Written by KiwiBanga


It was very wet stormy night , just after having a hot shower and sitting down just in my robe to watch tv before heading to bed the power went off. I looked out the kitchen window to see the whole street was out.

Just as i lit a candle to lighten up the room. There was a knock at the door. I thought to myself who the hell would be knocking at this time of night in this weather. So get up to see who was at the door.

It was my next door neighbour , she was shaking and scared. I asked whats wrong Tracey are you okay where is James.

She tells me James had just left before the power outage to head to check on his mother. She then asks if she could stay here till James came home. I said of course you can , come in . Tracey saw i had the fire on and that i had a candle burning.

Tracey was about 20 years older than me , but she kept herself in good shape. She didn't look 56 , she looked more like 30.

She had long brown hair , green eyes , nice breasts and banging figure to match. I asked if she would like a drink , to which she replied yes please. So i get her a white wine and myself a Jim Beam on the rocks.

We start talking and i asked if she would like me to hang her jacket up for her. Slip out of your shoes Tracey and get comfy. I am sure James will not be too long. I moved the candle closer to her , so she wasn't in the dark. Tracey then says she can't see me clearly in the candle light .

Tracey was feeling better and we talked more about the weather. That was when i noticed she was wearing a long black night., that I had at first sight thought was a dress. It had two slits up the sides and when she moved the slit opened to see bare leg.

I stared for awhile as we talked and i could feel myself getting hard under my robe. My voice became a bit husky with my words. i ask if she was warm enough and she says yeah i am. She asks a few questions about a girl i was dating for a few months. So i answer them and some how we end up talking about how my sex life is. I was starting to feel uncomfortable , but yet getting turned on that she was asking.

Out of the blue she tells me that she had come over one day to drop off some tools James had borrowed back off to me and seen me & ex fucking through a window. Tracey says she watched for about 10 minutes before she couldn't take it anymore and had to dash home to have a play with herself. My jaw dropped and i was lost for words , yet i was getting even more turned on by what she was telling me.

Tracey finished her wine and asked if she may have another one. Of course i say , as i go to get up to get her glass from her hand. Oh shit sorry i say with a fright . Yep i had forgotten that i was in the darker part of the room and was still supporting a massive throbbing hard cock . Tracey says hash baby you don't have to be be sorry for anything and with that she pulls at my robe to loosen it , so she could see my hardness standing at attention for her.

She says lets forget about that wine and let me help you get that stiffness at ease . But Tracey your married and James is a friend. She then slaps my face and tells me to shut up. Drop to your knees boy and lick my cunt. No .. Yes you will and you will make me cum as you work my hot wet pussy. I couldn't fight the urge with the power in her voice demanding me too.

After about 10 minutes of me going down on her and Tracey having an unreal orgasm hard against my face.. She orders me to get on top off her 56 year old body and fuck her like i did my ex girl friend. I did as she told me to until she ordered me to fuck her in as many positions as we could think of at the time. After about an hour i blow my load , Tracey slapped my face once more and ordered me too keep going until she could not. She must of came 8 or 9 times and orgasmed about 12 times before i got another load away deep inside her tight asshole. I begged to stop , but Tracey was out of control and said she hasn't had a good fuck in years.

It was so intense and even though i was in shock of what was going on. It seem to make me just want to fuck her harder and fast , faster , slower and deeper. After about 4 hours of hard raw sex i grabbed her hips and thrust myself so deep into her that i could feel myself erupting inside her hot fuck hole one more time. Tracey let out an almighty scream and i could feel she was having one hell of a mighty powerful orgasm .. Her body shuttered and quiffered , it was so tense that it was squeezing me so hard it felt like my circulation was being cut off.

Just as we had fixed ourselves up and sat back in the chairs the power came back on. 15 minutes after the power had come back on , there was a knock at the door. It was James come to make sure Tracey was okay and not upset.

James came in for awhile and waited for Tracey to return from the bathroom. I asked how his mother was and that Tracey was a mess when she came over scared. James thanked me for looking after her and asks if i would like to come over for a BBQ in the weekend. I said no its okay , but James says he just wanted to show his appreciation for looking after his wife.

Tracey walk into the room just as i had told James No and says your coming aren't you. I look at her with mouth wide open and say okay okay i'll come.

After they leave , i slap myself to see if i wasn't dreaming and to say did that really just fucken happen........

Part 2

The weekend was upon us and i knew i had been ordered to attend the next door neighbours BBQ by Tracey.

After that stormy night my thoughts were running away with me and i just felt that i shouldn't go to the BBQ . But i knew if i didn't go to it James would be sent over by Tracey to make sure i was there , as i had never missed any of there parties before.

The BBQ was to kick off about 2pm and most of the neighbours in the street had been invited. We were all friends and had known each other for years. We had turns about of who would be hosting the parties. It was a monthly thing we did in the neighbourhood. The guys would talk about things that they were doing around the house that some of us neighbours might be able to help with. The girls had there little gossip sessions as us guys would call it , as all they seemed to talk about was who was doing what.

It was a very hot summers day and the temperature was hitting 34 degrees , so i was just in my singlet and board shorts with no underwear on underneath , i wore my jandals just to keep my feet from burning on the hot concrete.

When i arrived most of the other neighbours were already there. I shook the guys hands and gave each of the girls a kiss on the cheek and that is when i went to kiss Tracey on the cheek , she whispered in my ear that she was wearing no panties under her summer dress . As i pulled away i looked at her and gave her a wink as i gave the next girl a kiss.

It was 2 hours later and all the men were in the back yard doing the BBQ , as the girls were in the lounge and kitchen getting things ready.

As i walked inside to get another few more beers for the chilly bins they all stopped talking and just stared at me with smiles on there faces. I thought to myself straight away that Tracey had told them about us on that storm night when James was at his mums. So of course i just played it cool and carried on with what i had gone inside for.

Tracey then said that they were just talking about there sex lives with there husbands. I almost was lost for words , until i thought of something cheeky to say. " well at least you girls have got someone to have sex with " and with that they laughed. Yes we do they said , but we have seen some the girls you have been hooking up with lately. Okay i said , i have had a couple one night stands lately but nothing serious and continued to go back to the guys with the beers.

After we all had a feed and cleaned up , we began to sing to the music , the girls were dancing , as us guys were talking shit as we do after a few beers. It was about 10.15pm and just turning dark when i had to go inside to go to the toilet. That's when i found Tracey waiting outside the toilet door for me with 2 of the other girls from the neighbourhood.

She had told Lisa and Jules about what had happened. I said why did you tell them , you know it is meant to be our secret. Just as i had said that she grabs my cock through my board shorts and says to me , don't worry honey Lisa and Jules won't say anything aye girls. Quick as can be the girls start to kiss Tracey. Lisa slid her hand up Tracey's dress and started rubbing her pussy , as Jules got Traceys breasts out and sucked , kissed and licked them. That is when Tracey lead me to the bathroom by my cock and locked the door behind the 4 of us.

Tracey then tells me that she is bisexual and her Lisa & Jules were lovers. Tracey then rips at my shorts to pull them down to expose my bare cock , that was starting to feel the blood pumping through it. Lisa asks Tracey if she may suck my cock , Tracey tells Jules to get down on her knees to help Lisa with having turns sucking my cock.

Tracey stood there watching the girls working my cock in and out of there mouths , Tracey hitches up her dress and puts one leg up beside me on the basin. She then demands that i finger her now hot wet pussy as she enjoys what she see's Lias & Jules doing.

I begin to drive two and then 3 fingers deep into Traceys beautiful pussy , as i suck her big tits.

Tracey looks down to the girls and asks is it ready yet . I ask is what ready. She tells me to shut up and the girls reply yes Mistress Tracey it is ready for you. Then as quick as can be , Tracey forces me to the ground and hops on my top of very very hard cock that Lisa & Jules had been working on . Tracey orders Lisa to sit on my face and for Jules to sit on the basin with her legs spread in front of Tracey's face. Both Jules and Lisa answer okay Mistress Tracey.

Tracey rode my cock so hard as Lisa rode my face and Jules was getting eaten out by Tracey . About 5 minutes had gone by before Tracey had cum all over my cock. She let out a moan as she had to bury her face hard against Jules pussy to stop her from making her scream with pleasure. Tracey then demanded that Lisa & Jules have turns on riding my cock as she rides my face. Tracey wanted me to taste every drop of her juices. It wasn't long before both Lisa and Jules had cum over cock and i could feel there hot creamy juices flowing over my rock hard cock.

They said Mistress Tracey he is ready for you. I am think what the hell do they mean by that and then just as i was thinking that Tracey starts sucking the girls juices from my cock. Tracey then kisses me passionately , sliding her tongue down my throat. I could taste both girl from her and oh my goodness it was a yummy taste. A taste i had never tasted before.

Tracey , Lisa and Jules then kneel down on the floor and ask me to cum over there faces. I look down at all 3 of them and start to stroke my cock so hard. There mouths were begging me to explode my hot creamy cum into them.

Tracey demands that i cum for her and with a little bit of teasing with there tongues on my cock i let my load unleash onto there faces and down there throats . They catch some of my cum in there hands and rub it over each others tits and pussies as they let moan that i taste devine. Tracey then asks if i would kiss them. I do as Tracey asks and the taste of my cum was sweet in there mouths. This seemed to make the girls even more turned on that i was tasting myself from there mouths..

25 minutes had gone by and we cleaned ourselves up before we headed back out to the party one at a time.

I thought i would make it look like i had gone home and entered back to the party through the other gate that connected our houses. I thought to myself that it would be hard to talk to James , Terry and Jason after i had just fucked their wives.

But it wasn't as hard as i had thought. Tracey , Lisa and Jules were standing beside them talking and they asked me if i had an unset tummy too from what i ate. As that was what they had told their husbands on why they had been so long in the bathroom. I said yeah that is why i had to go home , as there was a line up at your toilet.

We kept partying for a bit longer before i told them i had to go home , as i had work i had to do around at a friends the next day. I said thank you for the hospitality and shook the guys hands , before kissing the girls good night. Tracey whispered in my ear. " You , Lisa , Jules and Me are now fuck buddies ".

As i move away from kissing Tracey she smiles with a naughty grin on her face and says Good Night and sweet dreams.

When i get home , i turn the shower on and get ready to jump in. But instead i turn the shower off , as i could still smell pussy juice all over my cock. I thought i would have a shower in the morning and saver the smell of the 3 beautiful woman for the night. I woke the next morning with the hardest throbbing cock i had had in along time from a dream. The smell of Tracey , Lisa and Jules still on me was making me hornier . So i just lay on my bed and stroked my stiff hard cock till i shot my load and squirted everywhere with the thought of having another session with the girls.

Part 3

Tracey rang me at home on the following Monday morning after the BBQ. James had just left for work and Tracey wanted to tell me that she has organised for a get together with Me , Lisa , Jules and herself to met up for another night of fun this Friday night at a motel just out of town.

I agreed to meeting up with the girls without any thought of feeling guilty of what we were doing behind my friends back.

As the week slowly drifted by , my thoughts of having another night with Tracey , Lisa and Jules would make me extremely horny and i so wanted to have a wank to the dirty images going through my head at that time.

But as i would start to touch myself , i could hear Tracey ringing in my ears , reminding me not to play with myself. She didn't want me wasting any of my cum and wanted me to let it build up for her , Lisa and Jules.

I woke up Thursday morning to find that i was fully erect. Without any thought i began to stroke and just as i was building up pressure to let a hot sticky load unleash a mess , Tracey calls saying you better not of had a wank this week. I reply no i haven't. How did she know i was playing with myself , i was thinking when she asked that question. How did Tracey know to ring at the time of me wanting unload ? Tracey demand that i should hold my load till Friday , as she said she had a surprise for me and needed a big load for it.

I stopped stroking my cock and thought i would go have a cold shower to see if that would make the throbbing go away. My throbbing cock slowly went back to sleep as the cold water hit my body. But my imagination was still getting the best of me. Just after i got out of the shower and had dried myself off , the phone rang again. It was Tracey , she told me that their husbands will be away for the night camping and hunting till Sunday. She had heard them talking about going on a hunting trip for that weekend and thought she would plan for us to have a dirty time well they were away. Tracey had just got confirmation that the boys were leaving at 5pm after they finish work on Friday.

Tracey said she will ring on Friday morning after James leaves for work , to let me know the address of the motel and what time she wants me to arrive.

Friday morning arrived and there was no phone call from Tracey at the usual time. After 2 hours of waiting the phone rang and it was Tracey. She said sorry i am late calling , but i had to give James some loving this morning or he would of thought something was up. I said you have to do , what you have to do , to keep him happy and not make him sepeck anything is going on.

Tracey then continues to tell me the motel , the address and what time she would like me to arrive. She told me that Jules will turn up first at 8pm , then Lisa at 8.30pm and me at 9pm. Tracey orders me to bring any sex toys i have and my g strings.

How does she know i have sex toys and g strings i began to wonder to myself.

I ask is there anything else you would like me to bring. Tracey says maybe a few drinks and nibbles for smoko breaks.

Smoko breaks i say. Yes smoko breaks Tracey says. You are going to be working hard to pleasure us and you need to keep your energy up. As Tracey is just about to hang up the phone , i hear a knock at the door. There was guy standing there with a parcel in his hand . Tracey had sent me a Police uniform via courier and then she tells me that i have to wear the uniform on arrival.

In the parcel with the uniform was i told Tracey was a double end dong that was slim at one end and thicker at the other end. The Double end dong slipped into where the baton goes on the belt. There was a vibrater in the shape of a gun which fitted into the gun holster. There were two sets of hand cuffs and ties. There was a flashlight ( penis stroker ) that fitted in the torch holster. There was also a strapon cock that fitted above the penis for double penetration . The Police uniform had velcro up the sides of it , to rip the uniform off in an emergency.

Tracey confirmed yes that is what she had brought for me to wear. She said that when i arrive at the motel. I am to knock on the door like a policeman and then just enter in a hurry to catch them doing a crime. Tracey then went on to say , you will catch us in the act of sexual favours on police woman. Policewomen ? Yes Lisa and Jules will be wearing police uniforms too . May i ask what you will be wearing. Tracey replies i will be a Dominatrix and i will make you all my slaves.

Tracey then says goodbye as she hangs up.

My heart starts to race as i look at the uniform and toys. I think to myself what hell have i got myself into this time.

Part 4

Seven O'clock arrives and just two hours to go , before i knock on the door of sin city.

As I sit and ponder over the last week of adventure in my life. Nothing i have done before I fucked Tracey that stormy wet night can compare to what i am about to do tonight.

Sitting there looking at the police uniform with all the toys made my imagination play tricks on me. The thought of me turning up to the motel room last , was starting to freak me out a little bit. What was i going to encounter when i got there , Why did Tracey want me to arrive last .?. I had to tell myself over and over that i had nothing to worry about and that Tracey would take care of everything to make me feel comfy.

Eight O'clock , time to have a shower and get ready for a night of fun and mayhem. I use my nice smelling shower gel in the shower , the one i only us for special occasions. LYNX Dark. Well cleaning myself all with the shower gel , i start to feel myself getting hard. Fuck it has been almost seven days without being able to release some stress and my now fully erect cock was telling me , that if i do not let a load off soon he will die. I have to tell him one more hour that all , one more hour and you can let all your juice out.

I get out the shower , dry off and get dressed. The uniform fits like a glove. In my mad rush to put the police uniform on , i forgot to put the g string that Tracey had told me to wear on underneath. I think to myself should i unchange to put it on. NO i say time is getting on and the uniform was feeling to good to take off to start over again.

As i drive up to the motel i don't see Tracey or the other girls cars anywwhere. I pull up right outside the number of the room. Tracey had book room 69 and it was a corner by its self. My nerves are starting to kick in and my heart begins to pound like fuck.

I walk up to Room 69 and knock on the door , I hear Tracey's voice. My nerves start to disappear. I rush inside and say freeze your all under arrest , well holding the vibrator like a gun. ( This is how Tracey wanted me to enter the room ). I kick the door shut behind me , as i move into the bedroom where the girls were. Oh My Fucken Gosh as i walk into the room.

Jules was in dogging position with her police uniform still on and the zip open from the back to the front between her legs. Lisa was behind Jules well wearing a strapon that was deep inside Jules pussy. I look around the room and see that there are three video cameras all recording and Tracey no where insight. Just as i was about to turn around , Tracey has grabbed my baton ( double end dong ) from my baton holster and had it against my throat as she pulled on it from behind. I could feel something on my leg , but i didn't know what it was.

Tracey through me on the bed beside Jules and Lisa. Tracey demanded tthe other two girls to rip my pants off me , as she held me down face first into the pillow . She then told Lisa to lie on the bed in front of with her strapon facing my face. Tracey then ordered Jules to tie my arms to the bed posts. Just as Jules had finished tying me , i felt a cold wet dripping feeling around my ass. The next thing i know , i am letting out a loud moan of pain at first , because of the shock that my arsehole had just been opened by Tracey and her strapon So Tracey had a strapon on and that was the thiing touchng my leg.

Tracey slowly slid deeper into my hole , my moans were loud , so Tracey ordered that Lisa gag me with her strapon cock she had been fucking Jules with. Lisa put the cock in my mouth to shut me up , as Tracey started to get her groove on. She held my hips tight and kept pulling herself into me harder. I was feeling scared by the way Tracey had forced me onto the bed and has started to give me anal. She started telling me to take her cock deeper in my ass. Lisa began to slide her cock in and out of my mouth , slowly she started to fuck my mouth. Jules had her hand under my body and was squeezing my cock well rubbing her pussy. Tracey guided Lisa to my ass and told her to fuck me as hard and as fast as she can , as Tracey swapped with her and began fucking my mouth.. I could taste myself and it tasted strange. Apparently i had ass cum ( what ever that is ) and Tracey told me to clean her cock of it.

After a couple of hours of them having there way with me , we had a break with a few beers and snacks .

Part 5

It was about 15 minutes into us having a break when Tracey decided she had to got to the bathroom. Well Tracey was in the bathroom , i told the girls to come closer for a minute and whispered to Lisa and Jules about us getting our own back on Tracey. They agreed to my plan and they sat back in there seats just as Tracey came out of the bathroom.

Tracey says you guys are very quite , are you all tried. We laugh and say No. But you might be after we finish with you ( we say this as we grab Tracey ).

We lead Tracey to the bed as we strip her along the way , we throw her onto the bed and tie her hands to the bed posts. Jules grabs the strapon that Tracey was wear and slides it up her legs , as she tightens it around her hips.

Tracey yells at us .... what the fuck are you cunts doing , i am your Mistress she tries to remind us. Myself , Jules and Lisa are all wearing our Police uniforms again as we turn to Tracey and say to her ... Well sometimes Mistresses need to be put back into place too.

We had Tracey face down on the bed and tied to the bed posts. I said to the girls , who want to fuck her with me as the other one shoves there cock down her throat. Jules says i will fuck her with you. So we all got into our positions. I lubed Traceys ass and pussy , rubbing my hand from front to back , to make sure her holes were wet and ready for us.

I held my arm in the air and then when i would dropped my arm , it meant we ram our cocks into our designated hole. Jules had slid under Tracey to fuck her pussy from below and i was kneeling looking down at her tight little arsehole , as Lisa got inches away from her mouth.

I dropped my arm and we were away. We all entered Tracey at the same time , making sure we went deep fast and hard soon as we entered. Tracey let out one hell of a moan. She began to gag on Lisa as she tried to scream with pleasure.

I was pounding myself so hard and deep into Tracey's ass , that she began to have an orgasm only 3 minutes into us fucking her. You fucken love it don't you Tracey i was saying. Jules told to take her all the way in your now wet gushing pussy. Lisa slapped Tracey face and was saying suck my cock you dirty fucken whore , your not in charge now you fucken bitch. Even though Tracey had tried to fight us from tying her up , she eventually gave in.

We fucked Tracey for about 30 minutes before we swapped positions.I got underneath Jules had the mouth and Lisa had Tracey'snow opened arsehole. We all slammed our cocks in at the sametime again and Tracy let out another big loud moan. Slap her ass i say to Lisa . Lisa slaps her ass and could hear her hand hitting Tracey's flesh. Tracey moaned loudly and i told Jules to slap her face to shut her up as she drove her cock deep down Tracey's throat. I was feeling go now , after what Tracey had done to me when i got there.

I was pumping Tracey and i was feeling every inch of my cock sliding deep into her and then out off her. Tracey was starting to have multiple orgasms closer together and i could fell my balls soaked with her juices. I could feel her juices dripping down my ass crack.

I then said to Lisa and Jules , should we roll her over on her back and have turns on her hot pussy and ass. Lisa and Jules loved this idea . So Jules had first go , as me and Lisa stood in front of Tracey fucking her mouth.

Next Lisa's turn was up and she fucked Tracey so hard we could feel Tracey's body sliding forward as we were ramming our cocks into her mouth. Lisa was slapping her ass cheeks so fucken hard Tracey scream everytime. I asked JUles if she would like to get behind Lisa and fuck Lisa as she fucks Tracey. Jules said hell yeah and away went to enter Lisa from behind as i sat on Tracey slidding my cock in and out of her mouth. Tracey looked up at me and kept saying .. You fucken bartasd , fuck me , fuck me you fucken bartasd. Give me that big hot cock.

I get up and watch Jules fucking Lisa as Lisa fucks Tracey.. Oh fuck that is so fucken hot. I whip behind Jules and say to Jules .. Are you ready for me to fuck you Jules.... Yes Yes Yes slide your nice cock deep inside me. What a sight me inside Jules , Jules inside Lisa and Lisa inside Tracey who was receiving all of our pounding.

Tracey was showing signs of tiredness and that is when i pulled out of Jules and told the girls to move aside. They knew what i was up to and what i was going to do to Tracey. I pushed myself so deep into Tracey's hot cunt so i could feel my balls slapping against her ass. I began to go wild on Tracey's pussy. Fucking it so hard and fast well trying not to faint from the blood pumping so fast through my veins. Oh fuck i moaned loudly. Tracey look up at me as i began sucking her tits. Jules and Lisa stood there watching as they touched each other and kissed. Both girls moaned to me to cum inside Tracey. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to exploding deep into Tracey. Lisa and Jules both start moaning loudly as they watched me fuck Tracey and these seemed to turn me on big time to watch him and her them as i fucked our Mistress. Oh fuck Oh fuck fuck fuck yes yes yes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. My body lost control and i could feel myself start to shake. Had i just experienced an awesome orgasm of my own.

I lay there for about 20 minutes with my cock still inside Tracey as i felt both our juices flowing from her pussy on the my balls . Jules and Lisa joined us on the bed as we lay there holding each other in passion. It was now 4.15am and we all just crashed on the bed as we were.

The next morning we woke about 8am. The girls each had my cock with a one on one before we all got together for a session of fun.

Tracey had the room till 12pm as she had asked for a later check out time than the 10am that they normally do. We tidied up and said goodbye to one another.

Before we leave , Tracey thanks us for coming and tells us that she did not expect that to happen after our break. That is when i tell her " but you loved it". To which she replies yes i loved it so much that i lost control of myself and could stop myself from cumming.

We head home and later that night Tracey calls me and asks if i would like to pop over for a coffee.

The Final Part

It had been almost 6 weeks since I had heard from Tracey , Jules or Lisa.

We had all been very busy with our jobs as well as life's challenges and winter was almost upon us , daylight saving had finished. So the nights were darker and colder. We had seen each other briefly in passing , but never had the time to have a get together or chat , just a quick Hello.

I had began dating a lady i have known for over 25 years. She told me after all this time , that she use to have a mad crush on me and that she some day hoped that we would be together. I said to her , I have to been honest with you. I had a crush on you too back then , but didn't say anything back then because i was 4 years older than you and i was your sports teams coach.

We laughed about it and how we were in the old days. It was like we were meant to be together after being apart for so long. She asked me if i had any kids and i replied "None That I Know Of". She laughed and said oh have you been a naughty boy to be saying that ?

No i haven't been a naughty boy i reply with a cheeky grin on my face. She looks at me and says oh I think you have. I bet your been with a few woman over the years "she adds".

I quickly bounce the question back onto her and she replies , I have 5 kids. Oh you have been busy I say. We laugh and then i ask are they all to the same man ? Hell No is the reply. They are to 3 diferent men who I use to go out with.

We talk some more before sex became the topic. It was so weird , as it was like we were soul mates. Our sexual experiences we had done were so similar , as was our sexual fantasies that we want to do were too . It wasn't long before we got down and dirty.

As we lay there cuddling into each other. We both went to say the same thing at the same time. What we said was " That was the best sex i have ever had " . We cracked up and I said do you think it was the feeling of sex or maybe the feeling of love , that made it feel so great.

She says to me what do you think it was ? Well because I have never felt anything like it , I would have to say LOVE . She agreed and we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day after work , Tracey came over with tears in her eyes . I asked her what's wrong? Tracey looks at me and begins to cry. Tracey what's wrong , why are you so upset ?... I was lucky the my new girlfriend had her own place or she might have come home at anytime.

Tracey then lets the cat out of the bag and starts to explain what is troubling her. Tracey goes on to tell me that she had gone to the doctors for her 6 month check up and was told by the doctor that she was pregnant. She replied to the doctor how could that be at my age. I'm 56 and your telling me i am up the duff. Yep says the doctor by what i am seeing your about 6 weeks along. Oh shit i say. Could it be your husbands? Tracey tells me No as the last time her and James had sex was 3 weeks before she got pregnant. Oh fuck i say. what are you going to do Tracey. Lie she says and say i am 9 weeks.

Tracey stops crying as i give her a big hug. She then drops a bigger bombshell on me and tells me that i will be a daddy to three babies. Oh are you having triples Tracey ? She replies with a " HELL NO " . Jules and Lisa are pregnant too at 6 weeks. BULLSHIT were the first words that came out of my mouth. Tracey says no bullshit. What the fuck i say .

Tracey then tells me that her , Jules and Lisa have it all planned out of what they were going to tell there husbands. So where do i fit into your plans Tracey , to which she replies you don't.

You have your new girlfriend and you both look so happy together. Don't worry you will always see your kids running around the neighbourhood. But i won't be able to help bring them up. Tracey then add's you don't want to break up 3 marriages just so you can be apart of your kids life do you and with those last words she left.

I was fuming and so mad. My anger was starting to get the best of me and i knew i couldn't live in this neighbourhood much longer. That night i told my new girlfriend about what had happened and the situation i was now put in. She was very supportive and caring.

I put the house on the market the next week and it sold 2 weeks after it was advertised.

Me and my new girlfriend brought a house in the country. A year later she broke the good news to me , that we were going to have a twins . I was over the moon and straight away i asked her to be my wife. We got married just before baby arrived and we have lived happily ever since.