“Don’t judge a book by its cover” pretty much sums up Sandra.

She worked in accounts and never really dressed to impress but always had that naughty twinkle in her eye.

Half heard comments and sneaky peeks from behind her glasses suggested there was more to her than the plain Jane persona she had going on!

She really got my attention last summer, I had walked into the office early to search for some documents, Sandra was on the phone and didn’t hear me come in to the open plan Office.

From the library I could hear her chatting in a soft low voice to someone, I was behind her on an angle so could see into her cubicle.

She was twirling her finger on the cord while chatting and softly laughing.

I quietly went back to looking through the boxes.

When I looked over to Sandra next she seemed a little flushed and her spare hand was gently caressing her breast.

She must have assumed no one else would be here 45 mins before normal start time, it appeared she was talking to her lover.

Then she blew my mind by slipping her hand under her blouse and started playing with her breast. I nearly dropped the box I was carrying, she was listening intently and squeezing and pinching her nipple.

I now had a tent in my pants watching this unfold and then it moved up a level, Sandra moved her hand down spread her legs and lifted the hem of her long skirt and slipped a hand inside her panties to play with what I imagined was a very wet pussy.

I knew it was wrong to stand and watch but I was fascinated that this demure woman was so sexual.

Then I hatched a plan to leave her frustrated and longing for release.

I quietly walked back to the door and made a noisey re entry. I heard Sandra hastely get off the phone and as I walked up to her she rearranged her clothes.

“ Good morning what are you up to in here so early” I asked with a knowing smile.

Sandra still looking flushed said she was catching up on things, she then looked down at the tent in my pants licked her lips stood up and said come with me.

She led me to to storage room closed the door and proceeded to drop my pants and pop my hard cock straight into her mouth and give me a fantastic blow job for a few minutes, I had to stop her before I came, I bent her over the small table lifted her dress slipped her panties off and dove in with my tongue tasting her very wet pussy and rimming her arse, she was grinding back into me and moaning, I slipped 2 fingers into her and licked her clit till she clamped her pussy on my fingers and came all over my face softly moaning the whole time. I gave her a moment to recover then she wiggles her arse and said slide that thing in here now!

Only to happy to oblige I slipped my cock in, that awesome sensation as you slide in feeling the wet walls of her pussy adjusting to accomodate me and then we set into a steady cadence of fucking while she slipped her hand down to play with her clit.

When she started to pant and moan it brought me closer and closer till I couldn’t hold on anymore and came inside her. It felt awesome, a hot wet sticky mess mmmmm

She then blew my mind again when she turned around sat on the edge of the table lifted her dress looked me in the eye and proceeded to slid 2 fingers in her pussy while her other hand rubbed her clit, every few seconds she licked her fingers clean then pumped her pussy till she came all the while looking at me until she closed her eyes with a look of pure pleasure on her face.

We rearranged our clothes and walked back into the office and stood there chatting as another team member walked in and said hello and asked Sandra a work question.

I excused myself went back to looking for my documents. When I walked back towards the two ladies still discussing work I noticed how figity Sandra was and then saw why.

A trail of my cum was slowly sliding down her calf and ankle, oh baby what a sight!

Based on a true story.