Written by Slipperysam


He was 25, and his lover of two years was 28.

The headboard creaked loudly as it sagged against her weight. He looked down at her pretty pear shaped arse, the pink and red hues contrasted sharply with the pearly skin of her back and legs, forming a heart shape in rouge. Her arms stretched out in front alongside her head to the handcuffs and the taught chain which circled around the towels protecting the timber of the headboard.

Her hands curled into fists where they tightly gripped at the sheet. Her dark hair, which had clumped into braid like strands as they had become soaked with perspiration, flowed out from her head, obscuring her face and elbows from him. Her belly was held up from the bed with a sleeping bag and three pillows, tightly secured to her with two leather belts across her lower back, a blockade over which she was bent to prevent her from lowering her bottom away from him.

Taught ropes from all four corners of the bed came in toward her knees, forming a large, hairy mustard coloured X. They were tied to the feet beneath the head and foot of the bed, one rope on each side. They passed in to her knees where they wrapped around the knee pads she wore, fastened tightly around her legs with Velcro straps to keep her from bringing her ass away from him.

All she could move was her head up and down, her feet in and out and her backside forward and back about four inches, enough movement to allow for blood to circulate but not enough to move out of his reach, ensuring he would not miss her.

“I told you not to cum” he said, trying to sound bored.

She preferred him to use a nonchalant tone of voice rather than a strict one, as if she was of little consequence, barely even worth any attention at all, let alone anger.

The evidence leaked down slowly from her red pussy, shining in the long dusty blade of afternoon sun as it pierced in through the narrow gap between the curtains.

“ah innint” came her muffled response. The chinstraps and ball were doing their job, severely restricting her vocal agility.

“Yes you did, don’t lie” came his idle response. “Now you get one on your leg”

He cracked her hard across the bottom of her foot with the riding crop, angling the blow so it stuck her across the soft instep. It was his usual trick, to strike in a different place to where he had said he would. A red line immediately appeared.

“GAH” came her response, as she shuddered against the bonds, making the bed exert another creak.

He tickled her exposed labia with the soft leathery ends of the crop, before moving one of her flaps aside look into her. More fluid leaked, fattening the trail winding down her inner thigh.

“You came pretty hard”

He poked the tip of the crop into her, eliciting another groan.

“You can come properly now” he said, quietly. “But make it quick. You have to hurt a lot more before I have to leave”

He ran the hard tip of the crop repeatedly from her mound up the crack of her pussy and over her ass, the soft flaps of leather angling out of her like half folded wings, pausing occasionally to press it a little way into either her ass or her vagina when he saw fit.

After a short time, she shuddered, her pussy gaping as hot fluid shot out in a flourish adding another line of moisture to the bed in a streak behind her.


He had to try hard to hide the excitement in his voice. This was the fourth time she had squirted out an orgasm, and today they were so intense, coming out at least a foot before softly drumming along the tight sheets over the bed. The makeup sex was going to be long and intense as well, and he could hardly wait, the hardness of his erection giving away his desire.

He pushed the crop along the wetness running from her thigh, and scraped it up along her ass, smearing it across her in long wet streaks, before lifting the crop again and laying another hard stripe across the outside of her thigh, causing another shudder and subsequent grunty gasp to burst out from her.

Whish – STRappp! Another harder stripe just below the previous caused another short streak to shoot forth from her open hole!

Fifth orgasm!

He considered how turned on she was today! He hadn’t seen her like this for many months. Perhaps it was worth not having any sex for three weeks to get her like this. Those twenty one long days had in itself seemed like torturous agony to him. She had been on a self-imposed journey of abstention in an attempt to make today ‘the best ever session, and I promise you the sex afterward will be even better baby!’

The forced retreat from sexual affairs was now making sense. She always made sense, he mused.

He loved her in more ways than he could count, in ways that he was unaware of until they surprised him. Not even being able to bring himself to orgasm in the last couple of weeks as she shunned him was a good example of his deep desire for her. She made him blind to all others, made him even unable to excite himself without her being part of the experience. His heart bounced for her, and he knew she held it firmly for him.

“Ah! You have cum. Again! You are not to cum until I tell you to!”

He hoped he would see her squirt out another one as he lay the crop down across her ass again and again. He was dying for it. Each climax she accidentally let lose meant more attention for him afterward.

He was merciless. Strike after strike.

She began to cry. He did not stop. This was part of the game.

Crack crack crack. Legs, ass, thigh, foot, calf. He worked his way around her lower body again and again. She grunted and shook with each one.

“op op” she grunted out. “OP”

The night before they had talked about what they were going to do. The build-up over those three weeks had been insufferable. Sly smiles to each other about what was coming had been quietly adding to the anticipation. Late the night before, as they spooned in bed, him with his extremely hard, starved stiff pushed up against her back, she had whispered to him how she would handle him after she had been ‘corrected’, her word for their torture sessions. She had described in detail everything she was going to do to him, starting from the first kiss she would rush to give him after she was released right up to swallowing his thick spunk at the end.

They had talked about how she wanted to express herself, including their safe word, “Stop”. He had joked about it really being “OP”, how she uttered it through her gag.

She told him how she had said stop before by mistake, the word coming out naturally as part of their play, and how disappointed she was to be brought straight back to reality when he did stop and turn suddenly soft for her, moving quickly to release her and soothe her. She had never said the word once and actually meant it, she confessed. He was surprised. She had done a good job of acting as if it was genuine both times.

She told him he was so good at his ‘corrections’ that she trusted him completely and that he would never go too far. She told him how he read her so well, she was always satisfied with him and what he did to her.

The conversation ended with her saying she wanted a new word. One that would not come up during correction. They discussed a number of words before finally settling on “reek”. They both had laughed at it – such an absurd thing to say, but she would be able to say it around the gag and probably wouldn’t be mistakenly said. They both fell asleep, full of anticipation for the next day.

Strap Strap Strap.

He made his rounds on her, trying to find a new place to lay the crop on her each time. He was running out of places that were not already a deep red.

She was sobbing now. Moving less with each stroke.

“OP” she wimpered. “OPP OPPP”

‘She really wants it’ he thought.

He considered stopping. He hadn’t heard the word though. Was this really the high she was hoping for? Her legs had lost their tone, and she slumped over the pillows. He did not dare stop in case she was disappointed and he was put into the dog house, stopping now when she was more aroused than she had ever been.

He tested her with a prod in her pussy. Her head came up momentarily and she tried to squeeze her thighs against the head of the crop.

“UGGGHHH” she screamed

Cum dribbled from her tight purple lips. He took it for another orgasm, like so many others he had seen weep from her. Her ass, legs, feet were all very very red. He had not pushed her this far before. Even if she did want more, he could not give it to her, her skin was close to breaking down, the petechial haemorrhaging was threatening to break her skin and cause her to bleed.

He thought how else he could torture her. Perhaps a hard fuck against the chains might be satisfactory while her skin got a break.

Still in his role of bored sadist, he explained how he was going to fuck her.

“OOwhOO. Op. Op” she called as she shook her head.

“Hmm she really does want that” he still hadn’t heard “Reek” or anything like it.

He moved himself onto the bed and proceeded to fuck her. Hard. He was so excited. She wriggled to get away from him, tears and whimpers coming from her as he thrust hard into her, overcome by the last three weeks of his own abstinence.

It did not take long for him to cum, shooting his stream up inside her, then collapsing along her back. It had been a long session. He was drained. It was over.

He caressed her back for a short time as she lay still beneath him, before reaching around to undo the chin straps. He felt them fall away from her face.

She was still crying.

“Get off me” she shuddered out in between sobs.


He jumped. Unexpected. He got off her, stood by the bed and stared at her.

“Fucking get me out of here NOW”

He turned the keys in the cuffs and ripped the velcro from the knee braces, freeing her. She lay on her side in front of him as she sobbed and removed the belts from her middle, the bag falling to the floor and the pillows flopping and uncurling in front of her, before she herself curled up, face into her chest, hands over her head, weeping.

He was in shock. The pit of his stomach was curling into knots.

She was saying ‘Stop’. All along. She had forgotten the new word. How could he have been so stupid. He should have trusted himself.

This was not worth it. Nothing could be worth seeing the person he loved so much curled up on the bed in front of him like this.

They did not last long together after that. They both knew that it would be difficult to recover from and, eventually, it simply seemed easier to just go their separate ways. Neither blamed the other, but they did not talk much more of it than that, just apologies and sadness.

It was the first time his heart had been truly broken, and the scars, although lessened over the many years afterward, had never really disappeared.

Chapter Four

He laid the ruler on the bed beside her and watched her reaction. He had tried not to think of the accident with his former love, how broken he had made her, their relationship, himself, but it was there, lingering in the shadows at the edge of his mind.

He looked into her eyes, gauging her. She looked at it laying there. He saw her tension, her shoulders coming up almost imperceptibly; thighs tighten as she stared at it.

Then she looked up at him. That smoky smile in her eyes told him everything.

“Yes…” she breathed. “Yes”

He knelt slowly to the bed beside her, and looked upon her fondly, allowing himself to wallow in her beauty another time. He was about to hurt her. He knew she wanted it and he understood what it would mean to her. He wanted to give her that pleasure but those hints of his past still haunted him from the periphery.

“First there will be rules” he said quietly, taking his eyes from her and fixing them on the bed between him. He heard her take a breath, then one more sharper breath.

“Stop means stop”

She nodded. He found those words difficult. They were only words, but the weight that he felt when he said them, he knew would be lost on her.

“Yes” she breathed, looking down at the ruler shining on the bed between them.

“I understand”

He took in another long breath. “When you say stop, I will stop. I don’t want to hurt you…. Well I do, but….”

“I understand” she repeated.

‘No you don’t’, he thought, but he continued. He knew how much this meant to her, but at the same time he had to make sure he could be strong for her, not let himself get caught up in his past. The rules needed to be straight forward and simple.

“You will lie down on your back with me watching you from the end of the bed

You will play with yourself under your knickers while I watch until I think you are enjoying it too much

Then you will have to hold your legs open at your knees and lift your pussy up from the bed

I will stand beside you and give you your spanking

You will need to count every smack

1 smack, thank you sir.

2 smacks, thank you sir.

3 smacks, thank you sir

Some light rubbing with moisturiser, maybe my finger in you if you behave.

Then a little harder

4 smacks, thank you sir

5 smacks, thank you sir.

6 smacks, thank you sir.

7 smacks, thank you sir.

Another rub. Maybe in side on your G spot if you are a good girl and don't screw up your counting.

8 smacks thank you sir.

9 smacks, thank you sir.

10 smacks, thank you sir

11 smacks, thank you sir

12 smacks, thank you sir

Some light rubbing again with moisturiser

Maybe a lick and a finger in you if you have been very good.

Then a little harder

13 smacks, thank you sir

14 smacks, thank you sir.

15 smacks, thank you sir.

16 smacks, thank you sir.

17 smacks, thank you sir

18 smacks, thank you sir

You will get a good fingering in between each round as a reward, provided you behave.

We will keep going until we find your limit.

Each round will get you one more smack until we get to 10 per round.

If you make it to 10, you will get to suck my cock while I make you cum with my fingers.

Then we might start again.

You will be punished for:

Closing your legs

Not following orders

Not finishing with "Thank You Sir" any time you speak

Moaning or yelping without saying "Thank You Sir"

Cumming before I tell you to”

She was grinning up at him

He began to feel more relaxed. She had been listening carefully, and nodding to show she got the gist of it.

“I think you will get a lot of punishments for that, for cumming” he grinned back at her

She giggled back at him.

He went on in his absurd pretend stern voice.

“Punishment will begin with a smack on the leg. The more often you are naughty, more smacks.

If you are really bad, I will have to turn you over and smack you on your cute little bottom.”

She wiggled her bottom against the bed, still grinning up at him

“I can’t wait. I’m very wet”

He couldn’t help the grin that quickly wafted over his face. He continued on, using his best sergeant major tone.

“Each time you screw up you will be punished, then put your panties back on and we will start again, right from the start with you fingering yourself and me wanking over you.

That’s part punishment, and part small break

"I love it, Thank You Sir" means 'that is hard enough'

"STOP" means Stop

It is important you remember these two phrases.


Especially stop.”

He looked at her sternly. No grin this time

“Yes sir” she squeaked, sensing something more, something that was out of her grasp, about the way he looked at her as he said those last two things.

He carried on.

“Your pussy will get hot, a little bit red and sore, and will dry out a little bit with all the attention.

Moisturiser will keep it from chapping and will help soothe it as well. Rubbing a little in between also gives it a little rest.”

He sat down on the bed beside her now, rubbing her thigh.

“Best of all, wet pussy lips make a beautiful full slappy sound when they get spanked! So plenty of moisturiser.

Did you just shave? Stubble might make a rash tomorrow or the next day.”

“Yesterday” she said quietly, unable to take her eyes off him

“Good. Now, it’s best to start with your knickers on.

It makes things a bit softer and more fun to start with, knowing it will be a little harder when you take them off!

Also - I want to finger fuck you, and watch you fuck yourself inside your panties, so this is for me as well”

She nodded.

“Are you ready?”

She looked at him head on, deadpan.

“My Pussy… is very very wet. Please hurt me. I want it so bad. I will tell you to stop if I need you to.”

Chapter Five

She hurriedly pulled her knickers back on and lay down on the bed with her hands behind her knees, just as he had asked. He stood at the end of the bed, and nodded at her, ruler in one hand, his hard cock in the other.

She slipped her hand under her panties, watching him, and felt around her lips. She was very wet. The anticipation of this day had welled up inside her, and she could hardly believe that it was finally happening. Murmurs of pleasure moved through her as she felt around herself. She lay her head back and closed her eyes, her ears catching the sounds of her wet panties sucking against her hand, the tiniest slosh of her juices moving as she ran her finger inside her lips, and of the faint sound of him stroking himself at the end of the bed.

She kept her legs closed as she played, feeling self-conscious about him standing there watching. It wasn’t long, however, before he asked her to open her legs.

She could feel her face redden, but she opened them for him by moving her knees outward. She kept her eyes closed and decided to simply carry on.

She pinched and tugged on her outer lips allowing her sensation to build, before moving her fingers over her clit, touching it gently at first but soon increasing her movements and then increasing the number of fingers moving over it. She was just beginning to become caught up in herself as she felt the bed move slightly between her feet and then his finger working its way into her pussy.

She continued her strokes but slowed a little as she now concentrated on where his fingers were working her. He was good at this, she thought, and allowed him to coax her closer to orgasm as he worked slowly in and out, then pressed against different parts inside her. Occasionally small sensations like tiny shocks ran up her, inside her as he found a particularly good place, or stretched her a little.

Eventually she let out a short gasp.

“Alright” he boomed from below her, causing her to start, open her eyes and look up at him.

“I think you have enjoyed yourself enough. Hold your knees open”

She put her hands on top of her knees and let them fall open.

“More” he said sternly

She felt her face flush again, but she pushed them open further and felt the wet gusset of her knickers suck against her pussy. Without warning, he swung the ruler into her with a quick movement of his wrist. It caught her by surprise, the movement in his hand was so small, but the sound and the sensation were inescapable.

“One thank you sir” she said, eyes fixed on his. ‘Nowhere near hard enough yet’ she thought.

He repeated the blow twice more with the same intensity as before.

“Two thank you sir”

“Three thank you sir”

She had hardly felt it. The sound of it as it came down squarely on the top of her lips was very pleasing to her though. He bent down and picked up the moisturiser, tipped the bottle up and shook it, then flipped open the lid with his thumb.

“Pull your knickers open” he stated as he dripped a little on the shaft of his cock.

She pulled them open for him and he let a thin line drizzle onto the top of her mound until it began to run down her crease. She felt its coldness mingling with her natural warmth as it wound its way down. He snapped the lid closed and, ruler still in his other hand, leant in and slowly worked it into her and the cold sensation quickly disappeared. He slipped the tip of his finger into her just before he took his hand away. She felt him in there for that second, so gentle, but she wanted it harder. She resolved for now to wait.

“Let your knickers go, hold your knees again”

She did what she was told. She had barely put her hands to her knees when he brought the ruler down again, this time much harder. The sensation stinging her lips hit her before the sound came to her ear, shooting down to her pussy.

“Huuh Uh” the small moan escaped her before she had realised it, and just as his eyes widened toward her she said “Four thank you sir”.

The slight sting quickly receded but the sensations continued to spread around her groin.

Three more strikes came just as quickly as the first three, each followed by the count and the yes sir.

Now she was beginning to feel the electricity. The stings remained longer but disappearing just before the next slap came.

He took the moisturiser in his hand again and asked her to remove her panties. She took them off with a quick flourish and dumped them on the floor next to the bed. She could not take her eyes from his as he looked down at her pussy. He bent down and gave her one long slow lick, up across her pussy, between her lips and up to her clit. She moaned lightly as he got there, and hurriedly added a “sir” to the end of it.

He flipped open the lid and gave her another short squirt which now felt very cold as her pussy had warmed threefold, causing her to shiver a little. He rubbed it in to her gently before standing again.

“Hold your knees” he said sternly again. She obliged him, bare pussy now gaping up at him.

He brought it down on the side of her lips, then on the other. She responded with yes sirs, louder than before. Then he began a regular stroke at her, firm but no harder than the previous ones. She had given up on the counting now and just lay there, knees held apart, feeling the warmth spread over her as the slaps reigned down.

He watched her pussy changing, reddening slightly now and opening up further as her lips filled with blood. He could see her wetness escaping her, running down her crack to her exposed ass. Her breaths came faster and she shuddered slightly with each stroke as it met her. All the while she did not take her eyes from his. Her hips began to rock with his movements, not away but toward them, meeting the ruler as it came down as regular as the sound of a clock ticking. Steadily she swayed more and more, her breath becoming ragged and her pussy opening wider and wider.

He took his other hand off himself, and while keeping up the meticulous rhythm, fingered her around her arsehole. She breathed out moans now, and when they got a little louder, he plunged his finger into her.

Her feet left the bed, then came back down onto it, hard. In the same movement she pushed herself over his finger and threw back her head, neck and shoulder muscles taught and strained.

She half called, half screamed out her orgasm. Her body stiffened and she pulled her legs open even further, and he tried hard to keep the ruler swinging in at the same pace, same strength all the while trying to wiggle his finger further into her arse.

She came and came. Her body writhed in ecstatic motion over his finger, her pussy gaped wide and leaked furiously down on to his wrist.




The ruler kept on its march. He was not sure if it was one continuous climax or if there were many in spurts, but he did not care. He was in awe of her, astounded by the power she was releasing in her throws of enjoyment.

Finally she relaxed, he held back the ruler, and slowly removed his finger, which caused further spasms to issue forth from her. Her eyes were closed, her body completely relaxed and now flaccid, her breathing rasped in and out of her in ragged procession. Now and then small twitches continued to flay her, until finally she lay still, breathing hard, fully relaxed, basking in the afterglow of her cataclysmic eruption.

As her breathing finally settled, she opened her eyes and looked sleepily over to him.

“Bring me your cock” she whispered. “I’m going to suck it like you have never had it before.”