Written by White_Knight


It was a day like any other,dark,cold,and depressing.In the distance of the dungeon i hear a distant cry of a woman,followed by the rattle of chains.I here my master talking...

"Take it bitch!Take it!"he yells as the girl crys in pain and suffering.

I hear footsteps coming closer.I then see light as my master opens my box and lets me out to play.He grabs me and puts me on a chained lead, my hands are bound and my feet are tied so i have to hop beside him.My master guides me into the dungeon room where a beutiful woman awaits.She is tied on a crucifix, her body marked by the whipping the master had given to her.He grabs my head and forces me to eat her pussy.I put out my tounge and lick the sweetest pussy i have ever tasted.The woman moans and clasps her legs together hard round my head.Her pussy oozing with juices.The Master ties me beneath her.As he opens her legs wide above me and ties them wide apart.He pulls out his sybian sex machine with a big dildo on it.He starts the machine up and slowly pushes it towards the womans pussy.Shescreams"No!!!!"

The dildo goes deep inside her pussy and juices spray all over my face.The Master is happy. He pulls me to my feet and guides me back to my box.