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My wife had gone away for 5 days on a medical conference and her college age daughter 18 asked if I minded if she had two of her buddies over for to ours for a sleepover. I agreed that she could on Friday night as I was going out with a pal from my Navy days and wouldn't be back till late. The only stipulation I made was that it was not to turn into a house party with all and sundry in the house and it was to be only her and her friends. Becky agreed to that stating that they only wanted to use the pool and sunbathe , do girly things and watch a movie . Ok I said I'll order you a pizza or something knowing Bex was always broke and her student finances were always low. When are your friends arriving I said that Friday at breakfast? Bex replied Abbey will be here at 10 ish and Lizzy a bit later around midday when she had finished her assignment that was due in. My imagination started to go into overdrive Abbey I knew was a gothy kind of girl with her black hair generally tied in a pair of bunches. she was long legged and stood about 5ft 9inches slim and always wore tight jeans or a mini skirt with tights/stockings and nearly always had boots on. I must admit Abbey had been the subject of many a sly wank in the last two years. Lizzy I had never met as she and the other two had only met when Bex started college and was from the other side of our town. True to form at 10 ish the front door opened and Abbey walked shouting Hi, Abbey always walked in like that she never knocked it was like she was a 2nd stepdaughter and my wife has always treated her as one anyway. Claire my wife was one of the girls " the Witches of Eastwick I call them as Abbey was black haired, Bex is Blonde and Claire is a redhead just like in the film. Hi Phill she shouted how are you? All good I replied. Abbey came into the den where i was sitting drinking coffee still in my robe after showering and just chillin on my day off. Wheres Claire? doh yeah she's away isnt she and you got a pass to go out she teased. Abbey was always slightly cheeky in her way. Abbeys attire for the day was true to form only today she was in a short black skirt black knee length socks and a t shirt with some bands name on it that I've never heard of but hey I'm getting old so no surprise there. Bex shouted from upstairs for Abbey and as Abbey turned to get up and join her, those long legs parted and I was greeted by the sight of a almost see through lacy pair of panties.... Oops sorry Phill she said with a wink hope that didn't get you too worked up ....cheeky git I thought ...also thinking about the lucky sod who was Abbeys current beau and wishing I was twenty years younger. Suddenly the phone rang and I was brought back to reality. It was work and they really needed me to go in and sort out a problem that only I could fix,apparently it would only take a couple of hours. I said ok and I would be there as soon as ;some day off hey I thought. Bex I shouted Ive got to go into work for a while you ok? Yes dad we will be ok see yah.

Well three hours later I finished the job and was heading back to home. As I pulled into the drive I could hear female voices coming from the yard. The girls were oblivious of my return due to the splashing and squealing I could hear coming from the pool. I went upstairs to Claire and mines bedroom to get out of my clothes and into some shorts with the thought of having a dip myself. As I was changing I looked out of the window from behind the net curtains and the sight before stopped me dead in my tracks me . All three of them were naked as the day they were born and were splashing around in the shallow end of the pool. Now at this point I should explain I have always had a thing for redheads,its the skin complexion fiery hair and normally green eyes and freckles that does it for me. My own Claire being a perfect example of my tastes. My eyes were drawn to Lizzy the girl I never seen before. Wow she was stunning long red hair glistening in the sun a willowy figure and a well trimmed pussy with a hint of red bush a natural redhead . Abbey was also naked and I could see she had pierced nipples on her small but perfectly formed boobs These piercings accentuated Abbeys nipples into long chunky points which begged for attention. Even Becky my stepdaughter was naked I had forgotten how she had grown into her womanhood as she was my little girl all be it no blood relation I had met her mother when Beckys dad had left Claire when Bex was 4. Bex was a blonde version of her mother with all her mothers curves and a gorgeous bum something Ive always loved in Claire. Without realising it I was now staring and Mr cock was reacting accordingly . I was rock hard and there was no way I could even contemplate going down to the pool in my current state...that would be SO WRONG as Becky would say. I was still day dreaming and stroking myself when they got out of the pol and laid down on the towels spread out on the deck around Becks was lying face down facing away from me both Lizzy and Abbey were facing in my direction also face down. As the vent window in the bedroom was open from where i was I could hear them chattering about what boys were fit and who they would "do" All three of them were giggly it was then I noticed on the patio table a large bottle of strong cheap cider and three empty glasses. Ah I though thats what has lessened their inhibitions. By now I was still hard but the initial lust had died down a bit and I was listening intently to their conversation. Whats the most daring thing you have done Lizzy Abbey asked. Lizzy acted all coy and said you promise not to tell???? yeah go on the the other two said. Well Lizzy said I prefer older men and you know my mum remarried last year? yeah Bex & Abbey replied in unison. Well Tom her new husband kinda seduced me. No way they said .Yes way she said. What happened ? Well I came home from the club at three am and he was still up waiting for me to get in safely so he said .Mum had passed out from the wine she had been drinking about ten o clock and he was still up watching a movie well we got talking and he confessed he had a crush on me too and one thing led to another and we ended up fucking in the living room with my mum asleep upstairs. Did you mind Bex asked. Are you kidding Bex Lizzy replied he is fit and a much better lover than the "boys" at college. He is a real man and knows how to satisfy the woman he is with . Abbey said Becky's dad is fit too Lizzy you haven't met him yet but when you do. Shut up will you Abbey, Bex said that's my dad and that's gross. No it isn't Abbey replied he is fit I have always thought so anyway he isn't your real father so even if you did something with him it wouldn't be incest or anything like that. Besides Ive seen the way he looks at us when we are getting ready to go out to the club and Claire's always telling us he's her man and what a man. Claire and I had always had an active sex life and have dabbled in swinging on and off for years . She and other ladies had always commented on my sexual prowess so I guess I can't be too shabby so to speak . Now my mind was in overdrive as I realized the teenage temptress that was Abbey had fantasized about me, yes me. Abbey continued on saying that she thought I was hot and that she would deffo fuck me given half the chance. Right who wants more cider Abbey said ? Yeah go on then the other two replied. Its in the fridge Bex said and there's ice in the freezer bit. Abbey stood up and I could clearly see her shaven have with prominent pussy lips omg I thought how I'd love to lick and fuck that. At that moment Abbey looked directly at the window where i stood behind the net curtain and partially behind the actual curtain .She paused ,had she seen me , fuck what do I do now, i quickly got into bed and pretended to be asleep just in case. I heard Abbey in the Kitchen and then return outside with more cider and ice. I got up and quietly approached the curtains again. phew they were all drinking cider and Bex and Lizzy were reading a magazine and discussing makeup etc .Abbey was casually sat in one of the patio chairs facing the sun reclined back with sunglasses on. She appeared to be directly looking at me but made no indication that I had been seen at all . That's a relief I thought. I was still hard but was edging myself, I like to do that, as when I do cum ,I cum a lot. It is something Claire and I had experimented with during a long weekend away at a retreat for tantric sex and had practiced for years now . I must confess I have become somewhat good at it much to Claire's satisfaction as she loves it when I shoot my hot cum all over her. My mind was also fixated on Lizzy's confession too about her like of an older lover . As for Bex yes I was not blood related but she looked so much like Claire how could I not fancy her too. My horny thoughts were interrupted when Abbey announced she needed the loo. Now we have a downstairs bathroom and one upstairs as well as our en suite. So imagine my surprise when Abbey came up the stairs to the toilet when she could have easily used the one just of the utility room. Once again I quickly jumped into bed and pretended to be asleep just in case. I heard Abbey flush the loo and wash her hands but I didnt hear her going downstairs again. I lay frozen still under the duvet when I heard my bedroom door opening. I looked sneakily towards the door from under the covers as I saw Abbeys head peaking round the door into the room. Still pretending to be asleep i lay there quiet as a church mouse when I felt Abbeys hand reaching under the duvet. I felt her hand touch my still hard cock, a gasp, and I heard her whisper to herself this I gotta see. She ever so gently pulled the duvet back from the side until my dick sprang into view. I pretended to moan and rolled onto my back in my "sleep" Her hand started stroking my swollen member gently and I heard her say to herself I can see what Lizzy meant ,this is a real mans penis and I'm gonna have to have it. I felt Abbey climb onto the bed and postion my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Those big labia encircled my cock and I felt that exquisite feeling a man gets when sliding into a hot willing pussy for the first time. I suddenly forgot I was pretending to be asleep and said oh wow that is so tight Abbey. Realising my error I opened my eyes and Abbey without removing her pussy from my deeply buried 8 inch cock exclaimed I knew you were here i saw you these are polarised sunglasses which cut out the glare and I could see you watching us and I presume hear us chatting too. I ashamedly nodded my head in admission. Good she said now fuck me Phill Ive always wanted to have what Claire gets and has told us about you and since Lizzy s confession a while ago decided I had to have you. I say that to Bex you know I guess you heard that too. Well Abbey started to fuck me cowgirl style whilst i played with thos magnificent nipples . i love your titties Abs come here and let me lick them while you ride me. They are very sensitive you know said ... I can cum from just tweaking them Well at that point she did just that. As the first or many orgasms rippled through her slender body I felt my self pumping into a girl nearly half my age willing myself with all my tantric training not to cum I wanted this to last at least a bit longer. Well Abbey and I fucked for at least half an hour more when declared that we should stop As I needed to pee and rest. But you haven't cum yet she said rather disappointedly . I will I assure you but as you know I have been wanking over you three for a couple of hours now and I really need to pee and for that to happen it has to be soft. Well I got up to go pee and as I finished I felt this hand grab my dick shake and stroking it back to life and Abbeys voice saying come with me big man we have unfinished business. Abbey got on the bed doggy style and said cmon Phill round two. I was instantly hard again but first i wanted to satisfy the thing I'd been wanting to do since I first saw those lush pussy lips . I got down behind her and started to lick her clit and those lips feverishly bringing her to yet another orgasm .it was then I felt a hand reaching between my legs to grasp my cock . I looked back to see Lizzy and Bex standing directly behind my bare ass. Abbey had been gone for at least an hour and the two of them had wondered where she had got to after all she had only gone to the loo. Abbey suddenly realising the other two were present embarrassingly said omg Bex I'm sorry I didnt mean to but ....relax Bex said I know you have the hots for him and besides Lizzy and I got talking about her Tom and well I guess mum and Phill are always fucking ..yeah Ive heard you Phill and to be honest Ive played with myself listening to you and mum making out. Now I see why Mum always has a big smile after too . You really do have a beautiful looking cock. Abbey said it sure feels good Bexs he has made me cum more times than anyone else ive ever been with. Lizzy replied told you older guys a better lovers. All the while I just lay on the bed matter of factly listening to the three of them talking about me as if I wasn't even there. Oh look he's gone soft Bex said well Abbey how about me and you fix that. This time the two of them got down between my legs and started licking my shaft back to full hardness. Mean while Lizzy straddled my face and i was met with a most wondrous site of a natural red haired pussy being lowered onto my awaiting tongue. Lizzies clit was so sensitive and soon she was squirming as i licked her to a crescendo of and orgasm meanwhile I heard Abbey saying go on you know you want to , ride him , I have already and he is bloody good. A warm hot pussy engulfed my cock I couldnt see anything with lizzy still sat on my face but it could only be bex that was fucking me as it felt different to Abbey ,slightly tighter, as I had Already sampled Abbeys delightful hole . After about five minutes of this It was time for a change. I got all three of them to line up on the bed doggy style Abbey on the left Bex in the middle and Lizzy on the right . I started with Abbey and slid into her pussy whilst fingering Bex , whilst Bex reached out and started playing with Lizzy's titties and clit. I switched into Bex this time fingering both of the girls either side of her . Finally I took up position behin Lizzy and bearing in mind I had yet to sample her pussy with my cock I slowly eased into her snatch . I felt her pussy walls gripping me and she began to ride me like a woman possessed shouting oh yeah oh yeah that cock is so good and it 's even bigger than Toms. By now i had been in a state of high sexual tension for at least two hours and I could no longer hold on. i announced I was gonna cum and that all three of them should lie down together and I would cum all over their pretty faces and mouths. Bearing in mind I had been edging as I told you and Claire had received my last load nearly four days ago . I felt my balls tightening and I grunted here it comes . they said in unison give us you cum Phill. Well the firs tspurt shot out of my dick like the Flying Scotsman coming out of a tunnel landing directly into Abbeys open and waiting mouth . The 2nd spurt went all over Lizzys freckled cheeks and the next couple of spurts went into Bex's mouth . They all reached up and pumped me dry licking cum from each others mouths and my cock. Just then the phone rang It was my ex naval shipmate who said where the fuck are you your late we were supposed to meet half an hour ago . Ok matey I will see you shortly.....Girls you are the best doesnt time fly when you are enjoying yourself gotta go. I was met with an ahhhh and Bex said dont forget the Pizza as I was going out the door, typical students.