Written by My_babes_hookup


The phone rang

"Hi babe how's it going ? " My wife enquires

"Good thanks hon, thanks for calling but just a bit distracted at moment sorting some office dramas out"

"Oh ok she says" ..... long pause then "umm you know how sometimes you say I could be attracted to someone else and it would be ok ?"

"Yes babe I have said that it is a turn on..... a few times"

"Oh well I didn't think it would ever happen but the courier driver had been really friendly lately , and he makes me feel all warm down below and .... you know a bit warm and moist below"

"That's ok babe, actually I enjoy the thought of you getting turned on by someone else "(I say starting to listen well )

"Oh that's cool ! I wasn't sure if you meant it ?"

"Yes babe it's a turn on to think of you with other guys and lovely women as long as you are well treated and happy, you deserve to have many people to enjoy you when you feel like it, it is a huge turn on for some reason."

"Oh she says... well it might have gotten alittle bit more friendly than that, I invited him in for a morning cup of tea and he got very close this morning, a bit more than normal, umn a but touchy feely"

"Well that's ok babe it's only a cup of tea?"( I say with bated breath )

"Umm well when I got the milk out of fridge he came really close and touched me with his finger tips in that nice place at the small of my back , I couldn't help it I just melted into him and rubbed my pussy against him just a little bit, maybe kissed him on the lips ....just a little bit,you don't mind do you ? he was so hard ! "

"He also had a really soft touch at the beginning, with his finger tips before I knew it he was nuzzling at my neck and then his finger tips were lightly touching my pussy lips... you know at the top where I like it ?"

"Wow babe was not expecting that, are you happy that you took advantage of him like that ? Seems a big step all of a sudden, I know it is something we have discussed "

Yes she says then "I was just so wet and he dropped his pants so quick , before I knew it I was lifted off to the bench and somehow he allmost fell inside me I was so wet, the head of his cock was very wide ... huge even. ..somehow he plunged his huge cock into me I almost screamed with the delightful pain.,it felt so nice as he was pulling out, the sides of his cock massaging my pussy as he moved, then he just pushed back in driving his hige cock seperating my pussy every time... just as I got used to his size, it was over, it only took a just over a minute or two and he came so quick, I was a bit dissapointrd, but it was amazing to be feel so alive like that, i was so wet, not sure if its his cum or my own juices rolling down my leg"

"His dick was huge"

"Well babe this is a surprise phone call but I like it, it's ok don't feel bad... maybe next time we can make it a better Experiance if I am there to guide things ?"

"Well thank goodness she says I know it's a fantasy of yours but not sure if you could handle it really happening ? I don't want to ruin what we have ? i know you get turned on by the thought of it but this is the reality"

"No it's fine my cock is so fucking hard right now ..."

"You know ...., umm it was only 20 minutes ago and he has left ....but my knees are a bit shaken, I have so much cum dribbling down my legs right now and I am still so goddamn horney , I remember how the rest of your fantasy goes.... would you like to come around and finish me off? I will so make it worth it"

"Yes babe I will be there in 5 minutes "

As I drove home to meet my wife after our recent phone call I reflected on how proud of I was of my hot wife, she deserved to have as much pleasure in her life as possible.

My cock ached I drove home, imagining her being penetrated on the kitchen bench, fullfillef deeply by another man.... I am not sure why I find it so arousing. I wank to the thought of her having sex with other people, the look on her face while sucking a cock, the look of bliss when a woman is touching her.

I arrived and walked in to the home aproximately 5 minutes later to find my wife standing coyly waiting with a small smile,

"are you sure you are ok with my being with another man ? We forgot the condoms and everything "She asks." I was a bit naughty today, are you sure you are ok with it ?"

"Yes babe you deserve as much satisfaction as you can find, I enjoy the thought of you fucking people when you feel horney... it's so godamn sexy "

"You can just do it at any time if you enjoy it, basically it is the thought of you being fulfilled that makes me horney"

She grabbed my hand and led my to the bedroom , I could faintly see some cum dribbling down her left leg from behind, illuminated in the midday sun, that guy must of packed a real load... wish I could of watched my sexy wife handle that. My wife is fussy, he would of been good looking and well mannered.

"In that case" , she said

"Take your clothes off and get on the bed !"

She found and old belt and fastened my hands together and tied them to bed end firmly, very firmly she hasn't done that before!

My wife hitched up her flimsy Cotten skirt and slowly sank onto my so hard cock, cow girl style, her slick pushy just swallowed my cock whole, she leaned back to make me squirm a little, she knows my cock doesn't bend that far when it's hard, then slowly sat upright again and started to slowly pump up and down, exquisitely squeezing and contracting her pussy with every slow stroke. She was milking my cock with every thing she had and smiled to herself while doing it, she is so damn sexy. My wife deserves many many cocks to worship her skills. No wonder I love her.

After a few minutes she began to moan slowly and deeply and began to move faster,

"god it was nice to feel a new cock" she said," it has been along time, but he was not a good fuck babe. We need to find someone better"

"Yes darling I am proud of you" as she pumped on top of me.

just as she began to come loudly I could not wait any longer, my cock exploded within her, she was squeezing my balls somehow, it felt like my whole center was inside her and had to release.

She sat there a minute, "that was fantastic" she exclaimed.

Then she slid of my cock, and sat on my chest I could feel all the warm juices rolling out of her pussy onto my chest and down my side, growing colder as they trickled away.

"Just as well I tied you up well ! otherwise you probably would chicken out on the next bit " She says just before kissing me deeply.

My wife sits up and slides up my chest holding my head firmly with her hands then her knees, I can feel her swollen pussy sliding juicy lips up my body leaving a slick moist trail behind. I try to avert my head slightly but not enough, her juicy wet pussy is suddenly on my mouth.

Her pussy is so wet and oily I love her delightful familier taste and then I recognise my own cum dribbling out slightly after.

Then after a minute or two a different taste a heavier tang, for some reason there was almost a fizzle as the strangeness entered my mouth. I tried to turn my head to avoid but it was impossible

She noticed the change in my actions and tightened the grip on my head with her knees to ensure I could not escape, slowly my wife emptied the complete contents of her pussy into my mouth. I was in total darkness her skirt was draped over my head, her pussy was beautifully slick, her vagina was swollen and begging to be sucked.

She hummed happily and quietly to herself, while i was helpless, she took control. I think she may have smiled a bit while i struggled a little a bit at first, then I accepted my situation knowing it made her happy and I licked that amazingly pussy like there was no tomorrow.

"You know what I may need to get more parcels picked up next Thursday again. I think I need to get a 9am pick up and a 11 I thought I may be two using different company's to see who does the better service !"

I think I am beginning to like this new side of life