Written by C J


Walking into the bar I didn't know what I expected to find.

Since arriving I had mostly kept to myself, taking in the sights and exploring the bluff.

Tonight, however I had decided I wanted to check out the night life.

Given the warm weather getting ready was easy. I had thrown on a short, strappy, dark blue dress over my purple bra and panties. This set in particular was my favourite. The shade stands so bright against the creamy whiteness of my skin I knew it suited me well.

The bra held my breasts perfectly and the thin material displayed my nipples well whenever they became hard. The panties were really nothing more than decoration for my ass and something about the way the lace feels against my freshly shaven pussy gives me tingles and makes me feel sexy.

I threw my blonde hair up into a messy ponytail added some mascara to my eyelashes framing my big, blue eyes and tinted lip gloss on my full lips. After that I strapped on my black sandals and grabbed my handbag I was ready to go have a great night out.

Walking into the bar I was surprised to find it mostly empty. Scanning the room I found a few people dotted about and couples with heads close together caught up in whatever they were discussing.

I took a deep breath and continued on to the bar; going out by myself has never been easy for me. Until I have a couple of drinks in me I am quite shy.

Ordering a house white from the hot guy tending the bar I took my place on a stool at an empty table and began to consume my liquid courage. The first glass went down way to easy as I enjoyed the music and began to relax into the bar's atmosphere, scanning the room I saw very little in the way of talent.

Before I knew it l was looking down into my empty glass, I needed another. I spotted the bartender at the other end of the bar chatting to an older gentleman both were laughing.

Feeling a bit braver due to the wine I made my way over to interrupt their conversation and get another drink...

Approaching the bar, both men stopped mid-conversation. The bartender turned to me giving me his full attention. I placed my empty glass on the bar.

"The same again please." I requested as I flashed him a wide smile complete with dimples.

The bartender returned my smile with his own and a mischievous twinkle in his brown eyes. His smile widening as his eyes travelled the length of my body, lingering awhile on my breasts then back up to my eyes. I felt the heat rise to my face as I blushed.

"No problem, babe" he said as he turned to retrieve the bottle from the fridge behind him.

I pretended to be very interested in something behind the bar but really I was checking him out. I couldn't help but admire the fantastic ass on him as he poured me another drink.

In fact, by the look of him overall it was apparent he kept himself in very good shape and had seen a lot of time in the sun as he was very well tanned too.

He must've been close to 6 foot I decided. With dark hair, cut close to his head and well trimmed facial hair. I felt myself blush again as I thought about how sexy he would look without his t-shirt on....How good his toned body would feel under my hands.... How I'd love to run my fingers through that short hair....my nails down his back...gripping his ass... encouraging him to fuck me harder...

I was still toying with these thoughts as he placed the glass down in front of me, snapping me out of my little fantasy and said...

"It’s on the house, babe."

This time I paid more attention to the shape of his lips and mouth as he spoke. Yes, they were just as sexy as the rest of him and I'm a sucker for a killer smile.

I took my glass from him while making some serious eye contact and smiled again a little flirtier this time.

"That's very kind, thank you." I almost purred at him.

Turning on my heel I put more of a sway into my walk as I went back to my seat... I could feel his eyes on my ass and I loved it.

I sat down and took a glance in his direction. Sure enough, he was looking at me still with a burning in his eyes that immediately sent a delicious thrill through me. I decided right then that I wanted him.

We broke eye contact as another patron approached him to order a drink. I kept my eyes on him as he went about his work. He was so fucking gorgeous! I could feel my nipples hardening inside my bra as I watched him move so deftly around the bar...I don't usually react so strongly to someone I've just met but there was something in the way he held himself that really attracted me. His confidence was apparent in every move he made.

I sipped my wine slower this time. I didn't want to get messy or out of control. Things feel much more intense and real when I'm sober. I just wanted to take the edge off and calm my nerves.

Pulling my phone out of my bag I started to check my emails. I needed something to keep my mind busy, something to keep me from staring at the sexy man serving drinks.

I was halfway through my emails when the lights went darker and the music became louder. I looked up; I hadn't even noticed that the bar had begun to fill with more and more people. Many who were now dancing poorly to obviously non dance music?

Good, I thought to myself. People watching would serve as a good distraction and stop me staring like a little fan-girl. I finished my emails and lent down to pop my phone back in my bag. As I sat back up I was surprised to find him standing very close to me, grinning. I glanced over to the bar and saw a new girl had taken his place at the bar serving drinks.

"How are you going with your wine? I thought I would check; see if you needed another babe."

I flushed "It's hitting the spot."

"I'd like to hit your spots babe." he replied quickly.

This time instead of blushing, I felt excited. Felt it run all the way down my body like electricity.

I smiled sweetly at him and gave him wide innocent eyes...

"You're welcome to try" I said as I bit my lip just a little.

He leaned forward as soon as I finished what I was saying, putting his hand on the back of my head and kissed me full on the lips. I groaned a little as I melted into his skilful lips.

His lips felt even better than I expected them to. I ran my hand up the back of his neck pulling him to me more. I was already getting wet and it was only a kiss.

Our kiss made me more lightheaded than the alcohol had. When he broke away I swayed a little. Placing my hand on the table to steady myself. I drew my bottom lip into my mouth savouring the sensation and opened my eyes.

He was looking down at me with that look that men get when they know exactly what they want to do with a woman. It was lust, pure and simple. Radiating off him like heat.

"Shall we get out of here babe?" He asked.

Still gathering myself I could only nod. I grabbed my bag and took the hand he offered. My mind already picturing all the sexy possibilities the night held.

As we came out of the bar I immediately noticed the air out here was much cooler than inside, made more apparent when it travelled up under my dress cooling the dampness between my legs that had occurred during our exchange. I shivered slightly at the temperature change in such a sensitive place.

I watched his back as he walked slightly ahead of me still holding my hand. Admiring his physique. It was then that I noticed a tattoo peaking from the bottom of his t-shirt sleeve on his well toned left bicep. Unable to tell exactly what it was I decided to ask him more about it later. I smiled to myself, oh yes, I was going to enjoy undressing him and discovering what other secrets he had waiting for me.

To my surprise we only had to walk across the road to get to his place.

"This is home." He said as he popped his key in the door and led me inside.

As soon as he shut the door behind me he pushed me against the wall and kissed me again.

Reaching up he pulled my hair from its ponytail and whispered in my ear.

"I'm going to fucking devour you, babe."

A thrill ran through me as I reached up with my mouth and caught his bottom lip between my teeth. Applying a small amount of pressure I let go then pulled his lip into my mouth sucking it as I would were it his knob. Exactly as I had been wanting to do since I first noticed its sexy shape.

Lacing fingers of one hand in my hair, a groan escaped him; he pressed his body against mine harder. The effects of our kiss apparent as his hardness were pushed tight against me.

I felt his other hand on my waist start to travel lower...Over my hip... down my thigh. I parted my legs slightly offering myself up for his touch.

Pulling my hair back and forcing me to let go of his lip he began to gently bite and suck on my neck. While his other hand found my pussy.

He worked his fingers against the lace of my panties rubbing slowly and softly teasing my clit. The feeling of being touched through the fabric was so sexy. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second.

He released my hair and moved his hand down to my breast, closing his hand over it and pushing it upward at the same time. He found my nipple easily through the thin material and began to work it between finger and thumb; bringing a moan from my throat.

I worked to remove his shirt, running my hands up under it. The feel of his skin under my hands was all I had hoped it would be, smooth, warm and hard. I located a nipple and teased it with my finger...

He stopped what he was doing to pull off his shirt. Exposing his well tanned chest and stomach; he sight of him like that, shirtless and perfect. Living up to what I had envisioned made things lower in my body tighten.

I wanted to run my tongue over every part of him, worship the god before me. Speaking of which, with his shirt off I could see his tattoo properly now. Spanning from shoulder to lower bicep was homage to the god Mars, done intricately in red, white and black inks.

We started to kiss again, hungrily like we would eat each other. Tongues exploring and lips crushed together. Hands slipped up under my dress lifting it up over my head. He stopped to look at me standing there in my bra and panties.

His need was written all over his face, his eyes blazing with desire.

"I'm going to enjoy you, babe." He spoke low and deeply.

"The feeling is mutual." I purred back.

His lips came down on mine again as his hands went to work, running up my stomach again to my breasts; massaging both of them at the same time, then back down again to come to rest on my waist. The roughness of his hands felt so good against the smoothness of my skin.

He began to trail kisses down my body stopping to pay tribute to each nipple through the thin fabric of my bra, using his teeth to do what his tongue couldn't with my bra covering them. I arched my back to encourage him to continue what he was doing; running my hands over his broad shoulders and up the back of his neck and through his short hair and back down again.

He moved lower to lick and kiss my stomach; his Lips leaving a little trail of wetness, moving lower yet kissing along my hip toward the middle. Then lower again running his tongue along my panties.

Kneeling down he lifted my right leg and placing it over his left shoulder. He set to work again this time licking and kissing my inner thigh sending goose bumps all over my body. I couldn't help but moan at the visual of the sexy man between my legs and what he was about to do.

I moved myself closer encouraging him to put his mouth on me but he paid no attention and continued to tease me with his hot, wet tongue.

Alternating between my inner thighs he was so very close to my pussy, the tease was incredible. I found myself still trying to angle towards his mouth. I needed him there! I wanted to feel his tongue in me tasting my wetness. Oh god, I was dying to feel his mouth on me.

His tongue ran a trail right next to where the lace ended and my thigh began. Feeling his breath on my pussy through the thin lace and him so close to where I craved for him be was driving me crazy.

Finally he licked me long and slow through the lacy fabric causing me to close my eyes and throw my head back, letting out another moan.

“Ohhh.” I breathed.

It was at that moment he chose to pull my panties to one side and lick me, steady and confident. Starting outward and working toward my centre. His mouth finally on my soaking wet pussy made my breathing increase and hips move slightly.

His tongue began exploring me. Long licks and short; some gentle, some harder until he plunged his tongue inside me. My eyes flew open, I looked down at him. I needed to watch this. I needed to see this gorgeous man with his face buried in my pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck." Came out of my mouth before I could stop it and a deep growl-like sound was his response adding vibrations to the magic his tongue was already working on me.

He moved his tongue upward and began working my clit. Flicking, licking and sucking; building up his intensity with each action.

Placing a hand on the back of his head pulling him to me more I began to move with his rhythm, grinding my pussy on his mouth.

Luckily he had one hand on my ass gripping tight and the other on my hip, supporting my balance because I could feel my orgasm building.

"Mmmmm....ohhhhh god. That feels so fucken good." Came from my parted lips.

I was breathing hard and loving every sensation he caused to run through my body; my back arching more against the wall and my hand clenching the back of his head. He continued to work my clit like a pro. Never stopping nor breaking his rhythm.

My pussy was slick with his saliva and my own juices. I liked that I was causing such a wet mess on that face. He had earned nothing less with his technique.

It wasn't long until I felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm building and building fast. With each stroke of his tongue it budded inside of me until it became overwhelming and then crashed over my body....So amazing and intense. I cried out loudly, hips bucking and clit sending out pulse after pulse of intense pleasure.

My nerve endings felt like they were on fire and I rode wave after wave of my climax on his face; covering him in my juices even more. He stayed at it the whole time drawing out my orgasm as long as possible.

Releasing my ass cheek he moved his shoulder so I could place my foot back on the ground, he held me steady with the other hand still on my hip.

Legs still shaking and breathing heavily I could still feel the remnants of my orgasm.

Standing up I could see just how wet his mouth and chin were. I pulled his face toward mine and licked him from chin to upper lip tasting myself. Another crushing kiss was his response, sharing the wetness with me.

I could feel him rock hard against me and I wanted, no, needed him deep inside me. My urgency obvious in the way I began to work on getting his pants off. Fumbling with his top button I growled in frustration. He moved his hand from my hip and grabbed me by the shoulders. Pulling me away from the wall he directed me toward the kitchen table. Bending me over the table I gasped at the coldness of its surface on my skin. He wasted no time in pulling my panties off sliding them down my legs and instructing me to step out of them.

I heard the familiar sound of shoes being removed then, a zipper and the rustle of his pants and boxers dropping to the floor. I looked over my shoulder at him admiring him from that angle. He really was perfect. He stroked his cock a few times while looking me straight in the eye. Oh fuck. I couldn’t wait for this.

One warm hand again on my hip his other pushed my legs open just a little more. Eager for what was about to happen I curved my back and pushed my ass out to make it even easier for him to enter me.

Positioning himself properly behind me, he guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. Pushing forward he slid just the tip inside me. Teasing me a little; before withdrawing completely, then pushing a little bit more in with each stroke. It felt so fucking good to be teased in that way that I swear I was already dripping from a few thrusts.

I wiggled my hips slightly to encourage his movements and he finally sunk his full length inside me and stayed there buried deep; my pussy muscles gripping him so tight. I groaned at being stretched and filled like that and knew I was going to be coming many times off his cock tonight.

Withdrawing again he gave me a few slow deep strokes preparing me for a proper fucking. Pussy hugging and holding his cock tight he made the most delicious moaning sound and it caused my body to clench him even tighter and let out a sexy moan of my own.

Reaching up he grabbed a handful of hair making me arch my back even more. Other hand held me firmly around the waist. He moved in and out of me quicker. Pulling back and then slamming himself into me balls deep. Within the first minute I was already rocking my first orgasm on his cock.

“Good babe, cum for me.” He said in a deep gravelly voice, which only served to make my orgasm even more intense. Hips rocking and body bucking he continued to fuck me with deep hard thrusts. I couldn’t keep my enjoyment quiet. I was all loud moans, crying out with the occasional...

“Yes, fuck me.”

“Your cock is fucking amaaazzing.”

“Oh god! Yes. Harder.”


Absolutely destroying me, his thrusts moved to rough and so very fast. The wet sound of my pussy being thrashed so fucken completely and his balls hitting me was crazy sexy and I just kept throwing orgasm after orgasm on his beautiful cock.

After my fourth his pace quickened and his grip on my hair became tighter.

“I’m going to fucking cum babe.” He growled

His cock becoming so hard inside me felt like I would burst with the size of it. The sensation caused me to start cumming again. I cried out as it tore through me. This time combined with his cumming too.

“Fuuuuccck!” he groaned as he filled me up with his load. I felt spurt after spurt coating the inside of me, hitting all the amazing spots. I loved every twitch and spasm his cock gave....

To be continued....