Written by Anonymous


The house behind ours had been empty for some time. I had met the landlords and they said they were looking for but as yet hadn't found the right tenant. Being as I love being naked when at home I had thought nothing of walking around au natural for sometime knowing there was nobody except the empty house behind that could see not that I really minded anyone seeing me naked but I' am conscious in this day and age of politically correct tossers with thin skins and of course children that would be wrong. Well I was as usual, naked lying in the sun one day recently when I thought I heard voices in the house behind ours. I checked but couldn't see anyone so just put it out of my mind. I had been casually stroking my cock which when hard is no monster but just about 8 inches with a decent girth so I have informed by the ladies who have sampled it. I heard a female voice from over the fence talking to a man thanking him for helping her shift her stuff in and where he could send his bill etc. I was now very aware that I had a new neighbour and that I would have to be more careful with my nudity so I thought. I didn't see the neighbour at all for the next few days but then again the weather was not exactly conducive to naked outdoor sunbathing either. one morning I was in our spare room sorting some junk when I glanced out of the window. There was my new neighbour lying topless on her lawn with only a very small G string protecting her modesty. I guessed she was in her mid thirties but later found out she was 46 and recently divorced but with that in mind she looked 36 or even younger. She had longish shoulder length red hair and a pair of boobs that were about 34 c and the sweetest nipples that begged to be licked. Well I had my cock out and was slowly stroking it to its hard length . I decided to go down into my garden to see if I could get closer to the action. I know its pervy but there are little knot holes in our fence and could not resist peeking through one at this beautiful sexy woman. I felt guilty as hell and decided that this was not the way I should be introduced to her. So I called out hey new neighbour I would like to introduce myself are you busy. Her voice called back no but give me a minute Im not decent...I thought you are more than decent. Soon her face appeared over the fence saying Hi Im Kate, I'm Phill I replied. I thought i heard you moving in a few days ago and have been meaning to come around but the rain has been horrible and I just never got around to it. Kate laughed and said I guess that's why you haven't been nudie sunbathing since then hey. Oops sorry I said I didn't mean to display my body but I love being naked at home and with your house being empty for a while i just took advantage.hope I didn't shock you? Relax she said I like being naked or next to naked too and I'm glad you don't have any hang ups about nudity and btw from where I was looking you have a good body . Well Kate and I were soon telling each other our life history ie divorce and all sorts of other trivial stuff . Look I said the suns going to be gone from your garden soon why don't you come over to mine and we can catch a few more rays etc . Ok she said give me five and I'll be over. She arrived wearing a long t shirt and what appeared to be nothing else on. carrying a bottle of oil and a towel. Kate lay down and removed the T shirt and lo and behold she was naked ...she had obviously gone indoors and removed the G string she was wearing earlier. Ok she said your turn. I took of my t shirt and then was about to remove my shorts when she said wait let me do that. Who was I to refuse . As she undid my shorts my very hard cock sprung out. Kate innocently said ooh have I caused this . It looks bigger close up and its certainly a beautiful cock my I ? Before I could say anything her lips parted and my member was in this sexy woman's mouth. Wow she said that's a lovely dick you have here much bigger than my ex'x too. and resumed her sucking whilst feeling my balls. I said if you continue that much longer I'm gonna cum . I hope so she replied I need some cum and I'm sure not gonna let it go to waste I adore hot spunk in my mouth. You wish is my command I said as the pent up cum shot out of him right down her awaiting throat. Mmmm yummy she said ....your turn I replied and got down between her legs. Kate was basically shaven which was great as I hated pubes and keep my own cock and balls shaven . She did have a small amount of red designer bush short and well trimmed like a landing strip above the most delicate coral pink pussy lips. I licked her slit moving up to her clit. She shuddered and quivered moaning yes that's the spot please don't stop. I had no intentions of stopping in fact I flicked and licked that pussy for a good half hour and Kate came untold times during that time; all the time pleading for me to give her my cock. Eventually I positioned my self at the entrance to her quim and slid my cock gently into her . Shen then did this thing that very few women Ive been with could manage. I felt her pelvic floor muscles clamp down on my cock as her legs gripped my back tightly . She screamed omg omg fuck me Phill your cock feels so so good . I could feel my balls slapping her arse as I pounded that hot wet pussy. I'm gonna cum I said . Cum in me she said I want to feel your hot cum again this time in my pussy. I could hold on no longer and pumped what seemed like gallons of spunk into that hole . She came as soon as the cum hit her vaginal walls, gripping my knob in a vice like grip . When we came back down to Earth she said God did I need that. I think you did, and I enjoyed watching now I'd like to introduce myself said a voice behind us .... It was my wife Fiona , she was naked and said now its my turn too, we will give him a break and let him get his breath back. In the meantime do you mind if clean his cum from you she said getting down between Kate's legs. Not at all Kate replied as Fiona's tongue entered her but that's the start of another story. (comment if you liked this and want to hear what happened next)