Written by anon


We left part one with Fiona getting down between Kate our new neighbour's legs after I had just deposited a load into her delicious pussy. Well I sat on our patio chairs and watched as Fiona and Kate got into a 69 position with Fiona on top.Fiona was really getting into licking my cum from Kate savouring the mixed flavours of her pussy and my load. Kate was underneath Fiona feverishly flicking her tongue at Fi's clit. Well it wasn't long before I was hard again and Fiona was saying I need cock in me now. I positioned my self at the entrance to her moist hole and Kate guided me into that most welcoming of holes I knew so well. Now Fiona has probably one of the best pussy's I 've ever had the pleasure to experience ,not only is it hot and moist but because she regularly does pilates her pelvic floor muscles enable her to pulse and grip my cock and she can relax and tighten it at will which creates a fabulous sensation which never fails to turn me and the other swinging men we have played with. As I eased into her I felt Kate's tongue on Fi's clit and then on my cock and balls . The feeling these two were giving me was incredible. All the while Fiona was bringing Kate off with her tongue at the same time.Kate watched as Fiona gripped my cocked and marvelled as her juices began to flow down into Kate's awaiting mouth. Because I had cum not so long before I was able to prolong cumming again and suggested we take the action to our bedroom as Fiona had some toys there. We fell onto our bed the two girls resumed their pussy eating whilst I got our box of tricks from under the bed. Fiona has a number of toys including a rampant rabbit a double ended dildo and a dildo that matches my cock that we made from a kit bought online. I started using the rabbit toy on Kate's clit and Fiona and I toyed with her until she was begging for cock. The two of them got on they're knees doggy style and I entered Kate once more from behind and then used the dildo that was a replica of my cock on Fiona at the same time. Kate noticed the dildo was the exact size and shape of me and asked if she might try it for size so I pulled out of fi and replaced my cock in Kate with replica me. Oh wow Kate said it feels like you only it buzzes. I told Kate about how we made it out of a kit using a latex mould. That's so cool she said to which Fiona replied yes it helps when he is away on business too as we can skype and it feels like he is with me but the real thing is better. MMMM not bad though Kate shouted as she came to another orgasm on replica me. You are so lucky Fi ...Phill really does have a gorgeous cock. It's just the right length and is lovely and thick. By now I was ready to cum again and I told that i wanted to cum in Fiona's pussy and this time have her lick it out so the girls resumed their 69 with Fi on top and Kate licking her clit and my cock as it slid in and out . I' m gonna cum I said and pumped my hot cum into the entrance of fiona's pussy and then I pulled out and shot some into Kate's mouth. oh yes they said but hey once again they weren't finished This time Fiona got the double ender and inserted one end into her pussy and the other into Kate and these two horny ladies basically rowed each other to yet another set or orgasms whilst I stood between them sharing my cock between their lips. Well we had been at it for hours now and I was well and truly fucked and so were the girls. Kate noticed the time and said she must really get cleaned up and get her work stuff prepped for the next day. Next time she said I will give you the guided tour of my place. we kissed and she went home. Fiona said we need to get Kate a house warming gift.... which website did we get that kit off?