Written by We2AreAlwaysKeen


Last Paragraph Of Part One:

Time ticked past still frozen and my heart pounding I could not help it but i started to think of the courier and John watching me, how long were they therefore, how much did they see, did they like what they saw.

Part Two:

All these thoughts running around my head was to much for me, not sure if it was guilt or emotions which i had just experienced but instead of feeling happy and glowing like I did five minutes ago I feel like i have let myself and my hubby down tears started to flow down my flushed cheeks.

Fuck what the hell am I thinking, it is perfectly okay to do what i did and it was damn fantastic it was them in the wrong not me,I did not invite them in they just came in and god damn do I look great for a lady in her mid forties, stuff them and there thoughts if I want to please myself I will. Wiping the last tear away a got up and looked in the mirror damn I am Sexy after an orgasm or two, and with that I put on a small tank top and shorts. Picking up the dirty washing I took it down and put it in the washing machine looking out the window I could not see John in the garden which is unusual as he loves his garden and spends a lot of time in there now since his wife past away a couple of years ago.

Plucking up all the courage I could muster i headed up the driveway to his place. We shared the driveway Johns house first then his beautiful garden then our place. Looking around I could not see John anywhere, so as he did i just let myself in and headed for the sun room as I got closer i could hear a familiar sound, the closer I got I could feel my face getting red also my pussy getting wet again. I should have turned and left but something made me continue towards the sun room quietly so not to be heard. Feeling like a naughty school girl I peered into the room, almost falling into the wall and the sun room there was John lying on the couch naked and his hand sliding up and down on what I can only describe as a lethal weapon in the wrong hands. My eyes wide open not even blinking, watching him tend to his cock ,at least 10" long, the width of a coke can and so very very hard, I can now see why his wife used to walk around with a smile on her face, I know I have at the moment.

I must have been standing there for some time in a trance because when I came to my senses I was completely naked and my fingers working there magic again, both top and bottom it was then I could hear my fingers playing in my hot wetness and if I could so could John. I quickly looked up and yes he was smiling and pointed with his cock to the seat opposite him, At no stage did he stop stroking his wonderful cock, but had increased his speed and now stroking it with both hands, pre cum had made it so wet and easy to slide both hands up and down his enormous rock hard cock.

I looked over at the chair and starting to head in that direction I noticed a clock above the chair, shit were had the time gone hubby will be home soon, in two minds I smiled at John removed my fingers from my pussy and the other hand from my hard nipple, smiling from ear to ear I blow John a kiss picked up my cloths and headed for the door. Do i tell hubby? will he get upset? what will he say or think? As I got to the door and went to open it, but it was already being opened and Jay was coming in ( Jay being my man ) still naked, hot, red and my wetness trickling down my inner thighs, i did not have to think anymore, as there was Jay smile on his face and camera in hand.

No words were required I headed back to the sun room were John was still stroking his beautiful large cock I went straight up to him knelt down and took his cock into my hands and the head into my hot mouth, I could hear Jay snapping away behind me with the camera, OMG I have never felt this way before I was cumming without receiving any attention, but just with the fact of knowing what could be in stall for me and with Johns beautiful large cock sliding in and out of my hands and mouth.