The small print

I woke the following morning after a great sleep and having the fact Sarah, a most beautiful fuck from the previous day, was to cross my threshold again today.

I then thought about her boss coming with her, not a chance of a repeat performance.

There I would be looking at Sarah whilst her boss, a man I assumed, would be going through the finer details of the mortgage, basically boring the bollocks off me.

How wrong was I.

I glance out of the window, all was quiet, so I retreated to the conservatory to read the morning paper.

After about fifteen minutes there was a knock at my door and I made out the silhouette of Sarah and another person, a slightly smaller and slimmer figure.

Maybe this was to be my lucky day.

I got up and walked down the hall to answer the door.

I saw Sarah and beside her this wonderful vision of loveliness, sorry a blonde vision of loveliness, a real stunner.

Sarah stepped inside and introduced, Kay, her boss.

This had to be a set up after yesterday but who cared.

Today, Sarah was more conservatively dressed in her black trouser suit complimented with a navy blue blouse plus her high heels.

Now Kay… well.

Long hair just below her shoulders, a well crafted light brown skirt suit, beige blouse and cream sling back shoes.

I kissed Sarah on the cheek as she walked past, laptop bag in hand.

As Kay got to me she stopped so, politely, I kissed her on the cheek. She smelt gorgeous and it stirred my nether regions - immediately.

I showed the ladies through and this time we sat in the conservatory. I went to make coffee’s and went back they were sat on the two seater wicker settee. I sat opposite and then took in the real beauty Kay was.

I hadn’t seen her bring her laptop case in but she now had it set up on her knees, she looked across and smiled. I placed the coffee on the table leaving no room for the laptop but she said she didn’t mind it was easier where it was.

Sarah also looked good and when it began to get hot in the conservatory she stood and took her jacket off, winking at me. She knew I was already horny and licked her lips without Kay knowing. I looked at Sarah, then at Kay and then back at Sarah.

She nodded.

Oh my God it was going to be a great day by the looks of things.

I was sat opposite the pair before Kay took the laptop off her knees and placed it on the floor. It meant her skirt rode up to show off a fine pair of legs.

She saw me looking and smiled.

‘I’ve finished what I have to do, have you done what you have to do?’ she asked.

‘Not by a long way’, I replied and got up and walked over towards her.

I stood her up and holding her in my arms kissed her.

God she was hot

My hands went behind her to caress her ass and to begin lifting her skirt to waist height to rub my hands over the top of her legs.

Stockings and suspenders… nice.

She didn’t stop me.

I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes, gorgeous blue eyes. She smiled, the smile that could turn any man’s cock hard.

She moved her hands to rub on the front of my trousers, but I felt more.

Oh God yes Sarah was here as well.

I had been so engrossed with Kay I hadn’t seen Sarah had taken off her blouse.

Returning my attention to Kay I rid her of her jacket and lifted her top over her head.

Lovely breasts in a cream bra, not as big as Sarah’s, but which I saw in their full glory when she unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

I turned my attention to Sarah kissing her fully on the lips as Kay got down on her knees to unzip my trousers and pull them down to my knees.

Wow, if I thought Sarah could suck cock, Kay was just as good.

I unclipped Sarah’s bra and began to suck on her erect nipples. She undid her trousers letting them slide to the floor leaving her in just a pair of white French knickers, which were soon deposited on the floor and hold ups.

‘Do you want to go to the bedroom ladies?’ I enquired.

Having rid myself of the rest of my clothes we ventured into the house but only made it as far as the lounge.

‘Here will do’ said Kay as she spotted my big three seater settee.

‘As madam so desires,’ was my reply.

As she sat on the settee I got on my knees and pushed her skirt up as high as it would go, pushing her legs wide open. Sarah got on the floor quickly taking my erect cock in her mouth and began to rub her wet pussy. I licked all the way up her leg to her pussy covered by a thin piece of material, which in small print had her initials on.

I pulled the material to one side leaving a bare pussy already glistening with anticipation.

I heard her moan as I licked her from the top of her lips to the bottom.

Sarah meanwhile was loving devouring my hard cock and balls she teased with her tongue.

I licked more forcefully on Kay’s pussy and she got wetter and wetter, loving it even more with two fingers slipping into her pussy. She began to fuck my fingers and her breathing got heavier and heavier before one almighty orgasm which saw my head trapped between her legs.

When she came down off the ceiling I slipped her panties down her legs and off.

I looked at Sarah who was still sucking hard on my cock with my eyes looking at Kay’s hot pussy

‘I’ve never’

‘First time for everything.’

She smiled and began to lick away at her horny bosses’ pussy.

I stood up and walked round the side of the couch and without asking Kay began to devour my still hard cock. I glanced down and Sarah really was going at Kay’s wet pussy whilst fingering her own driving her fingers hard inside herself.

I played with Kay’s tits while she sucked me off, small but lovely hard little nipples which she loved to be twisted.

Sarah then sat back and went onto her back opening her legs as wide as she could, rubbing furiously at her pussy. Kay and I stopped for a moment as Sarah really went at it rubbing her pussy as hard as she could, whilst pulling and teasing at her nipples.

Then with one gigantic moan Sarah laid still, looked up at us her breathing still heavy and smiling.

Kay went back to devouring my cock but I knew she wanted more.

I hauled her up onto her feet and lifted her off her feet, her legs going straight round my waist, my cock, maybe with luck, into her wet pussy. Her arms round my neck as I pushed her up against the wall, fucking her harder with each stroke. Pounding away at her, she screamed with pleasure…

‘Yes…Yes.. Oh fuck Yes…’

‘Yes.. Yes…Oh My Ffffuuucccckkkiiinnnggg God,’ as she came like no other woman had before with me.

I could then feel myself ready to explode.

I put her down and she crouched to frantically rub my cock up and down. She knew I was ready to cum, opening her mouth as I sent a stream right to the back of her throat.

She didn’t miss a drop.

She took it all and then sat on the floor, looked up at me and smiled.

‘Sarah said it was good but wow I loved that.’

‘Sarah darling I have to dash, why not cancel you appointments for the rest of the day, I am sure this client will need some help.

I told Kay where the bathroom was while I laid on the settee with Sarah kissing and caressing before Kay returned dressed as though nothing had happened. She walked over and kissed me, then kissed Sarah before nipping through to the Conservatory to collect her bag and in a flash she was gone.