The night air was a little cooler than what Candice was expecting. Walking briskly along the beach Candice was reflecting on what had happened over the past 24 hours. Her emotions were running high, feeling elated one minute, the next angry, then the next intrigued. How could so many emotions run through a body after what had just happened. Wrapping her pink plastic raincoat even tighter around her tired but still voluptuous body she cast her mind back twenty-four hours.

The day had dawned the same as any other day in her fastidiously routine day. Every day Candice rose early in the morning put on her robe, went outside and looked at the sky for an indication of what the weather may be for the day, shrugged and went back inside to put the kettle on for her cup of tea. Not too strong but with enough colour for it to be recognised as a tasty cup of tea. She went over to the pantry, got the cereal out and filled a bowl. Adding a little milk she took the bowl and tea and went out to sit on her front porch and watch the day slowly come to life.

Candice was happy in her world. While she did not have all the flash trappings of some of those city folk she was aware they were envious of her relaxed and calm lifestyle. Candice had a job that was good to her in that she could take time off as required to visit friends and family. Her family was important to her as were her friends.

While sitting, sipping her tea and consuming the cereal, Candice allowed her thoughts to stray to places where some people may say a lady shouldn’t stray to. But Candice, as her name suggested, knew what she wanted and was the type of lady that would get what she wanted when she wanted. It had been a while since Candice had enjoyed the company of a bed partner. Candice held very little inhibitions regarding sex and was and could be content spending a sensuous evening with either sex.

Candice could feel her inner body heat start to increase as she instinctively clenched her thighs together. “Don’t be stupid”, she murmured to herself, “you’ve a full day of work ahead of you, and you haven’t got time to daydream wet dreams now”. Standing she turned and went inside, placed her bowl and cup on the bench and headed off to the bathroom.

The bathroom was similar to lots of other bathrooms, with a toilet, shower (with smokey stained glass), basin and cupboard. But also in Candice’s bathroom she had added a full length mirror. Every morning Candice loved to admire her body in the mirror. This morning was no different. Dropping her robe she glanced in the mirror, while not narcissistic she felt she had a good body. She loved the way her dark wavy hair balanced the flashing of her eyes when she felt tempestuous, which was starting to happen now. Casting her eyes down slightly she cupped her breasts in her hands. They felt warm in her slightly chilled hands, but full of body. She tweaked her nipples ( she loved doing that) seeing them slowly harden, like little turtles emerging from their shell, expecting to be kissed by a nice warm mouth, so Candice obliged. Masturbation to Candice was not ugly in fact at times it gave her a sense of relief. “Sorry nips “, she mouthed as she kissed each breast, “no time this morning”. She glanced at the rest of her body. It had stood the test of womanhood well, being nice and taut again after having her children. True there were areas that needed attention, but for fucks sake doesn’t everybody have those areas she thought. She laughed out loud at her thoughts. Her laugh a deep throaty chuckle that she knew turned men’s heads when they heard it. Looking further down her body she noticed that she needed a trim. She did not really like to be fully shaven as the rash was sometimes annoying and anyway the body hair can sometimes provide a small amount of mystique when gently probing hands are exploring.

Turning the shower on Candice stepped into the shower, allowing and enjoying the luxurious feeling as the hot water exploded over and explored her body. She loved the feeling as it ran between her breasts down over her tummy and into the valley between her legs. She pulled her lips open allowing the warm water to cascade over her private parts. Wonder why they are called private parts she thought. I suppose it’s because we don’t normally show them in public she mused. Letting the water run freely, Candice leaned back in the shower and enjoyed the slight beating on her pussy. “Cripes I’m desperately in need of some relief but don’t have the time now”, she thought. Angrily she turned the shower off and reached for a towel.

“Is this the one you want”, a strong deep male voice invaded the shower.

Candice gasped, retreated and then attacked, “Get the fuck out of my bathroom”, she shouted.

The man just laughed. “It’s ok I know you are alone. I’ve been watching for a few days now. You really should vary your routine. Don’t be so predictable.”

Candice grabbed at the towel clutching it before her. She looked at the man realising that he was wearing a hood. She ran his voice through her brain trying desperately to match a voice pattern. She couldn’t.

She knew it was a trivial response but she said it anyway,” Who are you? What do you want? I’ve no money”?

“Don’t want money”, he said. “Want you to put on your coat and come with me, nice and quietly”.

Candice thought quickly, “Self-defence classes, shit, wish I paid more attention, hit him in the nuts, make him hurt”.

As if he could read her mind he grabbed her hands tightly and pulled her from the bathroom into the kitchen. There Candice could see two other men. They were also hooded, although one of them was more a balaclava she noted.

“Sit down here and listen while we tell you what’s going to happen”, said the one from the bathroom. “Yes”, said another,” just listen.” Candice noted his voice wasn’t as deep as the first. It was almost as if he was still a boy, she tried to match his voice but couldn’t. She decided for her reference she would call him Boy and the first one Man.

Man spoke, “We know that you work in town at the lawyer’s office. We want you to do some legal documents for us. Nothing fancy but important to us”.

Boy interjected excitedly, “Yes very very important”.

“Shut up”, snarled the third hooded man. Candice gasped “I think I know that voice”. I’ll call him Snarler for now.” Again she searched her brain for a pattern recognition.

Looking around the room the men looked for something for Candice to wear. At the door was her pink plastic raincoat that she sometimes wore when working or walking in the rain. She often wore it naked as she liked the way it clung to her body when her body was slightly wet. Gave her a feeling of licentious enjoyment.

“Here put this on”, said Snarler, “don’t want you getting cold while we are travelling”.

Reaching out Candice took the coat. “Am I allowed to put something on first”? She asked them.

Boy answered, “Nope just go as you are”. Shrugging Candice slipped the coat over her body.

They ushered Candice out to a big silver late model car. She noted the number plates had been removed. “Smart guys”, she said, “I see the number plates are gone”.

Man glanced at the others and said, “See I told you she was smart, we need to be careful.”

Snarler reached into his pocket and pulled out a blindfold. “Here put this on her so she cannot see where we are taking her.”

Boy rushed over to get the blindfold. “Let me do it”, he said. As he tied it behind her Candice felt him push his body against her back. “OMG”, she thought, “the little fucker has a hard on”. Inwardly she grinned to herself. “Perhaps I’ve found his weak link”, she thought.

Inside the car was warm from the exposure to the sun. Being blindfolded Candice had no idea of who was sitting where. She felt one person on each side of her. From the front she heard Man say to the others that the trip should take around twenty minutes and that they should take the back roads to avoid being seen where possible. That meant that Boy and Snarler were in the back with her.

As the car moved off she felt one of the bodies beside her move a little closer almost forcing her to squeeze between them. Trying to concentrate on recognising different twists and turns Candice felt her body start to warm up. The plastic raincoat was starting to cling to her body, in patches, making the plastic appear opaque. She could sense the eyes that were looking at her.

“Can you turn the heater down?” she asked, “It’s starting to get warm in here. “

Boy answered “No leave the heater on I like the look of the plastic on her skin”.

Snarler growled, ”Stop perving at her, haven’t you seen tits like that before?”

Boy answered peevishly “Of course I have, but hers are nice and firm. The ones I see are usually in the clubs and are not as close as these are to me”.

Candice listening to this felt a thrill of excitement course through her body. She liked being an exhibitionist and knowing that she was having an effect on Boy heightened her senses.

“Like what you see, Boy?” she asked, “bet you would like to touch them, or maybe suck on them”, she whispered in a sultry voice.

Snarler replied, “You don’t want a boy like that you need a man like me, who can satisfy you, here feel this.” Grabbing Candice’s hand he forced it inside his trousers. Candice inwardly gasped. It was hard, hot and ready.

“Wait try mine”, whispered Boy leaning in so his warm breath brushed on her neck. Candice trembled a little as Boy pushed her other hand down on his tool. While it was not as long as Snarler’s it was thicker. Candice’s body started to feel flushed as she started almost as if in a trance to stroke each throbbing member.

Man who was watching in the rear vision mirror snapped, “Leave her alone it’s not far now. After the paperwork is done we might have time.”

Time for what Candice thought as she asked in an innocent voice “Time for what? You wouldn’t take advantage of a half-naked lady who is horny would you?” While saying this Candice gave each man a good hard squeeze and then let go.

The sense of power in Candice was growing as she heard each of them gasp as she let go.

I’ve now got two horny little (or maybe not so little) fuckers now she thought.

They drove in silence, each turn forcing Candice to lean, and lurch against each man. She wanted to grab them again as she had enjoyed feeling the power she had over them but she also knew that by deliberately not touching them their frustration would be growing.

It was hard for Candice to determine the dynamics of the trio. Boy it seemed was the boy, but there seemed to be a power struggle between Man and Snarler. Man she sensed was younger than Snarler and seemed more articulate with his speech while Snarler seemed to be more aggressive in both speech and body manners. Whenever Snarler touched Candice it was always rough with a sense of urgency, whereas Man was calm and assured gently assertive, and as for Boy he was quick and fleeting as if he was shy, and scared he might hurt her.

After what seemed an eternity, the car left the road and the tyres crunched on the metal driveway. Candice who knew the area well recounted there were only four gravel driveways within twenty or so minutes of her house. She knew it was not one of the farmer’s driveways as they tended to be bumpy with potholes while this drive was smooth and obviously maintained.

With the blindfold still in place, Boy puller her from the car. Candice was barefoot and yet the driveway stones did not hurt her feet as they were small smooth river stones. Candice now knew there were only two driveways like that.

One driveway belonged to the largest property developer in the area. MMM thought Candice, maybe he wants some land deeds arranged. But why get me to do it. It doesn’t make sense.

The other driveway belonged to a businessman who, while known in the area, travelled a lot and to a degree was a mystery to the community. Candice knew he was married, and the rumour was that his wife enjoyed the fact that he travelled, and was known to have private parties while he was away. But why would they want me she wondered.

Boy took Candice’s hand and led her to some steps.

“Watch your step” he said as he guided her to the door. Candice could sense they were in a large house as it smelt a little musty, and it was noticeably colder than outside. She shivered a little as the plastic raincoat offered no protection against the cold. She could feel her nipples start to harden. She could also sense that Boy was looking at her, although with her blind fold on she could not be sure.

Boy led her through another door and into a large room. This room was warmer as if it had been warmed in preparation.

Boy turned Candice around and said “Trust me there is a chair behind you, you can sit down”.

Tentatively Candice lowered herself down. Boy was right there was a chair, it was lovely, soft, and had the warmth of a lambskin cover.

Snarler with a sense of apprehension and almost humility in his voice asked, “Do you want to take your coat off?”

Candice brusquely answered, “Do I have a choice?”

“Not really”, laughed Man, “He is only trying to be polite”. Taking the sleeve of the coat Man gently pulled the coat so that it slowly came away from her body. Candice could now sense the eyes looking at her. Inside she was squirming but she did not want them to know that. Strangely enough, even though she was squirming and unsure of what was to happen, her exhibitionist personality started to shine through, as she straightened her upper body to ensure her breasts would be seen as taut and firm. She knew her nipples were hard, both from the temperature, but more and more from the excitement that was staring to build.

Boy and Snarler each grabbed one of her hands. Candice felt a soft tie being placed on each wrist. She could feel each tie being pulled so her arms were apart and the tie fastened.

“What the fuck”, she asked, “How am I supposed to do paper work if you tie my hands?”

The three men chuckled. “Paperwork is next”, said Man, “We need to determine who is going to have their paperwork done first. The order in which it is done will be decided by you.”

Candice was both scared and intrigued.

With her blindfold on she was deemed to be helpless, and now with her hands tied behind her (not tightly but firmly), she had no idea what was to be expected of her. Candice heard the rustle of clothes being dropped to the floor. Her concerns and excitement were both rising exponentially.

Candice could sense bodies around her. Then with a slight touch she felt a hand cup her breast. It was a warm hand, not rough, and then her other breast was cradled, but not by the same person as this hand was rough and calloused. They gently massaged her, the hands getting firmer and firmer. Candice then felt some really soft hands start to rub her shoulders. Even though she was tense and nervous, her body responded to the attention. She could feel her nipples start to engorge like tiny penis’s being stimulated and getting harder and harder. It seemed as though the hands massaging her neck and shoulders had a hotline directly to her furnace which as getting both hotter and wetter at the same time. Candice uttered a guttural moan, and then involuntarily flinched as one of her nipples was pinched. While it was not unbearably hurtful it did cause a momentary sense of nervousness to cross Candice’s mind. Was it going to be a rough session?

As if reading her mind man said, “Relax, we all want to enjoy it and we want you to especially enjoy it. Now we are going to get to the fun part. ”

With that being said Candice felt her head being pulled forward by hands at the back of her head. She could feel the tip of a cock resting on her lips pressing incessantly until she opened her mouth and let it slide past her lips.

It felt good, much to Candice’s amazement. She felt it being withdrawn and then pushed back in again. She had no idea who it was. That in itself was exhilarating, as she felt it slowly speed up. She became aware that cocks were also being thrust into her hands which while bound at the wrist still allowed her to form a tight band with her fingers.

Candice started to feel pangs of pleasure emanating from her pleasure spot. It was starting to ache with desire. Without warning the cock in her mouth was withdrawn only to be replaced by another. At the same time the cocks in her hands were changed.

“Ok! Here is how it goes,” said Man, “Each of us gets one minute in your mouth then rotates to the left and then we keep going until the first one comes. Once they have cum they are out and therefore their paperwork is done last. Everybody understand.”

Both Snarler and Boy grunted in acquiescence.

Candice (with her mouth full) could only moan. Candice not knowing who had which cock, determined to get it finished as soon as possible. Using her tongue she licked sucked and played with each cock as it came into her mouth. With her hands, as cocks were placed in them, she kneaded stroked and rubbed firmly, hoping to feel one explode.

It was at about round six she could feel one cock starting to build more than the others. As she felt it in her hand she managed to get her hand down to the area below the ball sac and lightly finger it. She then ran her hand up and down the shaft gripping it with her thumb and forefinger. The moisture from her mouth had provided some lubrication, as well as that she could feel the pre-cum oozing down over her fingers. She gripped tighter and with a sense of achievement felt the cock explode and cum dribbled down her hand. Which cock was it she wondered?

With a groan of both pleasure and disappointment Boy expressed his feelings. “Not fair”, he said, “she sucked and played with me too much”. Snarler laughed as he said, “send a boy to do a man’s job”.

Man also laughed,” Too soon mate you are last, it’s now between Albert and me”. Snarler yelled “no names idiot. She’s smart and will start to put things together”.

Candice listening to this excited banter realised she now had one name. Albert – a kind of old fashioned name but with a tinge of old world elegance. Candice crooned “Hey, Albert do you want me to play and suck with you as I did with Boy. I only call him boy as I sense he is the youngest and his coming first sort of proves it”.

Albert leaned over Candice, and whispered in her ear…” I bet you cum before I do”. While whispering this Albert grasped Candice’s knees and pulled her legs forward so she was slouched in the chair with her pussy on the edge.

Candice now felt really really exposed and small concerns were staring to invade her mind. What was going to happen next? She knew there were still two hard cocks wanting relief, was it now going to be a case of pussy and lips were to be used. Candice felt a little dry and hoped that something would be done to help make her moist and receptive.

Leaning back as best she could Candice held her breath in anticipation. She was slightly tense and jumped a little when she felt a tongue lick one of her nipples. Long slow languorous licks. Warm moist, firm, then a slight breath of wind on the nipple making it feel a little cold, making it aroused and firm. Then the whole nipple and surrounding area was suckled by a warm moist mouth. Her nipple inside the mouth was rotated by the tongue. Involuntarily Candice could feel herself responding her breast was sending surrender signals to her love centre urging it to become warm and moist.

Candice then felt her other breast being lifted and another tongue licked short sharp licks under her breast. These were warm and seemingly frantic as they also sent surrender signals. At the same time this started she felt the area behind her ears being gently massaged also sending signals to her epicentre.

Without wanting to Candice could feel her body start to writhe in anticipation and hotness. She could feel her pussy slowing opening like a budding flower. She knew she was getting wet and moist and wanted some form of relief but was determined not to show any emotion.

Albert leaned over, “Getting warm and hot are we? Want some relief”.

Candice could only shake her head, not trusting her voice to show no emotion.

Then it came like a shock to Candice, a tongue soft and gentle was licking her pleasure centre. Candice involuntarily gasped as this was not a man’s tongue. It was too soft and gentle for that. Candice had enough experience to be able to differentiate between a man and a woman tonguing her. Women were always soft and gentle when they started. They understood that a woman likes to build up gently by licking and sucking on all of the area, drawing the lips into their mouths, exploring all the folds and gently learning what was enjoyable with their probing tongue. Whereas men liked to head straight for the clit getting it hard and throbbing almost as if it was their own cock they were licking. Once they had it hard and throbbing they would then explore inner area, exploring as deep as they could inside the woman.

Candice slouched as far forward as he could to allow better access for the tongue. She now did not care who had what where all she knew was she was hot and on fire. Her pussy lips were tingling, her bud was throbbing, and her breasts were heaving. She knew that now she looked wanton and slutty but she didn’t care she just wanted relief. The gently probing tongue was now circling her bud flicking, teasing, soft, hard, it just seem to go on and on and then when Candice felt she could stand it no more it stopped.

“Don’t stop now”, Candice begged “Please please let me cum”. A soft feminine voice whispered in her ear, “Like that did you”? Candice nodded. “Want some more do you?” Candice could only weakly shake her head in acquiescence.

Candice felt her hands being untied, however the blindfold remained in place. Hands gently raised her out of the chair and half carried and half walked her around the room. Turn around and sit down we are now on the bed. Candice sat and with her hands explored, yes it was a bed. She lay back a little exhausted but also keen to see what would happen next.

Albert leaned over and assisted her in moving to the center of the bed. Candice sensed both Man and Boy were in the room. This was confirmed when she heard Man ask Boy if he was ready to go again.

Boy retorted of course he was. Man chuckled and then lay down beside Candice.

“Ok, Man said, “new rules she can suck Albert and Antonio you can suck me”.

“No names” snarled Albert, but with no conviction as he knew she already knew his name.

Ok so now we have Antonio and Albert. That leaves the lady and Man for me to identify.

Candice felt movement on both sides of her head as if someone was placing a knee each side of her head. She felt a subtle pressure on her chest as if someone wanted to sit on it. Candice then realised it was the lady sitting on her chest. She felt her slide up and slowly lower her pussy down onto Candice. At the same time Candice felt a tongue probing her honeypot. Even though she was still blindfolded her hands were free so Candice ran them up the body of the person sitting on her face. She could feel the breasts that while not heavy were full and nice to touch. She moved her fingers to the nipples, flicking, tweaking, and feeling them harden to stand like little soldiers.

There was the lovely fragrant smell of the warm and moist pussy. Candice ran her tongue in long slow licks the length of the pussy. She let her tongue momentarily dive in to the furnace and then continue up to flick the rosebud at the end of each stroke. She simultaneously tweaked the nipples as she flicked the rosebud. She could feel the lady respond as she quivered with each stroke Candice made. Candice was also aware of the tongue probing her but concentrated more on the person she was pleasuring. Candice enjoyed the feeling as the hips above her involuntarily started to grind into her. She loved that the pelvis rocked in time to her licking strokes. Taking one hand Candice reached around and slid a finger between her chest and the area below the pussy. She knew this was also a very sensitive area and as the lady rocked she could feel Candice’s finger massage her. Candice kinked her finger a little so that each time the woman rocked, her secondary play hole would be stimulated, but not entered heightening the sensation for her.

Candice was aware that it must be Albert who was teasing and playing with her with his tongue.

Even though she was blindfolded she could hear Antonio at first complaining about what he had to do to Man, but as Man was groaning and moaning with enjoyment she sensed that Antonio was enjoying sucking and stroking Man’s cock.

Candice could imagine Man’s enjoyment as Antonio slowly slid Man’s cock into his mouth. She could imagine the cock being rolled around and the tongue flicking over the glans enjoying every little drop of the sweet tasting pre-cum that seeped out. She could hear Antonio gag slightly as he engulfed Man’s cock deep into his throat. Man moaned as Antonio ran his hands over Mans chest tweaking and playing with his nipples making them hard and taut.

Candice was aware that the pussy grinding into her face was becoming more and more insistent as the body strove to go faster and faster seeking relief. Candice Sucked hard on the passion inflamed lips, sucking them deep and by doing so forcing the clit to rub even more firmly against her mouth. Candice could sense the release was close. Sensing this Candice became aware that her own treasure pot was on fire and needed to be quenched. Albert’s tongue was striving to penetrate her as he flicked her tasty bud. Candice felt a hand on her breast and as it synchronised with Albert’s tongue it flicked her nipple sending waves of pleasure through her body. She sensed it was Man’s hand as he too was gasping, seeking release from the firm stroking and sucking Antonio was giving his manhood. As if by sixth sense Candice reached out and touched a body. She could feel the smooth curve of a buttock and moved her fingers to the fold where she could finger the tightly puckered hole. In doing this she felt and heard Man give a loud cry as he exploded into Antonio’s mouth. At the same time hearing Man’s almost cry of anguish the lady furiously drove her hips and pussy down hard onto Candice’s face and uttering a bestial groan climaxed. As if to continue the trigger of events Candice felt her own body tighten and then tighten some more until with almost a wave of exasperation her body seemed to explode into a zillion pieces each more sensitive than the other.

The room was filled with the hoarse panting as bodies strived to get their breath and senses back.

Candice was aware that she had been wanting such relief for so long that to finally have it was fantastic. They all lay there basking in the afterglow gently stroking each other helping one another to come down from the post coital climax.

For a full five minutes not a word was said until Albert confidently said, “Guess I’m the winner, my paper work gets done first!”

Hands reached around behind Candice and released the blindfold. She blinked at the sudden rays of light. Even though they were still masked she recognised Albert, Antonio, and Man. She did not recognise the lady but put her roughly at the same age. She was attractive in a well-manicured sort of way, and although she wore a mask like those worn at masquerade parties it was obvious she spent time on makeup and beautification materials.

Looking at Albert, Candice could see his cock was still hard and turgid. She knew from the car that it was a nice specimen and seeing it now she realised it did need some attention.

Leaning over she whispered to Antonio, “If you are willing how about we see how quickly we can make him cum”.

Antonio nodded, not really knowing what Candice had in mind.

To be cont'd