As you came up the drive you noticed with annoyance that once again the builders didn't seem to be making any progress on your extension. Two of them were sitting on the low wall they'd built, smoking roll-ups.

Inside the house, you became aware of the sound of the boiler refilling - a clear sign that a tap had been left running. One of the crew had obviously used the bathroom and left it on. Annoyed again, you climbed the stairs and marched into the bathroom.

To be confronted by the third member of the team in the shower.

For a second he didn't see you as he soaped himself liberally, then showered off. Aghast at the presumption, you stood waiting, determined to confront him. When he turned off the shower and opened the door he saw you, but instead of being embarrassed, he behaved with complete nonchalance.

"Sorry," he said "we had a concrete delivery and there was a bit of an accident. I got most of it off outside, but I needed a shower and I thought it would be better to have it here rather than spend half-a-day getting home and back."

You opened your mouth to say that you certainly did mind, and in fact you did start delivering your lecture, but you undermined yourself slightly by noticing that (a) he obviously spent a considerable time in the gym and (b) he had a particularly impressive penis, thick and long, even when hanging limp as now. You stuttered through your first couple of sentences, but by now he was grinning at you. "Pass me a towel could you, love?"

You realized that this was the obvious way to remove the embarrassment, but your hesitation had caused him to imagine that you were thinking "get your own towel, mate" so he reached across you just as you moved too. Suddenly you were standing very close together and he was looking down and into your eyes at very close range. You bit your lip slightly and - without considering the action - you kissed him full and passionately.

He reciprocated without hesitation, and there you found yourself, kissing a naked man in your bathroom. It wasn't much further a sin then for you to allow him to lift your t-shirt over your head, to undo your bra, to bend and start to suck your nipples and kiss your breasts. It didn't seem too strange that he unbuttoned your jeans, slid down the zip and then knelt in front of you before slowly sliding down your underwear, leaving you standing - barely two minutes since you'd entered the bathroom - naked in front of him.

He kissed you very thoroughly all over the stomach and thighs, before moving his mouth between your legs. By now you were so wet you knew he'd be able to slip straight inside you. He suddenly placed a hand on your stomach and pushed you gently, inviting you to step back until your calves bumped against the side of the bath. He motioned you to sit, then with a sudden "fuck, yes" he opened your legs and bent his head between them, his lips suddenly coming into contact with your swollen and open labia. He started to kiss and lick you, unhurriedly, as if there was nothing more natural than eating the vagina of an unfamiliar woman in her bathroom. And God, he was good at it. Most men have no idea what to do down there, but they know licking is definitely part of it, so that's what they do. Well, he had evolved beyond that: he kissed your clit, and gently licked it, and let his nose bump and rub between your labia, and gently slid two fingers into you as he did this, and varied his pace, and varied his stroke and generally seemed to do everything you wanted as soon as you even formed the thought. You leaned back and placed your hands in the bath, to give him better access, and he immediately took the hint and started to increase the pace and firmness of his strokes. This on its own would probably have pushed you over the edge, even if you hadn't suddenly noticed that all this was happening directly opposite the bathroom's full-length mirror, in which you could see his tight buttocks as he knelt, and his head doing its work between your legs.

You came, noisily and with great abandon, his by-now firm strokes bringing you to spasm after spasm until you had to push his head away for fear of screaming the street down.

Now you found a strange thing happening to you. You started to see the mirror as an audience - in fact, what you specifically imagined was that the rest of the building crew were watching you. For some reason this turned you on enormously, and on a whim you turned to the handbag you'd dropped on first entering the room. Quickly and clumsily with shaking hands you reapplied your red lipstick - which you absently noticed WAS quite tarty - and then dropped to your knees, side-on in front of the mirror, and beckoned him to come over to you. Stretching up, you planted a kiss between his pectorals, then slightly lower, then lower again, leaving a trail of lip marks down the centre of his torso. When you reached his now hard cock, you paused and looked up at him, suddenly very turned on by the sight of your juices glistening all over his mouth, then suddenly swallowed him, making yourself gag slightly, but determined to impress both him and your unseen audience.

You'd always loved giving head, and prided yourself on being good at it. But this, however, was a little different. You had no idea what would please him, so you deployed your entire box of tricks. You sucked, your head bobbing impressively; you licked, long strokes right up the shaft and shorter ones around and around the head; you lip-pinched him, up and down the shaft, giving him long, slow looks; you played with his balls and sucked them slowly while frantically wanking him; you said things to him that made you blush afterwards just to think of them. And all this you did not merely for him, but for the audience in the mirror, which you periodically checked on just to see how good a show you were putting on.

Now it was clear that he wasn't going to wait any more. He stooped and slid his hands under your arms, lifting you quickly and easily to your feet. His hands took your face and held it as he kissed you passionately, then he abruptly dropped his hands and once again bent slightly, lifting you unexpectedly under the thighs and taking one well-controlled step forward so that your back slammed against the wall at the same time as your knees came up and parted to receive him.

His cock entered you in one well-practised smooth stroke, and for a second you were frozen like that, you with back against the wall and knees around his waist, supported by his hands behind the knees. Then, gloriously, he began to fuck you like that. His upper body stayed still, helping to hold you up, but his hips banged against your inner thighs, his huge cock thrusting in and out of you like a piston. You were convinced that the squeal of delight you gave would be heard down the street, and threw your head back to let his mouth explore your neck.

Suddenly he dropped you, and there was a strange, charged look in his eye. "Turn around and bend over" he said, and although you normally liked to be in control you immediately did as you were told. No sooner were you in position than you felt his hand guide his cock between your legs and - with surprising delicacy - slide back and forth across your labia, each thrust running right across your clit. It was fantastic, but it wasn't enough, so on the next withdrawal you intervened, using your own hand to guide the head to your vagina, so that when he came forward again you were penetrated deeply, his cock seeming even larger from that angle. His hands came up to your hips to control the thrusts, but once fully inside you he moved to hold your breasts, his rough fingers stroking your hard nipples and his hands squeezing and manipulating your breasts. You slid a hand between your legs and started to touch your clit, hoping to be able to make yourself come again before he finished.

You could feel from his thrusts that he wasn't really trying very hard to take your needs into account - no-one could last long at that speed, especially not after *that* blowjob - but it didn't really matter because you were so turned on that you soon came again, the spasms coursing through your body, and the end of it merged with his own, denoted by a sudden grunt and increase in thrusting speed. You felt his hot semen shoot inside you, and - unable to resist - you climbed off him and turned around to kneel, grabbing his by-now sticky cock and swallowing it all, hungrily sucking and licking it clean, making little moans of pleasure that were not entirely fake.

When you'd finished you stayed like that for a while, gently kissing his stomach and thighs. After a minute or so he pulled away, and you were surprised to find that he looked a little embarrassed as he located his clothes. Suddenly you realised that it didn't really matter if the extension WAS a couple of weeks late after all...