that my pussy was even hotter. I knew my juices were flowing and that I was ready for you to slide into me. You positioned yourself on the rock, which was the perfect height. I pulled myself up and straddled your legs so that I could feel your hard cock coming up within my thighs. One of your hands resumed its position of fondling my breasts while the other had slowly sunk below the water to explore my inner thighs. They moved up and I could feel a lone finger pushing its way through my waiting pussy lips. You could tell that it wasn't just the warm pool water that you could feel but my moist pussy aching to have you fuck me. Another finger joined in spreading my lips apart further. I could feel something bigger enter the picture and I knew your cock was moving in. You began to tease my clit with the head of your shaft, slowly at first then becoming more forceful. Every time you cock rubbed my clit I could hardly bare it, my insides were tingling with every stroke.

Your other hand had pulled my breast up so you could wrap your mouth around my pert nipple. You suck and teased me like never before. It was like you'd seen them for the very first time and couldn't get enough of them. Between you teasing my nipples and your cock rubbing my clit I was in complete heaven.........but I had to stop you. I gently raised your head and looked into your eyes. We both knew then what was coming. My hands wrapped themselves around the back of your neck and I let your cock line himself up. I moved down him slowly but firmly. He slid in so easily and before I knew it he was in. We both gasped together as we were both taken aback by the shear sensation of finally feeling him enter me. I took a breath and pulled up and down on your shaft. I started to ride him slowly at first but then I just had to fuck you harder. I could feel your cock rubbing every inch of me inside and your torso rubbing my clit at the same time. Oh, I don't remember it ever being this fantastic. My ears were starting to ring as I could feel my muscles prepare themselves for climax. I could tell by your breathing and groaning that you were about ready to come with me. You started to fuck me deeper and I rode you harder. My hands clenched and you knew I was about to come. You knew you were about to explode too so you let your cock start releasing his load. You let me know you were there and I started to orgasm with you. I could feel myself clenching you as you were in turn pulsing within me. We both held our breathes as we held on to the incredible feeling cursing through both our bodies.

As if in tune with each other we both began to relax and you gently brought your hands around me. O rested my head on your chest listening to your heart racing. We lay there for a minute before we both looked at each other quizzically. I was surprised you felt it too. My heart began to pound again as the fear inside me rose. We both sensed we were not alone and as we both looked around we saw your friend kneeling on the ground to the side of us. We both laughed in shear relief and then it began to dawn on us...........we had had an audience. It was obvious they were affected by the passion that had been observed. As you and I looked at each other in embarrassment I could see the expression on your face match mine. It must have been like looking in a mirror, as obviously the same thought that had flashed through my mind had in fact entered your thoughts at the same time.

We both smiled and a glint appeared in our eyes.........