Written by deelitefull


Eli stepped into the shower ... he turned the water on as he did he did not notice the beautiful woman that had just crept into his bathroom.

The woman had long auburn hair beautiful green eyes and a voloptous figure. The woman crept silently into the shower behind Eli. As Eli reached for the soap he heard a sultry voice say " here let me do that for you". Eli spun around to see this beautiful woman standing naked before him. She slowly took the soap from phils hands, The woman told Eli to turn around, as he did she started to soap his broad shoulders ... down his back.. to his beautiful buttocks.....

She then said in a low voice "Eli honey please turn back around" as Eli turned slowly around he looked into her eyes and could see the smouldering passion in them...

This beautiful woman was standing before him "where has she come from he wondered". Slowly the woman began to soap Eli again starting at his shoulders.. pausing briefly over his nipples as she massaged his chest.... slowly she slid her hands down his stomach down towards his groin.

Very carefully she massaged each thigh, careful not to brush phils, now throbbing member. slowly sensually she massaged down phils legs. As she got lower she knelt down.

Eli could see th passion burning brightly in her eyes. This beutiful woman slowly teased the tip of eli's throbbing cock.. slowly seductivley she looked into his eyes her meaning was very clear. Her lips closed over Eli's cock and slowly started drawing him into her mouth... Then she stood up and led phil to his bedroom she knelt on the bed and continued to suck and lick... Eli's soft moans turning her on even more....

The woman lay back and looked pleadingly at Eli. No words were needed. Eli lowered his mouth over one now hard nipple and teased and nipped at it. She leat out a sigh of pure pleasure, he then took the other and did the same..

This beautiful lady uttered one word "PLEASE". Eli knew she wasnt quite ready to be entered.. he slid his hand down her stomach to the smouldering fire below... her clit was hard and she was moist... ever so slowly phil slid first one finger then another into her... she cried out in utter pleasure and thrusted towards Eli.....

..... As the woman cried out Eli slid another finger into her, she thrust to meet each finer as he pumped them in and out... "please" she begged. Eli shook his head "not yet my sweet" he replyed "you are not ready".

Eli removed his fingers and lowered his mouth over her now steaming pussy.. The woman cried out in ecstasy "oh Eli" she softly moaned Eli replyed with a knowing smile." Almost ready my sweet" he said.

Slowly he positioned himself above the woman. Ever so slowy he teased her clit with his now hard throbbing cock the woman grabbed phil close to her ... Eli saw the look in her eye and knew she was ready. He thrust into her slowly at first ... The woman raised her hips to meet each thrust.

"Now Eli she screamed out NOW" Eli thrust deep and hard into her each thrust he made the woman cried out in pure unadulterated lust... "YES ELI".... "I want you deeper and harder honey" quickly they changed positions so that she was on her knees. Eli thrust roughly into her as this seemed to turn her on more... as he did he reached round to play with her hard clit.

"OMG" she screamed :"im going to orgasam" "DO IT BABY" Eli commanded The woman who was now sobbing in sheer joy let out one last cry of delight as she leaned into Eli .... As the woman squirted her hot juices over Eli's cock He came hard and fast in her... Slowly as Eli withdrew the woman turned and gently took phil in her mouth tasting nd savouring their juices on him.. When she had finished she kissed Eli with a burning passion so he could taste them on her... totally satidfied the woman lay down beside Eli and fondled him gently as they both drifted off to sleep.. THE END