Written by hornyaz


twas the big monday nite and sir was feeling very generous to his hot lil slave slut.sent her upstairs to put on her sexiest lingerie and ordered her too position herself in front of laptop.logged into kiwiswingers and advertised the fact that the hot lil slave slut was to be given away.opened private chat and waited for replys.stipulated the conditions of doing the hot lil slave slut.wat follows could be a reality.........

she was lead down the stairs wearing her collar and lead looking hot in her black corset,black stockins,suspenders and high heeled boots.hair up too, that seductively long feminine neck lookin fine.ordered to get into position and get that pussy wet for master and the potential lucky man that master was going to give her too.

lots of attention until master and slave found a potential candidate.

about half an hour later the lucky man arrived eager to please master and the hot lil slave slut.

the lil slave slut was sooooooo hot by then but master is a very STRICT man and ordered the slave slut to spread and show the lucky man what he was about too get very shortly.standing behind her holding her lead master ordered her to play with herself and have a violent orgasm for the lucky man.

by this time the lucky man was very hard and keen to attack the hot lil slave slut.right said master

"you hot lil slave slut on your knees and lick that lucky mans throbbing hardon up and down!"

master waited with his whip in case the hot lil slave slut was norti and didnt OBEY master.but she is a very very obedient lil slave and does wat shes told.

then master gave her free reign and she slowly slid that hard cock into her hungry lil mouth gentling moaning as the lucky man reached down and felt the hot lil slave sluts hardening nipples.up and down she went moaning gently and gagging as she took in as much as she could.master ordered her to stop coz that lucky man was nearly cumming.

he jumped up and threw his head between the hot lil slave sluts legs tasting that sweet wet lil pussy,gently tongueing her hardening clit,running his tongue up n down her stockinged legs.she ground her long heeled boot into that lucky mans leg and made him groan.then he flipped her over n slowly slid his throbbing cock into that hot wet lil pussy.staring at master as he slowly slid in and out.

by now that hot lil slave slut had already come a few times and as she looked at master and started to climax again that lucky man got faster and faster as they both rushed to climax in front of master.as they both screamed to a climax that lucky man drove his hard throbbing cock all the way in and shot his load deep in that hot lil slave sluts pussy.............

wat a lucky man!!

and as for what happens after master lets the lucky man out well thats another story....................................................................

to be continued