Written by Anolmous


I suddenly wake up from a dream, I have a rock hard cock and no one to fuck so I have to take things into my own hands, the dream was very unusual and quite erotic.

It all started with getting a message on KS from this couple who wanted me to join them, during our discussions before meeting the woman brings up the fact that her partner is interested in possibly experimenting with playing with a guy and would I be into that, I told her that I would consider something, however I was not into going all of the way, I had been in 3somes and had often felt the urge that I would possibly like to suck a guys cock after it had been inside a woman's cunt and was covered in her juices, however I had never gone there.

We agree to meet up and she is slim with nice tits, about late 40s he is skinny about late 50s, we all go into the bedroom and remove our clothes, he sits on the bed while she and I are kissing, I have 3 fingers inside her cunt finger fucking her while standing next to him, she has my hard cock in her hand stroking it, he is sitting there stroking his cock.

I then lay down on the bed and she takes up the 69 position, sucking on my cock while I am licking her pussy, she then slips a condom on my cock, I am totally immersed in licking her wet pussy and have a finger inside her areshole,.

That is when I notice that he has now got onto the bed and she is stroking his cock, then he positions himself and she guides my hard cock inside his arsehole, I feel him slide down onto my hard cock and hear him saying to her how big it feels, She just tells him to ride it and it will feel better, She has now changed positions and I look down to see him riding up and down on my cock, she is wanking him off and I have now got 4 fingers inside her cunt finger fucking her hard and fast, after a period I feel that I am due to cum so I tell them and he just pushes down hard on my cock as I explode inside him, as I start to cum inside him he starts shooting cum all over the sheets, shortly after that he gets off and disappears into the bathroom, she then takes the condom off, and starts to suck my cock making it nice and hard again, then she turns around and asks me if I enjoyed that, I told her not really what I really want to do is to Fuck you, she then mounts my nice big cock and we fuck for ages she has climax after climax there are juices running out of her cunt as she rides my cock,

After about 20 minutes of fucking and finger fucking her cunts she asked whether I would like to have a shower before leaving, so we both go into the bathroom, they have a large walk in shower .

We both get into the shower and start to wash each other down, she ends up stroking my cock and balls and I have my fingers back inside her again, however this time I have 2 in her cunt and 2 in her areshole, my cock is now starting to get hard again and she says lets not waste a nice hard cock, I agree and tell her to turn around and bend over which she does, I then push my cock back inside her cunt and start pounding her again, that is when her husband comes in and he stands there and said why don't you fuck her arse like you did mine, so I pull my cock out of her cunt and gently prod her anus, I take the head of my cock and slowly position it and push inside her anus, pushing it in deeper and deeper, she is moaning and saying how big and hard it feels her husband is encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster, I start pushing in deeper and harder and faster, I can feel her having climax after climax with my cock deep inside her, then all of a sudden I shoot a load of cum inside her arsehole and she is going crazy screaming and moaning as I fill her arse with cum.

Finally I pull out and we finish washing and I get dressed and leave.

What ever made my have this dream I do not know, however it is not something that I would be interested in trying, as I am not into fucking guys however I do enjoy fucking women anally as well as in their cunts, I guess dreams are just that.

I hope you enjoyed my dream.