Thanks to those that provided feedback on my first pen is mightier than the sword attempt. And, yes, that word play was intended.

It was very much a fantasy that is a personal favourite and it may not have been everyone’s cuppa chai. But thanks to those of you who enjoyed it.

The following is a fantasy shared with me by a very close friend. She would otherwise have been keen to make it a reality but as they say … it’s complicated. Bugger. Mind you, the fact that she has masturbated to a couple of fantasies with me playing the lead role (“And the Academy Award for best performance in a fantasy goes to …”) has been some, err, satisfaction.

So while it may be fiction, in parts it feels far more real.

So to the dinner party …

I’d started a new job recently. One of those mid-career lower senior management positions (or is it a high lower management position?). Either way, I was responsible for a small team part of a much larger group.

The new job had kicked off a couple of months before Christmas so there was no way I could avoid going to the dreaded Christmas drinks/Christmas party. Given the choice between having root canal surgery (to be fair, the only type of rooting I don’t like) and going to Christmas drinks with people I’d only known a few weeks, I would be knocking on the dentist’s door.

Not to mention being the manager of a team, I couldn’t really get shitfaced and actually enjoy myself! And I had no choice but to take along my wife, X. Yes, it required bribery, blackmail and assorted corruption and I would be paying for it for months.

So off we went with a mixture of dread and resignation.

As often happens in this type of social situations, the mingling was generally around the teams until the drinks started to work their magic.

We ended shifting tables a couple of times – it was a little too soon in my career to let loose on the dance floor! – and by the end of the evening we found ourselves happily chatting with another manager, Mike, and his wife, Carly. He was a little younger than X and I and clearly been athletic in his prime while she was a little younger still. And cute.

It was the usual chit chat – work, family, work, sports/shopping (two concurrent and complementary discussions) and of course work. The relief was almost palpable on our side of the table – what could have been a borefest had been rescued at the last moment. Or at least the last table.

In the excitement as we parted company, X suggested a dinner party with our new besties. In their excitement, they agreed before we got all sensible and decided to keep work and socialising separate.

That night, on the way home in the Uber (hey, you don’t want to drink and drive even in fantasy land), X gave me a ribbing about how cute our new friend was. She had seen me checking her out.

Not that she was complaining … she had been enjoying the new company and had been enjoying the company herself.

Within seconds of getting home, we were undressed and as she rode me on top, I painted a picture of her being pounded from behind by our new friend while sucking my cock. Needless to say, she soon exploded which in turn set me off. Sated, we were soon sleeping like kings and queens.

As the new day emerged out of a semi-alcoholic fog, we remembered having made the dinner offer, and we needed to follow through. After a couple of polite and almost business-like texts, we settled on the following weekend when we would all be child-free.

Neither X nor I thought much about the upcoming weekend. We’d been to a few “adult” parties and had explored many opportunities to share. We talked openly about what we liked and any boundaries – luckily for me, she loved being fucked while I watched while she also loved masturbating while she watched me with another woman.

Our new friends however appeared to be straight down the line and it had become apparent that they were sweet hearts at school and very much still in love.

Saturday arrived and we did as much as we could before our guests arrived – everything was cleaned including the things that were already clean but I’ve long learnt to do what I’m told otherwise the sex tap gets turned off. I am very well trained. Like a good dog, I too can come on command.

The various courses of food were prepared in advance so only the mains required heating while the table was set. This is not a food porn story so I won’t trouble you with the menu but the food, drink and company all mixed superbly.

We quickly dealt with the formal parts of dinner, stacked the dishwasher, and then moved to the lounge – we had two two-seaters at right angles – we claimed one, and the other couple claimed the others. As is always the case, I lose control of the music in this scenario but something inoffensive but not 100% bland played in the background.

My wife had decided on her version of the little black dress. It could be dressed up or dressed down so it was always a winner. It also showed off her breasts and she loved teasing me as much as she could. Flirting was an art form for her and she loved that I continued to show my appreciation for her.

The conversation was naturally a lot more relaxed that the Christmas function. Loose lips sinks ships but a little alcohol goes a long way to make things a lot more interesting.

The big goss at work was that one of the women in the wider team had come home to find her man in bed with another woman. Quite an uproar it had caused indeed.

“I mean – imagine coming home and finding you man in bed with someone else!! God, I can only imagine what I’d do” said a clearly shocked Carly.

“I know what I would do,” replied X who was clearly enjoying her chardies by now. “I’d either jump into bed and join the fun or I’d sit back and enjoy the show.”

The silence was earth-shattering. Carly was clearly shocked, while Mike was clearly unsure if he need to get his hearing tested or not.

“You’re kidding, right???” Carly had no problems with her hearing, quite obviously.

“No”, answered X. “Not in the slightest. I love watching D fuck. It is such a turn on. But I’m a lucky woman too because he likes to watch me too. The more cocks the merrier.”

To be fair, I was squirming a little by now and my hand which originally had been resting on X’s knee somehow had made its way further up her thigh and was lightly stroking her sensitive inner thigh. I’m not sure that was helping things but it looked like we had passed go by now and the question was whether we would collect our $200.

X was thriving on the tension in the air. If our guests went then and there, no loss, we would simply fuck ourselves stupid. But she wasn’t going to leave it there.

Mike had got his hearing and his bearings back by now. While Carly was still clearly shocked and dazed by all of this, Mike was shown very clear signs of being turned on. And by now, both of the girls realised the same.

X decided to take the bull by the horns. It is was clear the bull was indeed very horny right now. My hand was inching ever so higher up X’s thigh – her legs were likewise inching wider and I could feel her heat from her raging pussy.

X decided to roll the dice.

“So guys, it’s been such a lovely evening and we’ve really enjoyed the night so far. Thanks for coming [I’m sure this was intended as she really emphasised “coming”] and I would hate to see you go right now but we wouldn’t want to cause any problems or make you feel in any way uncomfortable.”

Carly was looking at us, then at Mike. Mike was simply looking at X – he didn’t want to look at Carly and break the spell.

After what seemed like hours but must have been 10-20 seconds, X got up from the couch and took a few deliberate steps to stand in front of Mike, while all the time looking at Carly.

“Right, here’s the rules of the game. At any stage, if either of you say ‘mercy’ we will stop. No questions. Understand?”

Mike nodded as if he had the winning Lotto tickets. Carly nodded her assent but X wanted to make sure.

“Carly – what’s the magic word?”

“Mercy”, Carly whispered but she still hadn’t move.

“That’s the girl, Carly!” X was now in charge.

She knelt down on the carpet between Mike’s legs. His belt was unbuttoned, trousers pulled to half-mast and it was clear his hard cock was not wanting mercy. Unless that was X’s middle name.

She put her hand around the top of his penis and rubbed his hardness with her thumb.

Carly’s eyes were like saucers sitting next to her husband while another woman stroked her man’s cock.

X then positioned herself to have a better angle to lick Mike’s balls. Words were coming out his mouth but none of them were mercy. Next her tongue slowly traced the length up his cock then down then again. Mike’s eyes were closed, but Carly was transfixed.

X shifted slightly and grabbed Mike’s cock by base. She looked Carly in the eye, daring her to saying the word. But nothing Carly was mute. Slowly, surely, and as I know ever so expertly, X teased the head of Mike’s cock with her tongue before her lips spread wide as she consumed him.

It was time for me to play my part. I walked over to Carly who was consumed by watching X swallow her husband’s throbbing dick. X’s head was bobbing up and down, her fingers playing with Mike’s aching balls.

I extended my hand and almost in a daze Carly reached out to take it. We returned to the couch where I had just been enjoying the best show on earth. I positioned her on the couch facing the action while I was behind her.

Carly’s shoes were now on the floor, her dress pulled up around her waist and I quickly removed her panties. My hands moved down to her inner thigh – what now seemed some time ago, I had been stroking a similar region of my wife. I nuzzled her neck and gently bit her where no mark would ever show. My fingers by now were exploring the shape of her pussy lips, in no hurry to find the opening.

On the other couch X had decided that two entrees in one evening was one too many and it was no time for a second main course. The condom I had left behind was now being applied to Mike. (People, what have we said about safety even in fantasies??)

X had decided she had no further use for her clothing and Mike couldn’t care what we was or wasn’t wearing. X climbed up on the couch, straddled Mike, and reached behind her to guide his cock into her wet pussy.

At the very moment X impaled herself on Mike’s cock, my fingers found no barrier to entering Carly’s similarly wet pussy.

As Mike groaned with pleasure, Carly let out her own exclamation mark. She was dripping wet with excitement and I finger fucked her to the same rhythm as my wife rode Mike like he was the favourite in the Derby.

Carly was clearly enjoying the show – just as X had told her she would. My fingers ceased the fucking motion but moved to further north only stopping when I could confirm pressure on her clit area. We soon found a motion that she enjoyed and as her excitement built I continued to do what she clearly loved me doing.

Before long she was approaching release and as she watched her husband fucking my wife, Carly exploded. The sound of his own wife’s orgasm was clearly too much for Mike – by the sounds he was making, they had had a mutual orgasm. Just not fucking each other.

It was now my turn to roll the dice. I reached for another conveniently placed condom and waited for Carly to say the word that would bring it all to an end. I waited. And waited. And then I ripped the packet open and slide the condom over my cock before she changed her mind.

By this time, Mike and X had repositioned themselves – it was Mike’s turn to please X with his tongue and clearly he was good with languages.

I sat with my back firmly against the back of the couch and moved her into reverse cowboy position. OK, I’m being selfish because it’s a position I like but I could play with her breasts or her clit while she could choose to fuck me or fuck me while watching the other couple.

By now, I really don’t know what was happening on the other couch as I was completed engrossed in fucking Carly. She changed up the speed – from slow, grinding tease to full on power fucking mode. I could tell from the noises from the other couch that there was more fucking going on but when I suggested doggie, Carly readily agreed. Like me, she was focussed on her own show.

By now we were on the floor with her arms supported on the couch. As she knelt on her knees, I moved in behind her. I felt her hand guide me into her wet opening and I pushed deep inside her.

Nothing turns me on more than a woman coming as we fuck and Carly clearly enjoyed the change of position as much as I did. I could feel her building to another climax and as much as any man wants to get carried away in the throes of fucking, I knew not to change things up just. Yet. Once I was sure she had climaxed, I then gave up trying to control myself and fucked her as hard and fast as I could until I finally joined the climax club.

It wasn’t the end of the evening but at that stage we all needed a little time and space to catch our breath.

And seeing the dinner party was so successful, we decided to do it again but make it a pot luck dinner and invite a few more friends. But that is another story.