Written by Slipperysam


The party was in its fourth hour and the sun just beginning its exit from the long pink sky when he felt her hand tickle its way in between the top of his legs.

Beer jumped from the top of his bottle he raised it suddenly in reaction to the intrusion. He turned, sunglasses askew, to see her there behind him. She was half turned, standing slightly side on, glass of bourbon in hand, its straw in her mouth where she pinched it between her teeth, her long, dark hair cascading down her shoulders to end just above the point of her breast.

He smiled at her.

“Hello you. It’s been a while”

She did not reply. She simply stood, swaying her shoulders left and right gently, eyeing him with shiny brown eyes over the top of her glasses as she bit hard on the straw, lips drawn back into a half smile.

He leaned forward, straightened his own glasses and spoke again to her in a whisper just loud enough to rise above the music.

“Where do you want to go?”

Her smile broadened as she licked the top of her straw delicately, still watching him over the rims of her dark shades. He stood mesmerised, half leaned toward her like a statue as she made an exaggerated heavy suck on her drink before licking a drip from the top of the straw.

Her eyes still on him, she finally replied.

“The garden shed behind me”

He looked over her shoulder and saw the silver galvanised shed against the fence, just a few metres behind the main throng that currently made up the life of the party. It was in plain sight for everyone to see, getting in there may not be so easy. He looked backed down to her, still staring at him, teeth on the end of the straw again while she continued her hypnotic sway. He smiled to himself at the thought that she herself was not hard to get into, not hard at all, at least not for him.

“You will have to be quiet” she said, as if she had read his thoughts.

His eyebrows rose as he considered her choice of venue. This was the most adventurous she had been yet.

“Ok I’m game” he whispered back. “I’ll go first”

She smiled again as he winked at her, eyes not leaving him as he scanned the crowd and decided on his route to the small building. He would stop at the fence next to it, take a leak, then slip inside and wait for her.

“See you soon then”

He brushed past her, feeling her ass with the palm of his hand as he passed and again smiled to himself as he felt her jump, heard her swear as she spilt her drink on her top. That’ll teach her he thought, grinning.

He made his way around the crowd, nodding and smiling at a couple of friends on the outskirt of the group as he moved in a wide circle toward the fence beside the shed. He stood in the half dark shadow beside it and opened his flies. He was already hard and could not piss even if he wanted to, but he continued the charade to keep up appearances before tucking himself away again. After a quick glance over his shoulder at the twenty or so at the back yard gathering, he turned quickly, opened the door and stepped inside before swiftly closing the door behind him.

It was a couple of minutes before his eyes grew accustomed to the gloom and he could see what they would have to work with. Some sacks of cement in one corner neatly stacked to thigh height, a wheelbarrow, some long handled garden tools and a broken sun lounger.

‘Hmm this will be fine’ he thought to himself. His hand had found its way to the hardness in his trousers before he even realised what he was doing, and he felt along it though his jeans and thought of his fuck buddy.

He did not know her name. Either he had not been told it or if he had, he was too drunk at the time to remember it. They were both on the outskirts of two circles of friends and they ran into each other on occasions like this every few months. He was always on the lookout for her when the same groups got together but it was always her that found him, normally in some corner of the party and gave him the invitation he could not refuse. She always had the meeting place planned out – all he had to do was turn up and wait for her, a shower, a boat, a wardrobe, a closet, a car, on the roof of the house once! She was always creative. Tonight was no different, although more risqué than usual with the partygoers being just outside the door!

The door silently opened and a crack of light spilled in only to be cut short by her shadow as she stepped inside. He moved toward her to take her hips in his hands but she did not stop, instead she came right into the space and pressed up against him.

“My friend wants to come in as well” she whispered toward him, and before he could answer another shadow slipped into the gloom.

He squinted and peered at the new arrival, trying to discern something in the shape. Was this a boy or a girl?

As soon as the door was closed, he got his answer. A woman’s voice whispered from her.

“Erin are you sure… oh Hi! You are already here”

“Hello” he whispered back. “I’m Taylor. Nice to meet you” He waved toward her, a futile gesture in the darkness.

“This is Ange. She is not here to meet you, she is here to help me fuck you”

Ange giggled. “Are you sure, I only want to… watch maybe? If it’s ok with you Taylor, …. of course. Erin’s told me about your … sexy adventures. She saw you here tonight and she told me she would get you in here, and… well I said I would like to come along as well, when I saw what you looked like and heard what, I mean… how sexy you were.”

There was a small sharp sound of metal scraping, some sparks then a lighter sprang to life in Erin’s hand, throwing an orange glow onto the three of them. She held it to a tiny tea light candle, which soon caught and she placed it on the ledge above the door, bathing them all in shaky candle light.

As soon as she had placed it Erin turned and in two steps was in front of Taylor. She put her hand to his groin and murmured “Nice to see you are ready. Think you can handle two of us?”

Before he had answered she was kissing him, her tongue immediately finding his and she wasted no time in engaging it in a tango. His hands went first to her hips, and then made their way up to her breasts where he stroked them from beneath with his thumbs as they continued their kiss. He found her small nipples already hard, protruding like beans through her bra and top, and he caressed them with his thumbs as he gyrated his groin against hers. It was not long before his sexual fever was overcoming him, and he pulled at her top, loosening it from her pants and gathered it up over her breasts. She responded by moving her pelvis from his and reached down to loosen his belt. The movement of both of them quickened in time with each other and soon, in speedy movements, his trousers were at his knees and her top and bra were flung over her head and floating to the sheds timber floor.

Ange stood watching them with her mouth open, eyes wide at her friend now topless and pressed to her lover. She stared his penis, bent sideways against her and straining out its shape in his underpants as it pointed over her friends hip directly at her. As they continued their kiss, Ange reached forward and first touched the eye of his hardened member through his pants with her finger, then began to stroke its head gently between it and her thumb.

He grunted in response, opened his left eye to look down on her and, still in mid kiss, twisted his waist toward her to allow her better access to him. She stroked him a little further along the length that now protruded and back to its head again, slowly increasing the pressure as she went up and down.

Soon Erin’s hands began to wriggle down his underpants as their jaws mawed each other in their passionate kiss, silently mouthing the rising pressure of their unspoken desire as it built within them both. Ange assisted her by tugging his pants from the back until they reached his knees and let them go to fall silently down to his feet. His knob was now free for her, still pushed sideways against the hip of her friend, so she edged her backside carefully onto the stacked cement bags behind her and slowly leaned forward to bring her mouth closer to it as he watched her from above, one eye opened, his mouth never leaving Erin’s.

Slowly Ange’s head crept further forward, her eyes watching his cock bobbing slowly up and down in front of her in time with their movements, eventually coming close enough to kiss it, then as it came down again, took it into her mouth and felt him around his glans with her soft malleable tongue.

Grunts came from him, echoed into her friend’s mouth as she carefully treated him to her best delicate caresses by tongue intermittently mixed with the strongest suction she could muster. She tasted the first drop of his cum as it exuded from him and she smeared it around his head with her tongue as soon as it came. She appreciated how turned on he must be if her own sensations were anything to go by. ‘So much for watching’ she mused as she felt her knickers becoming soaked in waves of her own lustiness.

Before long her own hands were inching her skirt up to her waist and her fingers found their way to her pussy where they touched first her swollen lips then moved inside to her hardened clit. She looked up as she continued her sensual work with her mouth to see his hand on Erin’s breasts, squeezing her tiny nipples as she had first done to his cock, his hand lifting her breast in synchrony with the movement of all three of them. She felt her pussy gaping, her lips fattening, her moisture dribbling from her in tiny warm waves as she breathed, the stirrings of a climax welling within her. She could smell a distinct mixture of scents, his aftershave, the masculine musk of his loins, the sharp scent of Erin coming from her in puffs as they pushed slowly back and forth against each other and her own familiar smell, the signature of her own arousal as it rose from between her own legs. The mixture of smells, the sight of them embraced and the stimulation of her own fingers was soon too much and she descended into the beginnings of her orgasm.

Her breath rhythmically quickened and soon began to carry panted husky throaty sounds with it as the flames spread from her groin, into her body then down to her toes. She took her mouth off him and attempted to stifle the series of short squeals that emanated from her as her fingers furiously traced themselves up and down over her bulging clitoris. A long shattering orgasm filled her, bent her toes and her head as it wound its way from inside to out, twisting her and defeating her attempts at silence. Erin and Taylor stopped in mid kiss to stare, horrified, down at her.

“Shhh Shhhhhhh” Erin whispered, to no avail. She brought her hand down to Ange’s mouth as she crouched down beside her.

“Shhh I didn’t know you were a screamer!” she whispered to her hoarsely

Ange shuddered and contorted and as her fingers stilled a short jet of lust shot forth from her puckered vagina and fell to the timber below.

“And a squirter too!” Taylor could not help but whisper out his delight.

He got down to his knees, pushed her skirts further up onto her belly and pressed his face in between her thighs as she reclined her shoulders against the wall of the shed. His tongue found her quickly. He traced her around the outside of her lips and paused to suck hard on each side before darting his tongue in toward her twitching bulb. Erin stood by and watched, her breasts firmly in the care of one hand as the other found its way down her jeans and under her panties where it began to satisfy the needs of her own swollen cleft.

Ange reclined further to slump against the wall, and angled herself up to meet Taylors exuberant lappings. Her hands freed her own breasts and began to pinch and stretch her own long hard nipples. Soon she found herself looking up at Erin. She looked first at her one hand in her pants, the outline of her fingers clearly visible as they moved from the top of her pussy down to disappear inside herself then back up again in a rapid succession, then to her other holding both of her nipples, squeezing them painfully tightly at the same time as lifting her boobs as high as she could. Then she met Erin’s eyes.

They were fixed on her own, smouldering like dark hot coals beneath her lowered eyelids, her head tilted forward at her forehead so her eyes only just appeared below her brows. The intent stare transfixed Ange, Erin’s eyes piercing her own with a look of such ferocious lust that soon she felt another climax building. Her breath came faster once more and the fire again began to spread from her thighs up into her belly. Her eyes widened as they looked at Erin, who recognised what was happening to her and leant down to cover Ange’s mouth with her own.

As soon as she pushed her tongue into Ange’s mouth she felt the orgasm shoot through her, the tension undeniably palpable in her as Erin held her head firmly and tried to smother her cries, attempting to swallow them as they burst free of her mouth. Again Ange bucked and strained, her legs straightened and her feet curled over. One, two then three spurts of cum shot out to Taylor, overwhelming his mouth and flowing forth down the sides of his face, all the while the muscles of Ange’s body took turns to squeeze her as if she was being pummelled by the waves of a huge heavy surf crashing on a beach. On and on the convulsions came as Erin kissed her hard and Taylor sawed and poked at her tightening pussy with his fingers as it contracted into spasm and gushed, trying to milk every ounce of pleasure from her.

Eventually Erin felt her begin to relax, and took her mouth from hers to allow her to breath. She watched her slumped back, breasts heavily heaving with the weight of her desperate panting as her body attempted to recover. As her breathing slowed, Ange leant up again to again offer her mouth to Erin, who accepted, and softly they both kissed each other, Erin finding it delightfully somehow more sensual, almost imperceptibly but still discernibly different from the familiar kiss of a man. Intrigued, she persisted with it, and soon, with her hands on either side of Ange’s thighs, she was in a passionate embrace of her new found pleasure, their lips dandling each other, tongues sweeping through one another’s mouths like amateur teenagers sliding into first base.

She felt him come behind her, and she allowed Taylor to free her of her tight jeans and knickers, gently lifting each leg so he could remove them fully. She felt his hands pushing her buttocks up, his fingers sweeping the cleave of her arse, sending tingles through her anus as he stroked her. She felt her pussy wetten further and she began to edge herself back against his hands as he moved them up and down. She felt his hands moving down now, fingertips running along the edge of her pussies pouting lips, felt them moisten and the sensations of gliding sent tickles up inside her as she continued, eyes closed, to tongue at Ange’s open mouth.

His fingers finally slipped inside her labium, edging inside then closer and closer to her hardened stud, and when he finally stroked it she moaned, a long quiet reverberation into Ange’s mouth as the pleasure rose through her. She felt Ange’s hands now rise up along her belly to find her jutting nipples, then Ange’s mouth leaving hers only to take her right nipple inside itself, a long slow soft caress of tongues and cheek meeting her dangling firm breast, engulfing it, sliding along to her hard nipple then the incredible feeling of very hard suction. Her eyes flicked open and the combination of Ange’s delicate but strong mouth and Taylors experienced fingers teasing at her ready clitoris had her swaying side to side, warmth washing through her gaining in temperature by the moment. When Taylor pressed his hard tongue to her pussy and licked her a trail of wet warmth to her anus, she was almost engulfed by a tsunami of sensation. She moaned as he moved up to it, increasing in volume and pitch so slightly in synch with his journey from pussy hole to arse. When he repeated it the second time, she could take it no more.

“Fuck me Taylor. Fuck me now! In either hole I don’t care – just get your fat cock in me so I can come on you”

Taylor obliged her, rising up he rubbed his hard head on her arse, then slid it down to her pussy and in the same slow motion pushed it in as far as it would go. Erin groaned in ecstasy as she took him inside her, feeling the stretching and relief in the same gasp. He pulled himself all the way out then pushed himself all the way back in over and over, slowly building a quicker pace on the last entry as she groaned and pushed back against him. Ange continued her hard, painful fellation of her breast while she reached her hand down to Erin’s crotch, gingerly touched her outer labia then slowly moved her hand inside to reveal her clit to her middle finger before proceeding to swab it in circles with slowly increasing legerity, simultaneously pinching the lips on either side with her other fingers, stretching and pulling them in time with her clitoral stimulations.

Erin was succumbing quickly to her own climax.

Volts of sensation electrified her.

Pain from her nipple intermingled with the tickles from her clit and the increasing velocity of Taylor entering her tightening pussy again and again and soon all three overcame her. She pushed back hard against him and down onto her as she bit her lip, trying not to call out, attempting to contain the angels of decadence trying to free themselves as they opened their wings inside her, touching every part of her with succulent vibrations before rising to emerge from her in rapture and taking flight into the heavens. Her legs buckled under her weight and she slumped forward onto Ange, her face contorted with the severe intensity as the violent orgasm threw itself from her, her vagina gaping and sucking at Taylor as he held himself inside her as deeply as he could manage.

Taylor held her firmly against him, feeling her sap ooze from her tightening hole, down his leg, and revelled in her climax until she too relaxed, huffing, hot and raw. He slowly freed himself from her and stood back, sliding his tight hand along his greased truncheon until the end of it purpled with pressure. The girls rolled away from each other, sitting next to one another on the cement bags to continue their delicate mouthing, soft kisses landing each other like experts. He marvelled at the four breasts and the two gaping hairless slits lain out before him. His hand continued to move at the same gentle speed as he lowered himself to his knees before them. Now eye level with their steaming muffs, he slowly pulled on himself as they continued to explore each other’s mouths, then their hands mutually found each other’s breasts, fondling and caressing one another in front of him.

His excitement building, he continued to watch their amorous clutching. Erin moved her hand to Ange’s thigh and stretched her fingers over her gaping pussy. Ange responded by widening her legs, sliding the one closest to Erin up over hers, then turning the attention of her own hand to Erin’s tight lipped pussy in return.

Taylor could not believe his eyes. Lit by the tiny candle, the two girls kissed and fornicated in front of him, their hands mirroring each other’s as they expertly wound each other up. He watched one hand, then the other, fingers petting each other, occasionally one entering the other momentarily, one girl moaning then the other. He forced his tight hand back and forth along his rigid stem, his pelvis arcing forward toward them, shoulders raked back, eyes darting between their mouths, each hand. His knees began to bend further, his pizzle pointing directly into the middle of the girls, until finally he began to jerk at his pelvis, his hand pushed down his shaft hard against his pelvic bone and ball bag, and his purple head gaped and spat great beads of shiny semen straight at Erin, landing on her cheek and exposed breast, hot and thick each glob sagged slowly down as he grunted out his gratification and wobbled form his knees.

Erin in turn immediately writhed and twisted, broke her kiss from Ange and stuttered out her own triumph in reaction to Ange’s fevered fingerings, sliding herself down over her fingers as they were pushed into her. By the time Erin was halfway through hers Ange once again screamed out a shriek and shot a glorious spout of liquor along Erin’s flaccid arm, and they both collapsed into a heaving panting embrace propping each other up as the last of the convulsions worked their way through them.

By the time they had dressed and emerged from the shelter of the garden shed the lawn was deserted, apart from the house owner who was making rounds collecting empty bottles into a small plastic barrel. The rhythm of the soft clinks of the bottles as they were slipped into to barrel was abruptly interrupted as the three of them passed in front of him, each turning in turn to smile and thank him one after the other before disappearing down the driveway, leaving him to double take between the shed, door swinging open as they had left it, and back to them striding down the cobblestones, arms linked and giggling to each other as they faded away into the night.