Written by Eve star


im a cleaner one day i was cleaning away when the man of the house came home early he walkd into the kitchen while im on my hands n knees scrubbing away he asked how my day was and stared at me for a bit i knew what he was looking at my ass was stareing right back this some what excited me i could hear his heavy breathing as he walkd closer to me he came up behind me pulld my pants dwn and lickd my arsehole he startd to gently poke my pussy and rub my clit when outta nowhere he grabd my hips n force his massive thick cock in while im was stil scrubbing away begging for him to stop (but not really wanting him to) he wouldnt he thrusted harder and harder Cuming inside my pulsating pussy my arse is still in the air cum is dripping out he pulls my pants up and the cum soaks thru later on wen i go home my pants are stuck to my pussy the cum is like glue n i have to peel away my pants i cnt believe what happend earlier but i loved every second