Written by We2AreAlwaysKeen


As I awoke eyes half open I look across the room at the windows and realize the curtains are open and the windows ajar which I never do I must have been so tried when I got in last night as it was the forth 12 hour shift I had worked. Still half a sleep I felt that all familiar wave of hot air washed over my body closing my eyes I started to doze off feeling safe in my own bed i felt my hand slip down between my legs. As I normally sleep in shorts and a small sleeveless tee I was totally surprised to find myself naked hot and very wet it felt so good my bodies temp was raising quickly as my fingers teased there way up and down my legs stopping to pay attention to my very hot and wet pussy, I slowly started to move my legs apart giving greater access to my now very hot wet shaved pussy.

I lost all care in the world and kicked off the sheets as I lay completely naked one hand pinching and pulling my nipples and the other between my pussy lips pushing not one but three fingers in and out of my hot wet pussy, immm i had completely forgotten the curtains and windows were open. If anyone comes to visit they must pass my windows and have a clear view into my room and across to my bed this is were the real story lies / begins.

I was so caught up in the moment I started to moan in pleasure and not my normal soft moans but the ones which come from deep within you, you know the loud ones. I now had my three fingers moving quickly and my thumb circling over my clit. I could hear my fingers working there magic now my moans and wetness of my fingers had me in a extreme aroused state. I moved my other hand down to help , now having two fingers playing on my clit it was so enlarged and sensitive to my touches it is not going to take long to send me over the top. Between my now load moans and wetness of my pussy I could feel that intense feeling building up within me O god I had not felt this way in a very very long time , because of this I did not want this feeling to stop I was in a whole new world of self pleasure and it felt great. I did not even hear the van pull up in the driveway, it was not till I heard a knock on the front door I realized someone would have seen and heard me for sure, I froze for what seem like an entirety.

My eyes shoot open as I could feel the presence of someone else in the room, i was steering straight into the eyes of a courier post guy not sure whose eyes were wider his or mine . I broke the eye contact and looked down my hands were still playing one on my clit and one in my pussy shit what should or could i do how am I going to speak to courier guy again, I looked back and he was gone I then heard the van pulling away up the driveway, my heart was racing i had been caught in stead of stopping i increased my pace as this just turned me on even more I could not stop even if i wanted to I was aroused like nothing before.

I learned over to my drawers and got out my new number one favorite vibrator it feels so real and big, maybe due to the fact it was 10” long and 3" wide with the shaft getting wider the further up you push it. Normally I would need to well lubricated this toy because of the size but not today it just slipped in and not with ease it felt like I was in heaven.

I slowly started to push it all the way in with the thoughts of the courier man I widened my legs and started to pump the vibrator in and out turning it on to max again I had this feeling I was being watched I slowly opened my eyes and looked across the room straight into my mirror I could see the vibe moving in and out at lighting speed I can now see why my partner loves using my toys on me, there is know one here so i just keep going.

I did not think I could get even hot but I was very wrong by now the vibe was on full and being pushed all the way in. My moans had turned to pleasure screams I was going to cum very soon.

I closed my eyes again and drifted into the land of self pleasure what a great place. My hand was moving like it never had before with the other hand rubbing frantically on my clit OMG another first, I had a super orgasm and squirted all over my bed , wave after wave of pleasure being released all at once had me lost,after the waves started to slow down i just lay there eyes closed vibe just on and me pushing it in and out very slowly. I was taking it all in relaxing letting the motions wash down over me when I got that feeling again I was not alone this time i slowly opened my eyes. Shit i was not alone anymore my neighbor was sanding there mouth and eyes wide open and his hand in his pants.

For the second time today I had been caught. I could not speak or move, John looked at me smiled turned and walked away without saying a word just a smile from ear to ear.

Time ticked past still frozen and my heart pounding I could not help it but i started to think of the courier and John watching me, how long were they therefore, how much did they see, did they like what they saw.