Written by Phil_Spring


I would love to massage you. You come to me, and slowly undress in front of me in a very sensual way, and stand in front of me with unashamed nakedness, so pleased to excite me with your sensual, sexy, beautiful nakedness. After allowing me time for my eyes to enjoy you, you come to the bed and lay on your back, looking up at me with eyes for of love and hunger. I take the bottle of lotion and gently pour the oil around your shoulders and breasts. I start with a very gentle caress to move the oil around your shoulders and then moving to your beautiful breasts. As the oil works its way into your muscle I press a little firmer around your neck and shoulders and then again to your waiting breasts, with nipples erect as your murmur quietly. I move slowly around your breasts then in the same motion, around and over your breasts. Then I let my face and mouth take over the massage of your breasts and nipples, just because I would love the feel of them against my face and in my mouth. I now cover your hips with oil, and gently massage your outside thighs and your hips and across your stomach. As I pass over your stomach your hips gently rise to feel my pressure, aching for it to be stronger. I move to the top of your thighs, from your knee to your hip and outer groin. Again as I massage you, your hips rise and fall with the flow if my hand. As I continue to massage your thighs your legs slowly move apart to expose your inner thighs and as I move round with every stroke your legs widen, inviting me to feel more. Your heart is now pounding in your chest and your breathing shortens and quickens as your legs are now wide apart and you have completely surrendered to my hands as they do their magic on your inner thighs. The gently strokes inside your thighs become firmer as they reach your groin and I concentrate on the tightest in your groin, purposely staying away from your genitalia for now so that they can hunger some more, begging for the feel of my touch. I grab the lotion again and let it fall around your genitalia which are completely smooth as we had fun shaving them only hours before. My hands gently massage the oil over and around your genitalia which is softer than a baby’s skin. My touch is so light it makes you shiver and you reach for my hand, pushing it firmer against you. My hands now glide from the top of your mound to base of your bottom as you squirm from my touch, and suddenly a finger enters you and you gasp and explode inside as it begins to massage you inside. There is no need for lubrication as your hot juices are flowing inside. Your body shudders in orgasmic pleasure, again and again you explode inside, wave upon wave of pleasure envelopes you as your muscles tighten in spasm over and over. While till in a state of heavenly pleasure you roll over face down so that I can begin massaging your back, from the mounds of your bottom to your soft, lovely neck my hands glide your body, your muscles firm to my touch but also with a softness I have never known. Again I move down to the back and inner parts of your thighs. As I massage your thighs your hips begin to raise until your hips are now supported by your knees. With you now laying on your stomach and your hips raised with your legs wide apart my hands roam again over your bottom, into your groin and over your genitalia until again I enter you, massaging your G spot and you experience a pleasure you have never known before. Your whole body shuddering again, and again from feelings so strong you wonder whether your heart can handle it. Exhausted you lay in my arms and I notice a tear in your eye and you tell me it is a tear of love and joy that you have found a man that loves you more than life itself, and as I hold you even closer I kiss you passionately, and tell you how much I love you.