Written by curious2018


"Baby i'm home" you say as you walk in. Soft music is playing from the stereo but i'm not around. You find a note on the kitchen bench.

Hey Baby,

There is chilled glasses in the fridge with the strawberries and Champagne. Pour yourself a glass, then slip into the bath I have run for you, it should still be hot. I have a suprise for you i'll be back to 20minutes or so. Sip your Champagne and relax in the bath. Just imagine all the things I am going to do to you. My fingers sliding over your body. My mouth on yours, on your neck, your nipples. My cock sliding between your legs. Save some work for me though ;)

Love you.

You smile as you take the glass with the strawberry from the fridge and pour the champagne. You take your first sip, cool and refreshing and clearly expensive. You take the bottle and head to the bathroom. Steam rises from the bath and scented candles flicker lighting the room. You can feel your excitement rising. Wondering what the suprise could be, it is already so perfect. You place the Champagne bottle in the ice bucket and slowly undress. Letting your fingers linger over your already hard nipples, and then down finding your panties wet as you slip them to the floor.

The water is perfect as you sink into it lying back. You take another sip as your free hand moves over your breasts squeezing a each of your nipples. Slipping your hand down between your legs you find your clit and rub gently. The words from my note clearly on your mind, filling it with imagines of me touching you. You bite you lip, wishing I was here already wanting to cum. You know how much I love you touching yourself even when i can't see.

You close your eyes, dam it feels so good. You are so close when you feel my lips on yours. You open your mouth slightly letting my tongue in. Instinctively you stop touching yourself as we kiss. You wonder how long i have been watching you, a little self conscious but so excited. "Touch me baby, make me cum" I kiss your neck as my hand slides over yours guiding it back to your clit. I bite your neck. I will baby I whisper, but i want to watch you do it first. I feel your fingers moving under mine and slip my hand back to your breast. Squeezing it gently, then your nipple. I kiss your mouth again and can tell you are close. I squeeze your nipple harder and bite and kiss your neck. Your breathing so heavy, so hot. Your body shakes as you cum sending ripples through the bath.

I offer you my hand and help you out of the bath. Your eyes wander over my body. I still love the way you look at me. I'm almost naked, apart from black boxer briefs you like so much. My very hard cock is straining to get free of them and your eyes linger on it. I wrap a warm towel around you kissing you again as i pad you dry. My hands moving over your back and ass. You slide your hand into my pants and around my cock. I shudder as you stroke me, it feels so good and i'm so horny. So what's my surprise? you ask smiling wickedly. Loving how I can barely control myself because of your touch. You will see, lets get to the bed! is all I can manage.

I have set my candles about the room, soft light so we can see just enough. You barely notice them though as I pull you onto the bed. Your hands are quickly around my cock again. Freeing it from my underwear. Stroking me back and forth as my hands move over you. You spread your legs wide for me as you feel my hand rubbing over your pussy. So wet as i slip two fingers inside you, quickly matching the pace you are stroking my cock. Our mouths locked together in a hot wet kiss. As i kiss your neck you notice her. She is your suprise baby, just for you and only you. I will watch and have you after. I whisper as my wet fingers rub gently over your hard clit. You look her over scared and excited at the same time. She has long curly red hair. Her breasts perky and her nipples hard. Her hand is between her legs, rubbing her clit. Suddenly you realise she has been watching us. Embarrassed you close your legs. Its ok I whisper then kiss your mouth reassuring you. She walks over to the bed as i take a seat beside it. Her hand rubs along the inside of leg parting them again as she joins you on the bed. She kisses your neck as she gently rubs your pussy.

You look over to me still nervous. My eyes are locked on you, my hand slowly stroking my cock up and down. Reassured and soo horny you let the feeling take you. Spreading your legs wider for her. She takes the invitation sliding two fingers deep inside you. She kisses your mouth gently at first then harder as you give in to her. Your mouth opening beneath hers, such a hot kiss but so different to mine. Her fingers fucking you in and out as she kisses you, it feels so good. Her hand slips up to your clit then up further to your breasts. Squeezing them as she positions herself on top, one leg between yours. Her thigh feels so good as grinds it against your pussy and clit. You soon get the idea lifting your leg into her so she can slide her wet pussy and clit against you.

You start to lose yourself in the pleasure. Your hands move over her as you grind against each other. She is so hot and wet against your leg. Her nipples hard pressing against you and yours against her. You grab her ass, pulling her into your leg harder, she moans. Her mouth is all over your neck and breasts, but soon she starts to work her way down your body. Taking her time. Sucking and biting each of your nipples, a hand moving back to your clit as she slips downward. You know what is coming. She kisses your thigh then your pussy. Parting your lips with her tongue and slipping it inside you taking her time enjoying your flavour. She slips her arms under your legs so she can get her tongue deeper, fucking you with it. Her mouth moves to your clit and you gasp as she sucks on it. Your hands rubbing your breasts as u watch her.

As amazing as it feels you keep looking over at me, at my cock. You can see the precum building at its tip and want it inside you. She notices you look and quickly slides up beside you. Her fingers inside you again fucking you hard and fast. You want that cock don't you she says loudly? You want him to fuck you hard and deep till he cums deep inside you? Yes you moan so close to cumming. Her wet fingers switch to your clit rubbing intensely I'm going to let him fuck you then lick you clean and make you cum in my mouth. As she finishes the sentence you arch your back and cum hard. You want it so bad!

I switch places with her. She sits her legs spread wide so you can watch her touch herself. I lift your legs high resting them on my shoulders and enter you deep and hard. You rub your breast as fuck you, it's so intense, you are so hot and wet around my hard cock. You can tell i'm trying to hold it trying to make it last. Fuck me baby harder! Faster! you moan reaching a hand between your legs to rub your clit. I can't control it any longer, each trust brings me so much closer. I moan as I cum, shooting it hot and deep inside you. Your pussy clenches around me as my orgasm sends you over the edge and you cum with me. Your pussy milking my cock dry.

I'm spent, but your fun isn't over. Now I have your full attention she grins at you. She makes sure your eyes are on her as she licks my cum gently from your pussy lips. Taking her time letting you come down a little. Then her tongue flicks deeper inside you tasting us both. Dam it looks hot. I can see how hot you are, another orgasm already building as she starts to suck your clit again. Expertly she sucks it, each time pulling deep into her hot mouth. Soon you cum again shaking as u do. She kisses back up your body biting your nipples then kissing your mouth once more. Your can taste our cum.

Satisfied but feeling a little guilty that her only orgasms, have been her doing. You move your hands over her. Her pussy is smooth, you feel her legs part, aching for your touch. You rub your fingers across her pussy lips, teasing. She is SOO hot and wet. You allow your fingers to slip inside her and she presses herself against your hand. You look over to me for approval, my cock growing hard again is all you need. You kiss her neck and taste her sweat, you like it. You rub your thumb over her clit as you finger her. Would you like to cum in my mouth? you ask her. She almost cums on the spot, obviously not expecting it. You rub her clit as she moans, OH YES.

You rub her clit as if it where your own, knowing how to make her feel good, how to keep her on the edge as you kiss her neck her breasts. Taking each nipple in your mouth and biting it gently. Soon you are between her legs, she smells so good. You lick her lips, they are so smooth beneath your tongue. You can taste her juices, tangy and a little sweet. U lick all along her slit, her breathing is heavy and her hands are rubbing her breasts and nipples. You kiss her pussy, fucking her with your tongue as you had felt her do. Pressing her harder into your mouth. You know her clit is ready for you and you suck it. Bringing her closer and closer, suprised at how much you are enjoying it, enjoying her reactions and the control you have. She cums, you keep sucking her until she is moaning loudly and shaking unable to take more. Then you lick up her cum as promised, enjoying her flavour.

You kiss her mouth again and feel my arms wrap around you from behind. My cock pressing into your back. You roll over facing me and i guide my cock inside you again. You feel her squeeze your breasts and kiss your neck one last time before she slips out of the bed. Thankyou you whisper as we slowly move together enjoying each others bodies one last time before a well earned rest.