Richard stood back from the counter at the coffee shop, waiting for his order. He found the coffee here to be ok, but the main reason he kept coming back was because he had a soft spot for one of the counter girls, a pretty brunette named Connie. He was under no illusions - he knew that the friendly chit-chat they shared was part of her job (he kept coming back, so it was obviously working), but still it gave his day a bit of a lift to see her in the morning.

She looked up from the counter and met his eye.

“Flat white, extra shot.”

As he took the cup she gave him a smile. “Busy day today?”

“Yeah - that’s why I come here - for the extra buzz.”

“Well I’m glad we can give you your extra buzz” she grinned. “See you tomorrow?”

“See you tomorrow.”

As he walked to work sipping his coffee he again considered how she managed to look good even in her cafe uniform. Every so often he toyed with the idea of asking her out but could never quite bring himself to do it. And after today his life would become far too complicated for anything like a normal love life.

With an interest in science and English at school, Richard Cummings had been drawn to study journalism and after graduating had scored himself a job as science writer at one of the major newspapers in the city. He proved to be a solid journalist and he enjoyed his work.

As with most guys it was his dick that was to get him into trouble. He had an assignment at one of the biotech firms in town to write about a promising new cancer treatment. The story sounded interesting enough but when he arrived at the lab it was the researcher he was to interview, an attractive post-doctoral student named Belinda, that grabbed his attention. She was wearing a low-cut top that displayed just a little cleavage and as she was explaining the finer points of immune markers and antibodies, he was fighting the urge to stare at her breasts. But when he tried to keep eye contact he noticed that she had quite full, sexy lips and his imagination started to wander. He pictured her unbuttoning her top, pulling up her bra and exposing her breasts, and letting him play with her nipples. And he imagined her kneeling in front of him and what it would feel like to have those lips on his cock, drawing him deep into her mouth as her tongue swirled around his cock head. An uncomfortable bulge in his pants was growing.

He realized that he had spent most of the time fantasizing about Belinda naked and so had missed half of what she said. But then one of her colleagues came in and whispered something in her ear and he realized his time was up. As he left he told her he hoped he would be able to do a follow-up story.

“I’d like that” she said smiling, before hurrying off back down the corridor.

On the way out of the building he realized his cock was still hard and so he decided to go to the bathroom and take care of things while the memory of Belinda and the hint of her breasts was still fresh. He locked himself in a cubicle and pulled his cock out of his pants. Working slowly he started to stroke himself, his eyes closed as he imagined Belinda the scientist naked and straddling him, bouncing up and down on his cock as she pushed her breasts into his face.

He was so carried away with his thoughts that he did not notice the alarm coming from the corridor - not for a fire, but rather for a biohazard breach. And even had he known this he would not have thought too much about the spider that was lowering itself from the bathroom ceiling. But this spider had escaped from the gene therapy lab and as Richard was about to cum it landed on his dick and bit him just as he climaxed. The pleasure of his orgasm was overwhelmed by a searing pain in his cock and he opened his eyes and saw the spider on his shaft. Reflexively he swept the spider away and into the toilet. He cleaned himself up and rushed home.

He cock was aching all the way back and when he pulled it out of his pants he saw that it had become red and swollen. Terrified that he had been bitten by a venomous spider he made his way to his local medical centre and, nearly doubled in pain, begged to see a doctor.

He was taken to see a nurse who insisted on seeing what the problem was first. He explained that he had been bitten but when he lowered his pants he let out a surprised gasp. Although still sore his cock had grown fully erect and was bigger than it had ever been. It was a deep shade of red and his balls were swollen and heavy. Putting on a pair of gloves the nurse said that she needed to examine him before he saw the doctor. She gently grasped the shaft to find where he had been bitten but although she was being as professional as she could, he found the sensation of her touch surprisingly pleasant and with horror realized that he was about to cum.

“Please stop - I’m going to…”

But it was too late - with a twitch his cock exploded, a tremendous load of cum flying out and hitting the wall behind the nurse. A second spurt followed, then a third and a forth, all of them coming with such power that they hit the wall. Finally his orgasm subsided and thankfully so did the pain in his cock. As his cock softened he blushed, apologised to the nurse and hurried back home.

As he neared his house he noticed a woman out jogging in yoga tights and a sports bra. His eye lingered on her ass as she passed him and he soon noticed that he was hard again. Once back inside he went to his bedroom, pulled his pants down and found that his cock was once again red and stiff and his balls swollen, even though he had cum only minutes earlier. He lay on his bed and started jerking off, finding the sensation even more enjoyable than usual. Before long he felt the pressure building up in his balls and then his orgasm came. Hard. This time, with his cock pointing up his cum shot straight up in the air, and he was amazed to see spurt after spurt hit the ceiling.

Once he had finished he let go of his cock but after only a minute or two he decided to try again and incredibly his cock got hard after a few quick strokes. The sensation as he jerked off was unlike anything he had previously experienced and felt even better when he played with his balls. His hand sped up and his grip tightened as yet another orgasm built up and then he let out a groan as another spray of cum hit the ceiling, .

He looked at his cum-smeared cock. What had that spider done to him?

He called in sick to work and spent the next few days jerking off almost non-stop, trying to find the limits of his abilities. He found that not only could he practically cum on demand, but that he could get hard again almost immediately. Also the volume of cum was unbelievable, with almost golf ball sized wads flying out of him each time. And best of all, no matter how many times in a row he came the feeling of release and pleasure was undiminished. He was making a tremendous mess of his walls and so one evening he went to a local park and under cover of darkness tested his range. With little effort he found he could shoot his load over 10 metres. Back home, with tarpaulins covering the walls and furniture, he turned his lounge into a target range and spent a day working on his accuracy. He had started to think about what to do with his new abilities.

Finally he decided he had to return to work so spent his last day off mopping up his house, and quickly finishing off the story that had landed him in this situation.

The next morning he submitted his piece and spent the rest of the day studying local crime stories. After work he went and bought a balaclava and once it became dark he got into his car and started driving around the rougher parts of town. As it neared midnight he was about to give up for the night but then he thought he saw some suspicious activity as he passed a mostly-empty carpark. He parked across the road, pulled his balaclava on, and quietly headed towards the far corner of the carpark where a small cluster of cars were parked. According to recent reports, there had been a spike in car thefts in this area and as he got nearer to the cars he could see two guys gathered around the door of a small red sports car parked against the back fence. They were clearly trying to break in. He stopped a few metres behind them.

“Are you sure that belongs to you?” he asked.

The two guys turned around and saw Richard, wearing the balaclava. They were both big guys, the sort you would not want to mess with. The taller one laughed.

“Who are you - Batman? Get lost.”

Suddenly aware of what he was doing, Richard started feeling nervous but stood still.

The men looked at each other and slowly started moving apart, meaning that Richard had to turn his head to see each of them. Unconsciously he started moving backwards. He stopped when he felt the fence against his back. He realized then that they had outflanked him, turned him around, and now he was trapped, stuck between them and the fence. He started to shake. This was a bad idea.

“We told you to get lost. You should’ve listened.”

Richard went to unzip his pants but was so nervous that he fumbled with his fly. The two guys watched, confused. Finally he got his cock out but before he could start jerking off the smaller of the men was on top of him and threw an uppercut that landed in his gut. Winded, he collapsed to his knees, where he felt a kick land in his side. Desperate, he finally grabbed his cock just as the bigger guy hauled him to his feet and cocked his fist, preparing to punch him in the face. But before he could his friend let out a confused laugh.

“What the fuck??” he said as he watched Richard start to stroke his cock. “I think he’s getting off on this!”

Both men stopped to watch this unusual sight, giving Richard just enough time to focus his thoughts and get himself hard and close to the edge.

He looked the bigger guy in the eye. “Didn’t your mother tell you it’s not nice to steal?” And with that he gave the twitching head of his cock a final squeeze, releasing a jet of cum. It caught him in the crotch, the force of it knocking him onto his back as he clutched his groin in agony. Richard turned to the other guy and came again, hitting him in the chest with the first spurt and square in the chest with the second. He too fell to the ground in pain. The two of them turned, confused, and stumbled away. Richard let go of his cock and put a hand on his bruised ribs.

“Oh my God - are you ok?”

A woman was approaching cautiously, watching as the two would-be thieves disappeared into the darkness.

“That’s my car. Are you ok?” she asked again.

Richard nodded, but still held his side.

“Hey - you’re hurt. Oh!” she said as she noticed his cock hanging out of his pants.

He went to zip himself up, but she stopped him.

“Wait - let me thank you for stopping those two guys.”

She led him to the other side of her car and reached for his cock. She gently squeezed it and quickly brought it to full erection. She bent over and started licking the head as she pumped her hand up and down. Richard let out a moan and pushed her head down onto his cock. After a moment she stood up, took off her top, and undid her bra exposing a pair of full, round breasts. Richard put a hand on each and started squeezing, pinching her small hard nipples. As he did she reached under her skirt and took her underpants off. She walked over to her car and bent over the bonnet, lifting her skirt up. He reached between her legs - her pussy was wet. Her breathing got faster as he started rubbing her clit.

“Do it - fuck me” she said.

He placed the tip of his cock at her wet hole and pushed forward, filling her with his cock. He reached forward to grab a breast in each hand and started fucking her. She groaned in pleasure. Despite working on his control he could feel an orgasm on its way and, worried he might hurt her if he came inside her, pulled out and turned her around. She squatted down and started sucking him, one hand on his balls. As he felt his orgasm build-up he grabbed his cock and pulled out of her mouth. She started sucking on his balls and with one last squeeze he came, his jizz flying off in the distance. As the spams subsided and the flow of cum eased he put his cock back in her mouth. Even though he was nearly at the end of his orgasm the amount of cum was still too much for her to swallow and it spilled out of her mouth onto her breasts.

After he finally finished she got dressed, thanked him again and drove off. He returned home buzzing with the excitement of his night’s work, wondering how far could he go - how much good could he do with his new powers?