Written by tem_hamilton


I didn't think much about it as we started the meeting - just that semi conscious thought that this lady was really attractive. Not in the traditional beauty queen way. She looked older than me by a few years and was definitely more fuller figure than skinny - but hey, she looked damn good to me.

Like I said, I didn't really pay too much attention to her looks, just assumed she was here for business and nothing more.

Half way through the meeting, I noticed she had slipped one shoe off. Now I'm usually a leg man, but the sight of that perfect foot covered in sheer black nylon caught my interest. I tried not to stare, forcing myself to concentrate on the papers in front of us but some how my gaze kept dropping, taking in the foot as well as a very tasty looking calf. Without appearing to see my interest, she kept talking about the offer her firm was making but at the same time, she unconsciously started to rub her calf, like she had a sore muscle or something. I could feel my face reddening as I hoped that the growing bulge in my trousers wasn't obvious to her. Suddenly I heard her say "do you have all the information you need?" Pardon - I hadn't heard a word she said!

As I tried to mumble some sort of response, she smiled - one of those huge smiles that covered the whole face "you certainly do appear distracted don't you". Well what could I say ? Luckily she didn't wait for an answer. She swiveled her chair around until she was facing me, pulled her skirt up above her knees and proceeded to place her gorgeous foot on my lap. Gazing longingly at her legs, I started to stroke her foot. She laughed and said "mmm you really are a foot man aren't you?" Unbelievably she put her other foot up and started to rub my hard cock with her delicate and oh so sexy toes. As my cock grew and started to throb, she said "you'd better get those pants off before you have an embarrassing wet patch" Well she didn't need to say that twice ! No sooner had I sat back down than those feet were back at me - ohh the feeling of the nylon as she rubbed up and down. My cock glistened with precum and then I exploded all over her stockinged feet. She smiled in satisfaction of a job well done.

Without further ado, I dropped to me knees and started kissing her calves, then slowly up over her knees to her thighs. She slid down the chair, spreading her legs with a little "mmmm". As my lips met the bare flesh above her stockings, I could feel her hand in my hair - pressing me forward. I took a deep breath in, inhaling her musky aroma. I placed a soft, gentle but longing kiss on her pussy through her panties, she arched up as my tongue traced along her pussy lips through the thin material. I could taste her excitement as I reached up and lowered her panties. Her hands never left my hair as if she wanted to make sure that my face returned to her - as if I was going to leave it there!

She squirmed as my tongue gently found its way between her lips, probing inside her, lapping her wetness, exploring. She threw her legs onto my shoulders as two fingers entered her, and then a third. She groaned in pleasure as my tongue started to lick at he clit while another finger probed at her rear. My tongue was really going to work while I continued to finger both orifices. I could tell by the way she was moaning and grabbing my hair that it wasnt going to be long - and I was right, she came with a rush. I took my fingers out to allow me to lick up her flowing juices while she continued to press my face hard into her while she moved her hips, keeping the feeling going as long as possible.

Needless to say, we've had to reschedule another meeting to continue our unfinished "work"