Written by Kiwibanga


It was very wet stormy night , just after having a hot shower and sitting down just in my robe to watch tv before heading to bed the power went off. I looked out the kitchen window to see the whole street was out.

Just as i lit a candle to lighten up the room. There was a knock at the door. I thought to myself who the hell would be knocking at this time of night in this weather. So get up to see who was at the door.

It was my next door neighbour , she was shaking and scared. I asked whats wrong Tracey are you okay where is James.

She tells me James had just left before the power outage to head to check on his mother. She then asks if she could stay here till James came home. I said of course you can , come in . Tracey saw i had the fire on and that i had a candle burning.

Tracey was about 20 years older than me , but she kept herself in good shape. She didn't look 56 , she looked more like 30.

She had long brown hair , green eyes , nice breasts and banging figure to match. I asked if she would like a drink , to which she replied yes please. So i get her a white wine and myself a Jim Beam on the rocks.

We start talking and i asked if she would like me to hang her jacket up for her. Slip out of your shoes Tracey and get comfy. I am sure James will not be too long. I moved the candle closer to her , so she wasn't in the dark. Tracey then says she can't see me clearly in the candle light .

Tracey was feeling better and we talked more about the weather. That was when i noticed she was wearing a long black night., that I had at first sight thought was a dress. It had two slits up the sides and when she moved the slit opened to see bare leg.

I stared for awhile as we talked and i could feel myself getting hard under my robe. My voice became a bit husky with my words. i ask if she was warm enough and she says yeah i am. She asks a few questions about a girl i was dating for a few months. So i answer them and some how we end up talking about how my sex life is. I was starting to feel uncomfortable , but yet getting turned on that she was asking.

Out of the blue she tells me that she had come over one day to drop off some tools James had borrowed back off to me and seen me & ex fucking through a window. Tracey says she watched for about 10 minutes before she couldn't take it anymore and had to dash home to have a play with herself. My jaw dropped and i was lost for words , yet i was getting even more turned on by what she was telling me.

Tracey finished her wine and asked if she may have another one. Of course i say , as i go to get up to get her glass from her hand. Oh shit sorry i say with a fright . Yep i had forgotten that i was in the darker part of the room and was still supporting a massive throbbing hard cock . Tracey says hash baby you don't have to be be sorry for anything and with that she pulls at my robe to loosen it , so she could see my hardness standing at attention for her.

She says lets forget about that wine and let me help you get that stiffness at ease . But Tracey your married and James is a friend. She then slaps my face and tells me to shut up. Drop to your knees boy and lick my cunt. No .. Yes you will and you will make me cum as you work my hot wet pussy. I couldn't fight the urge with the power in her voice demanding me too.

After about 10 minutes of me going down on her and Tracey having an unreal orgasm hard against my face.. She orders me to get on top off her 56 year old body and fuck her like i did my ex girl friend. I did as she told me to until she ordered me to fuck her in as many positions as we could think of at the time. After about an hour i blow my load , Tracey slapped my face once more and ordered me too keep going until she could not. She must of came 8 or 9 times and orgasmed about 12 times before i got another load away deep inside her tight asshole. I begged to stop , but Tracey was out of control and said she hasn't had a good fuck in years.

It was so intense and even though i was in shock of what was going on. It seem to make me just want to fuck her harder and fast , faster , slower and deeper. After about 4 hours of hard raw sex i grabbed her hips and thrust myself so deep into her that i could feel myself erupting inside her hot fuck hole one more time. Tracey let out an almighty scream and i could feel she was having one hell of a mighty powerful orgasm .. Her body shuttered and quiffered , it was so tense that it was squeezing me so hard it felt like my circulation was being cut off.

Just as we had fixed ourselves up and sat back in the chairs the power came back on. 15 minutes after the power had come back on , there was a knock at the door. It was James come to make sure Tracey was okay and not upset.

James came in for awhile and waited for Tracey to return from the bathroom. I asked how his mother was and that Tracey was a mess when she came over scared. James thanked me for looking after her and asks if i would like to come over for a BBQ in the weekend. I said no its okay , but James says he just wanted to show his appreciation for looking after his wife.

Tracey walk into the room just as i had told James No and says your coming aren't you. I look at her with mouth wide open and say okay okay i'll come.

After they leave , i slap myself to see if i wasn't dreaming and to say did that really just fucken happen........