Written by Slipperysam


“YOU FUCKING LYING CUNT” she screamed at him from the open doorway. He stood at the end of the bed, naked apart from the white towel around his waist, half shaven, still wet from the shower. She threw his phone at him, hitting him in the side of his head as he tried to duck out of its way.

“SHE’S ONLY 20 YOU CHEATING FUCK”. She slammed the door as she turned to walk away. It crashed loudly against the jamb, the sound echoing around the courtyard of the motel as she strode quickly across the snow covered car park, her heels coming close to slipping dangerously in the ice below the snow.

She did not care. All she wanted was to get away from him. She reached the rental car, opened the door and slid inside. As she drove past the unit she could see him standing in the doorway. She wound down the window and glared at him through the kaleidoscope of her tears.

“Please don’t take the car baby…”

“YOU LYING FUCK!” was all she could blurt out in reply. “GET FUCKED!”

She pressed hard on the accelerator and the car wiggled through the driveway and onto the icy road as its tyres tried to gain purchase, and roared down the road in a cloud of cold exhaust.

She stopped after she was safely around the first corner, pulling up the brake and letting the car idle as she attempted to gather herself. She was shaking as she stared blankly up the road, tears rimming her eyes then rolling in starts down her cheeks, carrying their saltiness mixed in with her makeup down to her mouth in regular rivulets.

The words from the text messages repeated themselves in her mind.

‘I want your cock in my mouth again’

‘I need you to bite my clit’’

‘I need to ride your hard cock again’

‘I can’t wait until you’re home again’

‘Don’t fuck her, save all of your cum for me’

‘Come and see me as soon as you can’

‘I love you…’

A new wave of tears came and she shuddered as she sobbed, silently, feeling very far from home, both physically and in her heart. She had not suspected he was having an affair. The signs were all there though, as she thought back over the last few months. Late nights at work, more frequent weekends away for work, showering in the afternoon as soon as he got home. She had chosen to ignore them, she realised. His lies were convincing and after all, why would she need to suspect him of anything. But now it was of course, obvious. When she heard his phone chirrup with a text message while he was in the shower she picked it up to check the message without even thinking about it, expecting it to be a ‘where are you, the parties started, are you in Queenstown yet?’.

She was surprised to find he had a password on his phone. ‘How long has that been there’ she wondered. She tried his usual passwords but neither of them worked. Then she tried adding one to the number on the end of the first password and bingo, the text flashed up on the screen. He was an idiot, she reflected. The message was from Fiona Mitchel, the receptionist from his office. What would she want?

‘I want your cock in my mouth again’

She stared out of the side window of the car, watched the snowflakes slowly drifting down to the earth, each resting amongst their brethren to be lost forever in the vast blankets of white that surrounded her. Where should I go? Back – No. Lying cunt! Back to Christchurch? Yes, back to Christchurch and catch a plane back to Auckland. She needed to be home, to be safe in the folds of her house, with her friends far away from this, from him.

She smoked a cigarette while she wiped her face, feeling very old as she looked in the mirror and tried to fix her makeup with a tissue. She mopped up the remnants of her tears and sighed as she thought about the long, slow drive over the mountains in the late afternoon. It would be well after dark before she got back. She was not an experienced driver on the open road but she longed to be home.

She made her way slowly through the town and eventually the houses petered out leaving the highway stretching out in front of her. She hesitated, slowed down to a crawl as the daunting snow edged empty road came in to view. She was so frightened of the sight of it that she didn’t notice the hitchhiker, who had assumed she had stopped for him, pick up his pack and walk up to the still moving car from behind to knock on the passenger window.

The knock caused her to start in surprise. Her foot, already coasting over the brake, jammed it down hard in reaction to her being startled and the car responded by coming to an immediate stop. He had been leaning in toward the window and the sudden change in movement caused him to collide with the wing mirror. This in turn caused him to slip in the snow on the side of the road and he fell, comically, backward onto the ground, his head disappearing sideways and down from her view through the passenger window, an open surprised look on his face.

She pulled on the brake, took the car out of gear, leaned across the passenger seat and looked down on him as he wrestled himself free of his heavy pack. She couldn't help but giggle at the sight of him wriggling back and forth like an upturned turtle as he struggled free, his cardboard sign displaying 'Christchurch' jabbing him in the jaw and then his cheek with its sharp corner.

Still laughing, she could hear him swearing as he got the straps off his shoulders and sat upright on to his backside. She pressed the down button for the window and opened it enough to speak through. "I'm very sorry. You scared me" she said through her chuckles. "Are you trying to get to Christchurch?"

"Yes" he replied, shaking the snow from his shoulder. He reached up to the small red lump that was appearing on his forehead. "Yes Christchurch, hopefully today."

She looked at him through the window, sizing him up. She could do with someone to drive for her, at least a companion if he couldn't drive. She decided he looked harmless enough, maybe early-twenties, scruffy curly black hair, puffy red jacket. His pack and his sign made him appear legitimate, his clothes were not cheap and it was daylight on a fairly busy road.

He shook his curly sprig of hair and a puff of snow burst free only to land on his long eyelashes, which he blew off with a childlike upward huff of air from his mouth.

"Well, I'm heading to Christchurch, but I don't want to drive in the snow" she said, watching him closely.

"I can drive. Snow doesn't bother me. I've been driving in it for years." he offered up. "And would be more than happy to help a lady in distress"

'How about helping me out of this dress' she thought, fleetingly. He was a handsome boy in a cartoon kind of way, she thought, thinking of him floundering around beside the car, unkempt curls flopping about his face as he cavorted with his pack just a few moments before.

"Ok, you drive then" she found herself saying. She pulled the lever to open the boot, got out of the car and walked around to the back to hold it up while he stowed his pack.

She leant into the boot to move suitcases to allow room for his pack, and caught him looking at her bottom out of the corner of her eye. He quickly looked away but it was too late, she had seen him staring. She put her hand to her bottom and realised her tiny leopard print slut skirt had ridden well up, fully exposing the tops of her thigh length fishnet tights, frilly black crotch less knickers and the matching suspender straps between the tights and her garter belt.

"Oh Gawd" she blurted, and stood up abruptly, trying to pull her skirt down to a more ladylike state. As she stood she caught her head sharply on the boot lid.

"Ow" she yelled as she reeled backward.

"I guess that's one each now" he said as he rubbed at the lump on his forehead.

She smiled, apologised for almost running him over, which he accepted and together they fit the pack in the boot and assumed their agreed positions in the car, him at the wheel and her as passenger.

As they drove off, she explained that she was dressed to go to a themed birthday party, rocky horror picture show, hence her pink stilettos, tights, tiny dress and tight top. She went on to explain that she didn't have any other clothes with her, so she was stuck with her skimpy scandalous outfit. He asked who the suitcases in the boot belonged to, so she explained about the motel room and the texts she had discovered.

He then went on to explain his own situation. He had come over by bus to surprise his fiancée who was working in Queenstown, but had discovered she had shacked up with another guy. They had a fight which resulted in him leaving to hitchhike back to Christchurch, their relationship obviously over.

Comforted somewhat by each other being in the same circumstances that day, they began talking about past lovers, how each relationship had ended and eventually on to their sexual experiences, each story getting a little dirtier, a little more risqué as they became more comfortable with each other. They continued on telling their tales, trying to outdo each other until well after sundown, the car enveloped in the darkness, headlights reflecting back at them against the white backdrop of the snow as they slowly made their way over the mountain ranges.

By the time they had started talking about unfulfilled secret fantasies, she had her heels off and was feeling very relaxed. Her skirt barely covered her, and she had given up trying to keep her suspenders hidden in a constant battle of pulling her skirt down only to have it ride up again only a minute or two later. She was aware of the sly glances he was casting at her legs whenever she looked away and found that she was, in fact, enjoying the attention. She had taken to staring out the window as she talked, watching him look at her in the reflection. The more he looked, the more she was enjoying it, and that combined with the day’s events and the experiences they were talking about lead her to slowly reveal more and more of her legs and eventually the edge of her knickers to him. She noticed as well, as this went on, that he no longer had both hands on the wheel, that he now had one arm lying across his lap. She well knew what he was hiding under his forearm and decided to tease him a little.

"Do you think I'm attractive?"

She continued to look at the window and watched his reflection look from her legs up to her waist, take in her hair before he looked out the windscreen again.

"Yes" he replied. She watched him push his arm further into his lap. "Very"

She laughed. "But I'm almost twice your age" she said, teasing him for more.

"So what? Older women are as attractive as young women, in fact more so in many ways"

"In what ways?" she pushed him further.

"Older women know what they are doing. They are not so shy. They do not care about their bodies the same way younger girls do and they.... know more stuff, about sex and things" was the best he could manage.

"Are you saying I don't care about my body?" She asked him in mock distaste.

"No. No that's not what I meant. His cheeks reddened. "I mean that they.... ah... are not ashamed, sort of. Not so shy. Not so hung up on looks, I mean, they have come to terms with their bodies"

She decided to let him off, and dropped the conversation for a time. Miles crawled slowly away beneath them while they sat cocooned in the warmth and comfort of the car.

Eventually, after considering the question for some time, she asked "Would you fuck me if I was twenty years younger?"

She watched his reflection in her window. He did not take his eyes from the road as the question hung unanswered in the air between them. She saw his Adams apple bob up and down as he swallowed and his brow furrowed for a moment.


"What about now. Would you screw me now?"

This time he did not hesitate.


His eyes never left the road. She felt her quim swell, moisture forming in there as well.

She turned herself in her seat, put her back to the door and slowly edged her fishnet covered foot over to the seat next to his leg and prodded him gently with her toes. He did not move. She slowly moved her toe down to his knee, then slowly back up the side of his leg to his hip. Again he did not react, so she slid her foot over toward the flies of his jeans, stopping just short. He moved his hips toward her as he lifted his arm and she withdrew her foot in time with him.

He sighed and turned his neck to look at her. She could see the desire in his eyes as he stared at her.

“Eyes on the road” she said, nodding toward the front of the car. She was going to enjoy this!

She slid her foot under his leg and slowly rubbed it up and down the underside of his leg, each time pushing in a little further until her toes poked out the other side of his leg. Then she moved her foot right up until her toe was touching the underside of his crotch. She felt him push down on her toes, watched as he pursed his lips and breathed out heavily. She pushed her toes up against him and he heaved another sigh.

She took her foot out from underneath him and edged it up his side, under his arm, then around his chest to his shoulder.

“I wouldn’t look if I was you”

Of course, he turned his head to look at her, back arched against the door, her head pushed down with her chin almost against her chest, smoky half closed eyes smouldering at him. He looked down her leg and followed it to her crotch. She opened her legs for him just a little and he stared at her leg, saw the suspender strap, lacy and tight, where it lifted her skirt and disappeared up toward her waist. She opened her leg a little further and he could now see her tight lipped pussy pouting at him through the hole in her knickers momentarily before she slowly closed them again. He looked ahead to the road once more and lowered his cheek against her foot, feeling the texture of her tights against his face.

“You look so good” he breathed.

She brought her foot back down again, lifting it just clear of the bulge in his pants and continued down the top of his far leg to his knee, then traced another line back up again, stopping near the top to gently push her heel against his straining flies.

He breathed out heavily again and lightly pushed himself against her foot. She pressed her heel further into him, then along the line of his stiff erection. He moved up and against her as she continued to run his length, back and forth, back and forth. Soon he was pushing hard against her as she moved the back of her foot side to side.

The oncoming cars bathed him in light now and then as she continued her teasing; she could see him getting more aroused, his eyes closing half way, sinking his arse further down the seat in an attempt to get himself directly underneath her.

She was beginning to feel incredibly wet. Her juices were almost running from her. She could feel them making their way slowly over her lips and down to her arse. She was sure there would be a fair sized mark there when she finally got off the seat. Unable to wait any longer she slid her hand under her skirt, scrolled it up with her wrist and pushed her fingers down over her herself. Her nipples strained against the inside of her bra with the movement of the car as it rose and fell with the contour of the road, heightening the sensations.

He glanced back over to her, careful not to take his eyes off the road for long, and watched her slowly trace her fingers around the outside of her now gaping pussy as it poured its way out of the narrow crevice in her panties.

“Put your hand in here” she whispered back at him.

He took his left hand off the wheel and felt his way down her leg, past her knee and into the warm fold of her thighs. She did not take her own hand away, so he caressed her fingers as she played with herself, feeling her movements as she in turn stroked and teased herself. Her foot continued its sensuous manipulations on him and the harder he pushed against her, the better it felt. He felt her hand movements beginning to quicken, and heard her breath begin to rasp in and out of her mouth through her pursed lips.

“Take yourself out of there” she ordered.

She lifted her foot and he withdrew his hand from her so he could free himself, undoing his flies, then his belt and button. He reached through the hole in his underpants and his manhood sprang from the gap like a ruler twanged on the edge of a desk. She gripped him with the insides of both of her feet; her legs bent outward at the knees and rubbed his length from both underneath and above. He could feel the ribbed sensation of the nylons catching slightly on the rim of his head as her feet did their work on him. He repositioned his hand on hers and they continued their mutual dance for a while, both revelling in each other, the trauma of the day temporarily forgotten by both of them, only the nagging duty of the road keeping him from fully engaging with her.

Her left hand pulled her cotton top up her chest then lifted her breast from the bind of her bra. Her breast was, to him, perfectly shaped, small and round, slightly too big to be fully encased by her petite feminine hand. She lifted it and ran her finger and thumb over them to her dark proud nipple, fingernail polish flashing in the half light as she paused to squeeze them before rounding back under to repeat the movement.

He took his left hand from the top of hers and pushed it under her bottom, fingers upward he traced the crack of her arse inward until he felt the wrinkled skin around her ring. Moisture had found its way down there already and he made use of it as he traced his fingers around her hole, pressing it from all sides as his fingers worked back and forth.

The sound of her breath was filling the cabin of the car, and it was all he could do to steel his gaze away from her now and then to keep the car on its course. She continued pulling him off with her feet as she slowly moved her fingers up and down herself in time with his hand stroking underneath her. She had not felt like this for years, the excitement of a stranger was so intoxicating, and a young good looking man at that. She was looking forward to having him penetrate her, but that would wait. They were a long way from home and she had plenty of ideas in her head to try with him yet. For now she was happy maintain this pace, feeling the gentle waves of pleasure move up and down her body.

He, on the other hand, was close to boiling point. His cock ached for proper attention. Her feet felt good, he could have sat there all night with only that if this was all that she offered to him, but he knew she had much more to give him that night. He also knew that she was the one in charge, not he and to ask for more right now would not only be begging but could be disastrous. He resolved himself to waiting for her, wondering what trick she would pull out next.

She leant forward and groped around the foot well for her handbag, and upon finding it slipped her hand inside. It returned grasping the long, curved handle of her hairbrush. She lifted her right hand and teased her entrance with her new prize in her left.

“You look like you have used that before” he said, huskiness apparent in his voice. His mouth was dry from his heavy breathing.

“Yes this is one of my favourites” she purred “But you are going to be the first person to use it on me”

She lifted herself off his hand and pushed the brush head into his palm.

By now the car had slowed to a crawl as the distraction of her drew more and more of his attention. Considering it a risky business to be driving at all, he pulled the car over so he could fully attend to her. They sat on the shoulder of the road, wipers whirring occasionally, motor running, lights on, the indicator ticking away into the silence that the snow had created around them. Every now and then the car shuddered with the wind of a passing vehicle as it whisked by them and disappeared on into the night.

He could turn his attention to her fully now. She was still sitting sideways in the passenger seat, back against the door, knees raised with her feet tucked in near her bottom and her hands on the seat next to her thighs. He took the brush and traced the end of the handle around the entrance to her warm chamber, before gently pushing it inside, enjoying her hip movements and sighs as he edged it in. The handle was ribbed with rubber rings and he edged each ring into her slowly, all the while watching her face, until he had it in to its neck. He began sawing at her with it, slowly at first and then gaining momentum. He ran the rings under the top of her entrance, then the sides, then the bottom gauging her reaction as he went. Her breathing quickened as he increased the speed. It wasn’t long until he found a sweet spot by angling the brush upward as he entered her and lowered it as he eased it out.

“Perfect” she half mouthed the word. She moved her feet, one went up onto the dashboard and the other against the head rest of the driver’s seat, which exposed her fanny fully as well as angling it up toward him. “Perfect” she said again, louder this time.

He manoeuvred himself up, getting his knees on his seat, leant over to her and took her warm hot nipple in his mouth and sucked at it, releasing it and taking it again in his mouth. He kept the stroke of the hairbrush constant as he sucked harder and harder at her breast until, with hips rolling in to meet him, she tensed her legs to put more pressure on her feet and lifted her bottom off the seat so she could plunge herself toward the brush in time with him.

Through gritted teeth she urged him on as her pelvis tipped back and forth.

“Keep going…. ahhh that’s it…. keep going…. oh Gawd I’m almost there…. ah ah keep going”

She bared her teeth at him, eyes wide, neck muscles straining as she came. She held her breath as the sensations washed through her and then released it in a loud, long gasp.

“Maahhh” she uttered and collapsed back into the seat, her legs coming down on his back as he released her nipple from his lips, letting it fall back down on her where it wobbled momentarily and settled, pointing up at him.

“My, that was gooood” she said as she patted her pussy in satisfaction. “Very good. You really know how to handle a brush.” Her breath was still coming quickly as she lay back against the door. He rocked back onto his heels, crooking his neck to fit his head under the ceiling, exposing his still rigid cock.

“I want your cock in my mouth…” As she spoke she realised she had imitated the text message she had seen earlier on her husband’s phone. ‘Revenge will be mine’ was her next thought

She leapt for him, rubbed his length on her cheeks before hungrily swallowing him whole, gagging in her rush to get him inside her. He rocked further back, unfolded his legs out from underneath himself and bent them around her back as she crouched before him. She sucked as hard as she could, eager to return to him the joys she had just received. He was so hard, so taught. Her husband’s cock was nothing compared to this in solidity. Her fanny twitched as she thought about it being inside her, as hard as the brush handle had been. Her head bobbed up and down as she moved along him with her mouth, keeping up the constant pressure, sucking him into her throat each time she moved down him. He ran his hands along her back as far as he could reach while he felt the incredible sensation of her powerful mouth and throat milking him.

The sharp CRACK CRACK made them both jump. He leapt up and banged his pubic bone on her forehead, causing her to bite him at the base of his penis.

He let out a short yelp as she sprang back away from him.

“What was that?” she whispered, wide eyed.

“Someone knocked on the window’ he whispered, stuffing himself back inside his jeans and zipping himself away.

“Oh Gawd” she whispered back, looking around for something to cover herself with, trying to stifle her giggling.

He pushed the button for the window to bring it down and face their intruder. It was completely steamed up on the inside, opaque from the heat they had been shedding, as were all of the others in the car. The ice on the outside of the window gathered along the outside rubber strip in straight lengths, piling on top of each other as the glass slid into its cavity. As it came down, the window revealed a middle aged man’s face, reddened from the windy cold in the parts that his jacket collar could not reach to cover.

The sharp blast of cold air that came in from the opening window instantly evacuated every trace of heat from the cabin. He realised at the same moment that the smell of their sex must be rushing out over the man’s face. He felt ashamed and proud at the same time, like a child who was about to be caned for doing a delicious deed, a deed so good that no caning could ever really punish it. She looked just as smug, wrapped up in the puffy red jacket that he had discarded behind the seat when he got into the car two hours before. She was smiling about getting away with their passionate crime of lust in such a public place.

“I just wanted to check everything was ok here” the man said as he peered in.

“I made him stop while I used my brush” she leaned forward, holding the hairbrush up, handle first of course.

He snorted out a laugh, tried to stop it by closing his mouth but it erupted out his nose anyway. She giggled. The man’s brow creased for a moment as he looked at her before the infectious laughter made him chuckle as well.

“Women eh” the man said, winking at him. “God help you if you don’t do what they want!”

“Indeed” he nodded back at him, trying to keep from laughing again. “Indeed”

“Well,..” the man said, “as long as you are both ok. About 10k back they are getting ready to close the road” He jerked his thumb over his shoulder in the direction they were heading.

“I’d get going if I was you, if you don’t want to be stuck here for the night”

“Thanks mate” he replied.

He wound the window back up as the man turned and hurried back across the road to his own vehicle, and as soon as it slipped into place, they both let out bellows of laughter in their relief.

When the laughing had stopped, he said “I had to use my brush?” and they both started up again. Tears from the laughter rolled down her face as they pulled out onto the road to continue their expedition through the relentless swirls of falling snow.

She brushed her hair back into some semblance of normality as they rode the road down the mountain. As she put her hairbrush away in her handbag, she noticed the light flashing on her phone. She felt her gut twist at the thought of what her husband had to say, but picked up the phone anyway.

The display said there were 54 text messages, 11 missed calls and 11 voice mails. ‘Hell’ she thought.’ He must be well through denial and anger by now after 54 messages with no reply, probably right into bargaining. The phone flashed in her hand and the display changed to 55.

She opened the first few and read his attempts at consoling her

“Baby come back”

“Come back please”

“It didn’t mean anything to me. She tempted me and I stupidly fell for it. I love you. She was just a quick fuck”

“I love you baby. Please answer me. Call me”

Obviously she hadn’t broken his phone when she hurled it at him. As she read more, the tone began to change…

“If you let me fuck you more I wouldn’t have been tempted”

“Sex with you is so good and I long for you always”

“Baby please call I love you”

“Answer me dammit I don’t have any other clothes”

As she scrolled through them, his tone changed again.

“Please come back I love you I won’t ever do this again”

“I will buy you whatever it takes to get you back. I will be a slave to you. I worship you and my heart is breaking. Please come back I will make it all up to you 100 times over. I’ve been so stupid”

“Please baby. I can’t live without you”

Tears escaped her eyes again, breaking free to roll down her cheeks as she read on, feeling his pain in her own heart.

Then she read a message that obviously wasn’t meant for her

“I don’t know if she will take me back after this so maybe we can be together for real. I wish you were here with me. I’m lying on the bed wanking to your pictures. Send me another one ;-)”


She screamed at the phone and threw it on to the floor of the car. The heat of the anger in her face quickly dried the tears from her cheeks.

“He is such a lying CUNT” she yelled, forgetting where she was for a moment.

He watched her clench her fists and push them into the seat. It wasn’t hard for him to get the gist of the messages she was reading and to guess who they were from. He thought about saying something to her but chose instead to remain silent and kept his eyes on the road, waiting for her to talk to him first.

She picked up the phone and stabbed out “FUCK YOU” in capitals, making sure the previous message from him was in included in her reply before jabbing ‘send’ and throwing the phone back down to the floor. The tears came again. She pulled his jacket in around her and sobbed against the window, staring vacantly out her side of the car through the tears, her eyes roving over the surreal white walls lining the road and into the eternal blackness beyond it.

They passed a group of men scurrying up and down the road as they worked to erect signs and orange cones to mark its closure. The inside of the car lit up with flashes of amber from the revolving lights on the roofs of their vehicles. Onward, silent, through the night they travelled on.

Eventually she broke the silence.

“Will you please stay with me tonight?” she asked without looking to him.

“Yes” he replied

“I would like you to cuddle me”

“Of course” he replied again “I’m sorry”

They passed a sign indicating a rest area on the shore of a lake. He pulled in and stopped the car in a parking bay. He leant over and wrapped his arms around her and she let herself be enveloped by him.

“I need to stretch, walk around a bit. I won’t go far” he said. He opened the door and got out, his legs refusing to co-operate with him for the first few steps, stiff from the drive and being tucked into strange positions while he was pleasing her with the hairbrush.

She watched him walk around the car park, blowing on his hands in steamy clouds, stamping his feet then clasping his hands under his armpits. She thought about how he must be feeling after being dumped like he was, after travelling so far to be with his girl, wondered if his heart was feeling as heavy as hers. She hated both of their partners for what they had done to them.

She suddenly wanted to wound her husband as badly as he had wounded her. An idea came to her as she sat in the car and watched her handsome new lover march around in the gloomy cold.

“Will you help me with something?” she asked him as he got back in the car.

He smiled “Maybe, it depends…” remembering the hairbrush. “ involve hair care?”

”‘Oh much more than that” she smiled back at him.

She picked up her phone and began to read him some of her husband’s messages, stopping after the one meant for the receptionist.

“Did you reply to him?” he inquired.

“I told him to get fucked” she answered.

“What did you want me to do then?” he asked.

“Fuck me” she said. “But I want to take some pictures of us doing it and send them back to him”

He sat back into his seat and looked thoughtfully out the windscreen over the grey lake in front of them.

“Can I be anonymous?”

“Yes of course. I don’t want to get you in any trouble; I just want that sack of shit to cry for me”.

“I’d love to” he grinned back at her.